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Apple reports record numbers, business firing on all cylinders, and the stock takes a dip. The usual, in other words. Only question is how fast it bounces back. I'd think pretty fast.
Is cloud storage for Photos optional or required?
Photoshop certainly dominates professional image editing, but not because it's good software. It is an unwieldy dinosaur and hardly intuitive to learn & use. I eagerly anticipate the modern capable contenders that will dethrone Photoshop. I have used it for 16 years, but I will buy & support the first adequate replacement. And, I will Never Never rent software. Death to Adobe CC!
If Apple solves the artist's stylus at a pro level, I'll likely be buying my first iPad.
Apple has no need to make an explicit declaration, since it is the same with any computing device: The OS takes up storage space. Everyone knows this.
If 5K iMacs & Thunderbolt Displays are near, what about a real Apple TV? It has been "Way too long" that rumors of an Apple TV have been floating around.
For general use, I don't want a conceptual overlay on my field of vision. I could envision specific use cases, of course.
Apple reported its best quarter ever, but it wasn't best enough for Wall Street? I still say stay long and ignore the analysts. Apple's superiority has to register with Wall St once it can no longer be ignored. I suppose they are waiting for new, category-defining product(s) to be released, but I can't understand the doubts about this. Apple has always had intervals of years between such major releases, and meanwhile they play a strong game of incremental, iterative...
It's pretty clear by now that the 2012 run up to $700 was not based on Apple's performance. It was unrealistic. It was based on the greed of a lot of Wall Street investment professionals who were late to the AAPL story and were jumping on the bandwagon at the last minute. The bandwagon broke from the weight of all those clowns, but note what happened in 2013: AAPL hit a bottom mid year & has been recovering steadily ever since. This represents the Facts about Apple...
New Posts  All Forums: