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Is that true... Stylis feels very 1990's but I guess we can't escape the fine control it offers. Who knows are they going to "reinvent" the styles?
Beautiful but rough around the edges title seems a tad rough and probably written to grab attention. I could hardly call it rough around the edges as that insinuates its fraught with buggy problems and doesn't quite work.
It isn't a sport watch if you can't swim with it, think triathlons. Utter disappointment, is this apple strategy for Apple watch mark II next year. Can't honestly believe it. Basic. How does Casio do it and apple can't - pants!
Wow! Totally elegant and totally cool in my own opinion. Ok I can now take all my cards with me especially if I don't want to take my phone. Curious if it's water proof as handy when surfing but come on guys this is the best innovation in creditcards as far as creditcards go! Love it, want it.
What made it brilliant, was that it just worked. The seamless way you could navigate, intuitively and how there was a 360 work flow, you searched for a location on the maps, then you clicked contact and then you clicked call. Simple but brilliant. Large, screen and a beautiful design. I know at the time this was going to revolutionise the mobile market, but for some unknown reason, i didn't buy apple stock!... something i deeply regret.
Crickey, not sure I would want the blue screen of death on a plans :-)
Integration into the car is a natural extension to the apple Eco system. Lets face it, no car software is ever upgraded, other than say a new navigation CD. The only time you get new technology or capabilities is upgrading your car, so make perfect sense to integrate IOS into the car. Question is, all car makers will wonder how they can capitalise (make money) from the integration. Charge for upgrades? No reason they can't charge a premium for the "apple compatible...
Apple has certainly not been lucky, its been dynamic and innovative, its success has not been because of another's failure on the contrary, its through brilliance it has succeeded and as a company mistakes of past should not be repeated. The day apple bows to pressure to release products just to please the stock market or fickle journalists or negative bloggers is the day it will be doomed for failure because I'd you can't please those people when you are your most...
Well, when apple brings out the smart thumb scanner on the home button - problem solved unless of course they cut your thumb off.
Now we're talking... How cool to be able to send a timed key to unlock for your friends. Simply brilliant. Ok, you forgot your keys at work, your battery is dead, now what? Wait, your neighbour is home or even a random passer by. You call your wife, she sends the timed code to unlock the door and hey presto - you're in. Simple but brilliant. You can see where this is going, your iPhone will soon unlock your car, unlock your house, be your wallet.. Sounds scary but having...
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