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The Printer is USB1, an Epson 1270 from the year 2000.
It isn't a hardware problem. I booted into OS 9.2.2 and printed like wildfire while spooling a second print. This is OS X printing bugginess. Panther had better pull it together a lot more for printing.
I wiped my hard drive before installing Jaguar. Reinstalling my system would be a pain, but I could wipe & reinstall Jaguar on the cloned drive, I imagine, just to test if it makes a difference. The problem absolutely for sure did not exist before the 10.2.6 update, & equally for sure existed immediately afterward, yet booting from a clone of my old system did not make it go away. That almost suggests hardware trouble. I was one of the people who had usb trouble with...
Paul, Thanks for your suggestions. I don't understand "Top" yet, but I will investigate. The wierd ??? process didn't stay onscreen long enough to investigate, maybe 20 seconds. I just booted into a clone of my old 10.2.5 system on another drive to see if the update was the problem, and the problem was there, too! Now I am really puzzled.
Running a G4-upgraded B&W in Photoshop 7.0.1 will all updates. This problem first appeared immediately after updating from 10.2.5 to 10.2.6. When printing from Photoshop to my Epson 1270, entire system slows to a crawl, including printer. A look at the Process viewer shows the following: 1. Photoshop using extremely high percentage (70%-90%) of CPU while spooling. 2. When printing starts, a process called PrintJobMgr shows same high CPU usage, or worse, up to...
Might they contain a G5?
I have only visited 2 Apple Stores, Valley Fair and Emeryville, both in the San Francisco Bay Area, so this may be a skewed view. Real estate is ultra expensive here, and the stores are small. I saw in the web that the software section in Chicago is bigger than some entire Apple Stores. So my comments apply to the small stores. IMHO, the simplicity/minimalist Apple aesthetic, although I love it in their machines and softwate, isn't working in the stores I've seen. ...
Yes, I repaired permissions, started up in single user mode & ran fsck -y, booted from Disk Warrior 3 and repaired the directory. DW 3 repaired damage to "Wrapper Volume" but this had no effect on my printing issue. Maybe I should run Print Center Repair, or trash Print Center's prefs?
I have been using Mac OS X since it left beta. After the 10.2.6 update, my next print job ran into trouble: I ran out of paper, but when clicking "Show Printer" in the error dialog, the whole system went to a blue screen. Then the user interface reappeared, much more quickly than a restart, and my CPU meter was pegged. A look at the Process Viewer showed that PrintJobMgr (process ID 625) was using nearly 96% of the CPU! Each print job pegs the processor meter like...
Yes,I hadn't thought about the usual desk setup. I use counters in my computer room, around 3 walls, so the computer wouldn't need to be in the sitting space. If someone only had a desk for their whole setup, this wouldn't work. But how many people have a wacom tablet, printer, scanner, CD burner, tower & display all crammed into a little desk? I was really talking about a production setup.
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