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The gift cards were discounted which was really nice. It was a 3 pack of 20$ cards. Once for some reason they had them for $47 which is unbeatable. Regularly they still sell them cheaper than the value of the cards by at least a few dollars. I wonder if this is the reason why it's ending, that Costco was selling giftcards for less than their iTunes value.
why would they make big deal about the release of 4.2 when they release every other iOS update subtly (at most on the bottom of the homepage). And with the second Gold Master candidate out, I don't think we will see any surprises.
I think printing will come with iWork in the next coming app store updates (if you look in the help or faq thing in the actual app, it says "printing is not available at this time". I definitely would take that as a yes it's coming. Apple wouldnt mention it if they werent going to bring it) I don't expect universal printing across the whole OS till maybe iOS 5 or later. That would be really impressive I would definitely love user accounts, my whole family uses the iPad...
Is anyone else excited for iOS 4 for iPad? I feel like its going to be bigger than most are anticipating. In June, they didnt preview a single feature/demo. I think a lot of things will be different for the iPad UI, like multi-tasking. I'm excited to see how widgets will work, im almost sure thatll be a feature (i think when someone asked steve he said "anything is possible"). Expose? What do you think will be added? I feel like the iPad needs a revamp right now...I can...
I got a black 3G on launch day. I remember I was mega paranoid about scratches and the slightest finger prints at first. It was really pathetic. I brought it around in a plastic bag because I did not yet buy a case. Over the course of a year I went through 2 rubber cases that eventually ripped and became loose. I finally decided to get the incase metallic slider, a hard case. It was good at first, but after a few months the paint started chipping and the matte feel on the...
i like the way you think
i like the way u think.
I was wondering if it would be possible to run the Magic Mouse on windows. i have vista ultimate... i know the drivers were available for bootcamp and i downloaded them...i just am hesitant to go out and spend 70 dollars if it doesnt work properly. so if anyone has done it how does it function? Also, if anyone has a magic mouse for their Mac and own a PC as well, id appreciate it if you could try it out for me =]
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