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We have a Legal battle on our hands here: Endgadget Legal Counsel says it's a no go! Gizmodo's unofficial Legal Counsel Dr.No says it's a no show! In matters of Information counterfeiting, after all, they both should know...
My point? You have no idea what you are missing. But I guess it doesn't matter does it. If you don't know what your missing, then you don't miss it do you?! Adobe's Position - Write software in Flash and deploy it on multiple platforms at the sametime so that everyone can enjoy and benefit. Apple's Position - We'll have none of that. We're too good for that. Good luck with that position.[/QUOTE] iPhone os (Flash free iPhone + iPod touch + iPad...
So, hop on or jump off! Neither I nor Apple will lose sleep over it. Objective-C and iAd it shall be for the resourceful and ambitious developers. There is nothing like a good reward for an honest day's work. Deep pockets trump Ideology; 24 hours news cycles nurture ridicule.
A criticism can only be healthy if based on either tangible success or failure of a business decision. Otherwise a criticism is just a criticism.To guide you along the path of healthy criticism, please read the enlightening post by Tomfoolery; 1592668
If you Google it you'll get ''a free ride''.
You're Apple. You developed a platform for the ages. It shines on any user experience metrics. Fast, sensuous, intimate, ubiquitous, quintessentially convenient. Or so you presume, after all you make it your business to break new grounds, and break the competition in the process. I happen to share the enthusiasm. I'll buy two of them little buggers. You don't need spin for a successful launch. Seed a few thousand units across the Land and let the potential users angle...
A Person's mind lives within the impervious wall of his own body; the wall is an enabler. This basic and fundamental enhancing protection is the cradle of a free mind. There is absolutely no need for a replacement solution to this evolutionary wonder. Unless you wish to collectivize, reengineer it for you profit.
This gentleman's or lady's set of arguments convinced me once for all that one has to invest in any technology but Apple's. Especially in the Mobile Phone business. Very compelling indeed. So I complied with this very thoughtful advice and bought any phone that wasn't Apple branded. I am now the happy owner of ten mobile phones, and counting, and none are Apple branded; furthermore, I've decided that from now on I would get up one hour earlier in the morning and stay up...
Swedes call it 'the Helsinki Syndrome'
One word: copy-and-paste Apple couldn't implement it worth a damn, and they were suffering. So they sued, right?
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