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If 5K iMacs & Thunderbolt Displays are near, what about a real Apple TV? It has been "Way too long" that rumors of an Apple TV have been floating around.
For general use, I don't want a conceptual overlay on my field of vision. I could envision specific use cases, of course.
Apple reported its best quarter ever, but it wasn't best enough for Wall Street? I still say stay long and ignore the analysts. Apple's superiority has to register with Wall St once it can no longer be ignored. I suppose they are waiting for new, category-defining product(s) to be released, but I can't understand the doubts about this. Apple has always had intervals of years between such major releases, and meanwhile they play a strong game of incremental, iterative...
It's pretty clear by now that the 2012 run up to $700 was not based on Apple's performance. It was unrealistic. It was based on the greed of a lot of Wall Street investment professionals who were late to the AAPL story and were jumping on the bandwagon at the last minute. The bandwagon broke from the weight of all those clowns, but note what happened in 2013: AAPL hit a bottom mid year & has been recovering steadily ever since. This represents the Facts about Apple...
I hope this rumor is true. I'm holding on to my antiquated 3GS for one more year, just in case.
I wan it I wan it I wan it!
iCloud is working fine here.
Apple has the dough. I say build Jobs' dream. Then rule the world.
Proud to be long AAPL and sure that Apple will continue to come through for us for many years to come.
My take is the reviewer wasted Mossberg's time and ours with dumb questions, and that the title of this forum post is misleading, because the article spent very little time on the future of technology. The secret of a great interview is great questions, that allow the subject to speak at length about what passionately interests them. Here, on the other hand, we have Mossberg responding rather briefly (and patiently, I might add) to unimagimative questions that restrict...
New Posts  All Forums: