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Now we're talking... How cool to be able to send a timed key to unlock for your friends. Simply brilliant. Ok, you forgot your keys at work, your battery is dead, now what? Wait, your neighbour is home or even a random passer by. You call your wife, she sends the timed code to unlock the door and hey presto - you're in. Simple but brilliant. You can see where this is going, your iPhone will soon unlock your car, unlock your house, be your wallet.. Sounds scary but having...
Ugliest bulb I have ever seen. Crying out loud why on earth would you put something with a big black band around it on your ceiling or in lamp. It lacks all imagination in terms of design. The lights clearly went out when it came to design atheistics and thinking of the living room. Shame. Nice idea otherwise.
Sure maps failed to wow and street view is a major loss but we'll just have to be patient and in the meantime Google will release an app to get us through but all this crying about the new dock connector perplexes me. Really, it's innovative, easier to use, so much better in every way. The old one is clunky by comparison. Ok I admit the cost of the adapter is a bit rich but it's technology and not just some plastic clip. In 6 months this will all be forgotten. You have to...
NFC is obviously not ready for Apple yet but it is inevitable it will come as a form of being able to use your iPhone to pay for products, wifi location or GPS will not be accurate enough, I guess it's a case of waiting and another reason to upgrade next year or quite possibly the year after.
It wouldn't have happened on Steve (Job) watch. Yes, the airline was quite funny but this is the sort goof Microsoft would do. Don't portray users as idiots and software as complicated to use, cricky Apple what were you thinking?
Would be much better if you could selectively choose with FaceBook contacts you wanted in your contacts, with some 300+ friends, I don't want 250 of them in my phone book. Pretty basic feature but appears its an all or nothing feature so that will remain firmly off for me.
I say bring on the competiton because the more there is the greater the iPhone will have to get and keep everyone working hard and to some extent honest. Without good old competition things can stagnate and with Steve gone apple needs to be driven.
iPad needs an SD Slot, more memory and ideally the retina display but that's stretching it.
Great to see note syncing coming but I want to see true collaboration of notes that auto sync with my wifes iPhone, my iPad and also sharing of Calendars properly so its all sync'd and we can share. Almost there but maybe we will get lucky with a mobile me upgrade possibly? Also - I read no user accounts for the iPad - Oh no! Crazy that you can't share your iPad in the house. eks, not good.
Ok, an Apple Tablet is one thing and something to get excited about, but maybe this event is going to finally reveal the much anticipated Apple TV upgrade? After all, how great would it be to access Apps via the Apple TV and be able to control the Apps with your iPhone. Not least have a device that has more Hard Disk space and more grunt. I can wait for the tablet but the Apple TV could also be announced end of January too!
New Posts  All Forums: