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 What product did the iPhone disrupt? For me I can think of a dozen products I no longer use because of having iPhones. flashlightalarm clockdictionaryaddress bookcalendarcalculatorencyclopediacameratimernewspapermapiPod As far as the disruptors, I have never been on Facebook, never used Uber, and have used Amazon.com for less than 1% of all my purchases in the past year. 
Why is it so difficult for someone from the UK to recognize anti-Semitism? Jews get one country the size of a small US state surrounded by 50 plus larger Muslim countries that want it wiped from the face of the earth. Israel gets attacked by haters and the misinformed for defending itself.  The problem is that westerners do not understand the Mideast, yet make/force decisions that puts lives at risk for people of the region. The UK and French screwed it up last century....
This thread proves that anti-Semitism is sadly still strong.     Unless you are Shiite, if you think Iran can be your friend, I would hate to see your enemy.  
I am still waiting for the release of System 7.7 for my LC II.
Which Apple store? I want to make sure I never go into that one.
One of the key advantages an iPad has over other devices, such as Chromebooks, is it's portability.   There is a 3rd through 5th grade school in my town where each student has an iPad -- and no text books. The students use the iPads for content AND productivity. For example, a class will go on a field trip with their iPads, do research, photograph, video, sketch, and create reports on the go. Try that with a Chromebook.   Many of the teachers at this school have...
I know a school district that chose to provide their students with Chromebooks based on having a built-in keyboard in order for the students to take standardized tests. 
At least you are not on one of those party lines where everyone was hacked. 
ALL appliances are garbage. My sister just got rid of her 4-year-old Bosch dishwasher, because it failed. The last 3 houses I purchased came with GE appliances. I would never buy a GE appliance.  I wish Apple would be more like Samsung and make appliances. We would likely then be able to purchase dishwashers that actually washed dishes; washing machines that are not mold making machines; dryers that really dry clothes wrinkle-free; ovens that have mother boards that do not...
I have a "wonderful" +5-year-old LG refrigerator. Every year they send me $3 and change, because they lied about how much energy it uses.
New Posts  All Forums: