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Eight years ago I was in the office conference room with six other colleagues. Out of nowhere the president of the company asked for the time -- to no avail. None of us was wearing a watch.   The last time I wore a watch was 17 years ago. I was working at my desk and had a meeting to attend later that morning away from the office. I was periodically checking the time on my watch, and I was extremely productive. I was getting things done in record time, until I...
Did trusted journalism die with the typewriter?
I wonder what a case would look like to protect the screen or, if it is dropped, will it bounce around?
When citing predictions made by market research companies, analysts, psychics, etc., it would be nice to know what the predictor's historic track record has been on similar predictions that are now verifiable.
I cannot comment on the Apple map app as I still use iOS 5 on my iPhone 4.  I have avoided using Google's map app after blindly trusting it to get me from Chicago to Florida last summer.  First, Google directed me to go through Louisville despite major road construction on I-65, where there was only one lane of traffic on the Ohio River bridge.  If I had only followed Mapquest's first and second recommendation of going through Cincinnati, I would have saved over 4 hours...
    I hold nothing against Abraham Lincoln for instituting the federal income tax.  I am a procrastinator and pay my taxes on April 15th (unless, like this year, when the 15th fell on a Sunday).  Abraham Lincoln died on April 15th.  Thus the remembrance of the death of the greatest man (in my opinion) in American history.  
Every year when I pay my federal income tax, I am in remembrance of Lincoln's death.
What's a watch?
I see -- I think. This reads like someone needs to brush up on the English before posting. You lost me at the loosing money.
I have complete and absolute trust in our governmental officials -- whether elected or of the bureaucratic breed. I believe with all my aorta that they will always take the correct position and do the right thing. If they say Apple has done wrong, then it must be true. It is perfectly a-O.K. for the government to do Amazon’s dirty work and lower the cost of ebooks in order to wipe out every mom and pop and Barnes and Noble book store from our Borders. For full...
New Posts  All Forums: