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Makes sense and the security comfort and familiarity Apple brings should make this fly, but good luck with the Australian banks taking this on, they are still resisting the basic ApplePay functionality.
I'm quietly hoping for a new form factor refresh next year. I'd like to see the bottom of the mac change, so its all monitor screen. I don't mind the bulge at the back - reminds me of the old fashioned TV's and thin at the edges is good.
Hope it fixes the woeful feature of Photos and photo stream
You can keep the thinness for me,instead give me a water proof design, stronger more resilient glass.
Its now official - Apple Pay Via Amex is coming to Australia (Finally) but sigh, the other cartel of banks still holding out!!! https://www.americanexpress.com/au/content/apple-pay/?extlink=em-au-mtsi-AU-Yankee-CS-EDM&om_rid=Ns8Rxj&om_mid=_BWOYLEB9HVOZNd&om_lid=amex8
icloud photos and streaming simply does not work effectively, its woeful over everything else that works terrific. I simply do not get why at the very least thumbnail images of your photos cannot be automatically downloaded, but with that said it still takes a painfully long time to load an image when everything else works so fast.
A frustratingly odd omission it has to be said, I get they want to push you down the Siri route but given Siri can't work across all apps, music etc just makes searching that bit more difficult, to the point I don't bother.
Can someone shed some light of photo stream as it's painfully slow to load any, seems out of sync with the rest of my devices and is a bitterly disappointing feature of the new Apple TV 4th Gen. I posted a comment earlier about this but think i deleted it accidentally. I am keen to hear other users experiences with the new Apple TV and photos. It is unusable unless I want to sit for a painfully long time for each photo to load. Apple TV 4 is stand out brilliant other...
The solution for all content providers is not to try and block them like trying to stop piracy the solution is to actually make the content readily available globally at the same time as it is in the UK or US and people won't try and navigate the system, I for one would pay for that. These providers do not need local TV stations any more.
This is the best news I have received all week, BBC is the best TV app with the best content, so good that it is coming to Apple TV - this could be the final piece that allows me to cut the cord! Whohooo!
New Posts  All Forums: