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The doubling of ram and the new Nitro JavaScript engine powering Safari is the classic Apple way of simultaneously dealing with platform evolution, power management, ...and the silly season of selective, and so predictably self-serving, pundits' set of debatable arguments. A blend of frugal hardware improvement increments and in-house software moxy should do for the end users what reason could never hope to accomplish for the ever coalescing non-sense teasers.
There are two potential working relationships between the iPad and its user: you either use it to its full potential and it rewards you with increased productivity (of which I bear witness), or you make fun of it ...and the joke's mostly on you (on whom the pleasure seems to hold laughingly true)...!
My dear friend, I will return the compliment you once threw upon me and say emphatically that once you cross the threshold of three medium length sentences in one post, your rhetorical acumen opens a door to all too withheld clear-sightedness. Were it stricly for my own benefit, please do expend yourself more often...
I reckon anonymouse is being too harsh on you. Dyslexia. Tiluded, here, corrected.
Apple's resounding success with the consumer tells the story better than self-serving pundits partnering with frustrated one-shot wonders Ã* la Sony do. The former has quality written all over it. The latter carries water for hidden agendas. I do enjoy listening to a good story, especially when I feel like being the central character in its unfolding plot line. Apple carries my own story spanning twenty years of increasing productivity. No Stockholm Syndrome, no Google, no...
A neat scenario that simply puts my previous forecast to shame. I figured Apple would out spec the competition in year two of the iPad, which is in fact year 1*of the nascent tablet market. My logic was based on strong arming tactics of sucking the oxygen out of the competing arguments set essentially on hardware specs. I had the iPhone 4 with Retina and the FaceTime/AirPlay hardware infrastructure as a precedent and as a prime reference. But the contexts of these iOS...
It's a case of the glass overreacting to the brittle nature of the daughter's temperament. She being a chip off the old block, the Court will dismiss the case on the basis of father/daughter genetic abusive predicament, leaving ample room for Google countersuing the father for copyright infringement.
Great piece of Journalism by Dilger. Why? Because it gives credit where credit is due. Those magnificent pieces of software and hardware engineering, those beautifully designed objects of communication between fellow human beings of all creeds, colors, and sexual orientations, Apple's genius to be succinct was built from the ground up on inclusiveness and genial conviviality. Look at an iPhone... ! It just wouldn't be the epochal phone we love, were it not in part gay, and...
The emphasis is all yours. I want no part of it.
Weird but in good faith. Often all that remains of one's expression of thought is what one tries hard to slip past a reader's afterthoughts.
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