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Agreed. The poster of that comment is merely displaying their ignorance of the issues and terminology.
So a mobile hot spot is built into iPhone 4, requiring only a software update to work. Does anyone know if the same is true of iPhone 3GS? Just curious...
As tonton said above, any computer plugged directly into electrical power without serious surge protection is a disaster waiting to happen. Not just computers, either. Any electronic device. Invest in a good quality Uninterruptible Power Supply/Surge Protector, such as APS or Tripp-Lite, for your electronics.
This forum is for speculation and discussion about Future Apple hardware products, not politics or conspiracy theories, and especially not lunatic fringe rants.
I just read through this entire thread, and as far as I can see, one simple question has not been answered: Will I be able to do a full wipe/reinstall using the $29 Snow Leopard upgrade disk only, on my Leopard-native Mac? Or will I be asked to install Leopard & then upgrade it, thereby wasting my time?
Who cares if he voted for Obama? Wouldn't it be wonderful to discuss Future Hardware without getting into politics? I think we are *entitled* to that
My bet is screen resolution will not be that of an Apple Portable, but rather that of an iPhone. Big difference.
The way I see it, it's all data now. The Telcos must be very afraid. I'd love to see Apple drive a stake through their parasitic hearts.
Nice exposition of the possibilities here: http://couchapple.tv/2009/07/24/the-...le-tablet.aspx Hold on to your AAPL!
Thank you, lookoverthere, for an amazing first post. You have put an tremendous amount of thought and work into your multi-touch concept. I hope Apple is working along these lines. I watched all your videos, and each one was worth it. The biggest question that came to me was if multi-touch would work as well on a large screen. I do a lot of work on an Apple 30 inch display, and would love to ditch mouse & keyboard, but it wouldn't work in present vertical orientation....
New Posts  All Forums: