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What's everyone's opinion over the anodized aluminum that is being used for the mini? Judging from the pictures they do seem a lot more stain and scratch proof than the metal on the iPods. Perhaps this is where the iPods are headed as well?
My initial impressions are that it is too much to pay. Again, why buy this when for only $50 more you get 11 more GB? Is it really *that* much smaller than the iPod? It didn't really seem like it was judging from the keynote. I'm a bit skeptical as to how well the mini will sell. I think most people will be hung up over the fact that it's just $50 away from the 15 GB iPod, but hey, if that means more people buy those iPods, that's not necessarily a bad thing.
Back to the original subject: Does anyone else think that it sucks that we have to wait until February for this promotion? I was all pumped to go out and buy some Pepsi to try to get some free songs but I didn't think I would have to wait this long. Plus, I think it would have been good for this promotion to happen now or soon so that Windows users could try out the music store for free and hopefully stay on once the promotion ended... I think Apple should have bumped...
just out of curiosity, salmonstk... where do you get all these risque pictures?
Only up to F12.
Wow, thanks... that software worked perfectly for swapping command and option. I was using whatever keys are marked on the Powerbook to adjust the volume (F3, F4, and F5 i think.. correct me if I'm wrong)
Hello, I just bought a Dell USB keyboard for use on my powerbook, now I have some questions: 1. The function keys don't adjust volume like they do with the powerbook keyboard. I'm operating the powerbook with the display closed. Any way for this to happen with my new keyboard? 2. The alt key and the command key have switched places. (On the Dell keyboard the windows logo key is the command key.) There's no way to get it to switch back is there? I got so used to...
I'm in ithaca new york right now... power is on but some of the flourescent lights in the hall are out... was using my powerbook on AC adapter until the maintenance guy for the building walked by and said that the entire NY state power grid was having problems and there could be spikes that ruin my computer... gladly switched over to battery... seems like several NE cities are having problems... hopefully this is just related to the heat and not related to terrorism
The only caveat is that it doesn't have a USB hub built in... so thus I'd have to use up both USB ports on my powerbook for the keyboard and the mouse that I use... a bit inconvenient for those times where I would want to print something or upload stuff from my camera.
I have that same feeling too...
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