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Android in a tag? It's like putting a ford engine in a Mercedes. Two different levels of perception of quality and reliability..
Agreed, the one unanswered question, where do you store it? I was half expecting some neat way to store it but alas not. Surely there must be a storage spot unless they think it's not going to be a mobile device and used primarily in the office?
Arrrugh never mind Canada what about Australia...frustratingly years behind again and not even a hint it's around the corner? I wonder if it simply due to waiting for all glitches to be ironed out elsewhere or if the internal technology isn't at the banks yet or is it the usual banks colluding to keep it out over arguments over fees. Whatever it is it makes the banks here look antiquated.
Still waiting for Australia to get Apple Pay (Sigh...) why the wait, clearly not apple but probably the cartel of banks holding it up. I won't be holding my breath for this to happen anytime soon if history is anything to go by.
A big improvement and some nice features that I love about my mac such as virtual desktops etc. They took some nice ideas from Apple. Apple no doubt took some windows ideas and made them better, now they are finding their way in Windows 10. Will be interesting to see how it performs from a speed perspective but the roll out is real slow.
Such a great app
I agree, $100 for 10 days playback for one camera, ouch! That is hardly consumerwear. I don't necessarily have an issue with putting a Google cam in my house as I have nothing to hide but security of the device worries me and the subscription service is just too steep. I would imagine 10 days free then $100 for 30 days playback or even $49 a year for 30 days playback, but it should be a bit more flexible allow extra devices too. I've not checked the app but it should have...
It's a bit rough to say Lovine was an embarrassment, ok he wasnt as fluent as others on stage but he did a good job and you know, it's not easy in front of a giant audience and millions of online viewers live or not. Tim Cook makes it look easy but it's tough and I thought he did ok. Drake, I didn't really see the point of as the video covered what he had to say better but he did well too for his first time.Radio dead, not really, people like DJ's, people like that...
 Forstall liked childish graphics, remember that awful shredder graphic in Passport, so windows. Let's face it what is offered is functional and works, you can't please everyone but certainly Apple please and satisfy the vast majority. Look after the majority, rather than trying to please the minority would obviously make sense me personally. 
New Posts  All Forums: