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Don't forget China has 5-6 times more people than USA. So when you talk about having more pollution, more nuclear reactors, etc, you need to take that into consideration. Otherwise, the logic is warped.
I agree. I wish someone would just takeover Quickbooks and develop the Mac version properly. If Apple was able to takeover Filemaker Pro maybe it should also look at Quickbooks. These are important moves to make--clear the obstacles that are preventing the use of an otherwise superior OS platform. The pragmatic issues are very real indeed. They may appear to be minor issues and come in various forms, but they are holding people back from adopting the Mac at the enterprise...
You are wrong about too many things, and I think it's not worth the effort to list them here.
Right on!
Both Proview companies are evidently controlled by the same person.
Maybe pay them double of what Apple originally paid? i.e $55,000 x 2 = $110,000. But, for me, I'd rather that Apple not settle this case at all. There is no merit to Proview's claims, and it doesn't deserve a single cent more, after all that has been done to Apple. The documents that are released show that Proview Taiwan claimed ownership rights to the trademark in mainland China, and listed it in the schedule of countries included in the trademark sale. Now it is using...
These reports should also consider the possibility that Apple has TV screens in mind, given the multiple sources that confirm such a product in Apple's upcoming plans.
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