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No way would they stock CDs do yesterday's technology and surely Adele would be associated with it, she may as well try and sell cassette tapes.
Somewhat perplexed, a major missing feature, one of the massive benefits on the iPhone, just can't understand why the same technology could not be copied and pasted from the iPhone / iPad but obviously must be something techie tricky to have had to leave out such a huge feature
Shame new form factor, its almost a little dated now. Maybe next year.
Apple Pay not coming to any other country near you anytime soon... (sigh)
ApplePay, now there's a concept... Maybe one day it will become a reality for people outside of the US or UK... ah we can but hope
Android in a tag? It's like putting a ford engine in a Mercedes. Two different levels of perception of quality and reliability..
Agreed, the one unanswered question, where do you store it? I was half expecting some neat way to store it but alas not. Surely there must be a storage spot unless they think it's not going to be a mobile device and used primarily in the office?
Arrrugh never mind Canada what about Australia...frustratingly years behind again and not even a hint it's around the corner? I wonder if it simply due to waiting for all glitches to be ironed out elsewhere or if the internal technology isn't at the banks yet or is it the usual banks colluding to keep it out over arguments over fees. Whatever it is it makes the banks here look antiquated.
Still waiting for Australia to get Apple Pay (Sigh...) why the wait, clearly not apple but probably the cartel of banks holding it up. I won't be holding my breath for this to happen anytime soon if history is anything to go by.
New Posts  All Forums: