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Every so often, generally proceeding from a succession of favorable Apple news and objective reports, the tech blogosphere goes on a rampage with Apple's doomsday scenarios. Let's feed some comfortable retorts to non-Apple readers, we can almost hear them say... "Google nearly ready to challenge Apple, Amazon with e-bookstore. ..., posing a threat to Apple's new iBookstore, according to a new report." "RIM's BlackBerry overtakes Apple's iPhone in US browser...
These comments are pure cynicism. They mirror perfectly Google and Facebook's fundamental Business philosophy: the world we live in is half-empty; why don't we make a buck or two hollowing the resisting half? After all, what are nerdy geeks for? Apple makes money out of being upfront and reverential towards their customers; they profit from filing up the voids Google and Facebook create in their wake. Why should a thriving business practice have to justify doing what's in...
It has, ...hard "wear" centric for a more human interface.
I’m with you guys. Money is Freedom. No money, no candy. Money buys you airwaves, anchormen-women, news desks, a Congressman-woman or two or three, cheap foreign laborers here and abroad by the thousands, the best health care system money can buy, and the means to get away from it all when the cheap ungrateful pseudo victims, those grassroots small d democrats, try to cheat their ways into your subconscious comfort zone. It feels so good to be top tier. Inherited? Good for...
Who wouldn't be upfront in showing an iFamily such as yours? Lucky you all...!
Grand daughter Marlowe sure knows how to render a triangulated Grandpa...
Once in a while, much too sparsely, a comment reflects perfectly the sweet spot of the tech user experience. No bragging, no whining, just a simple reminder that people's differentiated agendas matter more than clinical efficiency. Thanks.
I trust Apple to move from the outside in on your face. Google's business model is essentially based on having a take on your face from the inside out; your facial expression just makes a fair deal out of "rob-a-thought".
Adapt and prosper or lag and desist. On a pace, or in a race. When you have the things, the timing, and the place worked out, things tend to naturally fall into place. A tautology for the winner, a curse for the whiner. This is what is called "controlled development" in a competitive and unforgiving environment.
In other words, Google knows best what's a spam and what to trust. Good news for a bot, somber thoughts on the ruse.
New Posts  All Forums: