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An article today suggests that Apple may be behind with its Digital Hub strategy. I personally don't think so, seeing it rather as a philosophical & lifestyle difference. Yet PC users can already record TV programs for later playback without leaving the couch. Well, Macs are for content creators & PCs are for content consumers, but all of us consume content, so the question is what is the most creative future...
Glad to know these aren't real tests of the G5's performance. Also, could be the systems at CompUSA are already screwed up from people banging on them.
I just wandered into CompUSA here in San Rafael, CA to check out the new G5. They had a 1.6 & a 1.8 set up for people to play with. I just did one simple test: On both machines I fired up the CPU Monitor, opened a finder window & grabbed the resize tab in the lower right corner, doing a continuous resize for 10 seconds or so. In each case, that simple action pegged the meter at 100%. Lame. On the 1.8 machine I fired up the Apple System Profiler. Spinning beachball...
Saw my first G5 at the Emeryville Apple Store on Friday. It was a 1.6. They wouldn't open the case. There was a huge floor-to-ceiling graphic of the inside of the case - same photo we've all seen. The sales guy (who had a lot of metal in him in various places) said, pointing to the graphic, "It looks like that." They were worried about people stealing RAM chips, graphics card, etc. It is just like everyone says. You can not tell how gorgeous this baby is from the...
I fixed it. Thanks for the tip.
Yes, when I downloaded the image and enlarged it, I could see that the holes in the "Cheese Grater" completely failed to resolve, so I wondered if it was just a case of the stripes blending into a gray area. This is definitely a strong possibility, but I don't think it is a closed case.
This morning's Apple News email has an article about the AGP 8x graphics in the new G5 tower. The photo clearly shows a cinema display with no stripes. The frame, under the clear shell, is either gray plastic or brushed aluminum, giving a look that goes well with the tower. Resolution is insufficient to determine whether we are looking at a solid gray color, or a brushed aluminum look. Sorry if this is old news... The Pic
Boot off an OS 9 System CD and trash it
The Printer is USB1, an Epson 1270 from the year 2000.
It isn't a hardware problem. I booted into OS 9.2.2 and printed like wildfire while spooling a second print. This is OS X printing bugginess. Panther had better pull it together a lot more for printing.
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