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From that picture, how is the SIM card and the mechanical support for it less than 1% of the iPhone? Look at the board, that gigantic silver tray in the middle is the SIM tray.
Exactly, the SIM card stores almost no information compared to the memory components in a mobile device. A flash chip on on an iPod Touch stores 64GB! The SIM is a hangover from the old days that the cellphone industry should shake off. But of course, an electronic SIM would mean a single phone could be dynamically made to shift carriers, and the carriers wouldn't like that would they? In my opinion it shouldn't even exist. Next best thing? Tiny SIM.
edit : point has already been argued
Well done, but I have to say it was easy to win that argument
They just don't feel the need to let you know about it. Telling the shareholders is the same as telling the public. Unnecessary, the owners don't run the company, hired management does. If they feel that management is doing a bad job, they can fire them.
The irony is killing me.
That's a bullshit argument and you know it. The iPhone is designed in Cupertino, unlike ZTE and the millions of no-name Chinese Android brands that will dominate Android OS sales. I hope you understand what designed in Cupertino means. It DOESN"T mean there's a few people here and a million in Israel or India or China doing the work. All the major consumer electronics are MADE in China. If it isn't made in China, it isn't high volume. Stop that disingenuous bullcrap.
Can't say much more, but that information is old, very old.
Nobody's denying you access you dimwit. There's a way to access it. This is necessary because of the content deals. Literally no one of any importance cares about your problem.
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