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The way I see it, it's all data now. The Telcos must be very afraid. I'd love to see Apple drive a stake through their parasitic hearts.
Nice exposition of the possibilities here: http://couchapple.tv/2009/07/24/the-...le-tablet.aspx Hold on to your AAPL!
Thank you, lookoverthere, for an amazing first post. You have put an tremendous amount of thought and work into your multi-touch concept. I hope Apple is working along these lines. I watched all your videos, and each one was worth it. The biggest question that came to me was if multi-touch would work as well on a large screen. I do a lot of work on an Apple 30 inch display, and would love to ditch mouse & keyboard, but it wouldn't work in present vertical orientation....
I think Apple has done a great job with the UI over the years, getting more refined with each version. They have struck a pretty good balance between making the controls stand out without being distracting. Aqua was too bright at first. It was good to say goodbye to pinstripes and brushed aluminum. For a graphics oriented user who spends long hours squinting at the screen, and needs to make subtle distinctions of color, my present complaint is there is still too much...
I have a simple question about Leopard. How long will it be before Apple bumps the retail Leopard DVD installer to version 10.5.2? I'd like to buy a 10.5.2 DVD rather than installing 10.5.1 & updating to 10.5.2? Is there any way of finding out the timetable on this?
I have been waiting for 10.5.2 to buy Leopard. I want to buy the retail Leopard DVD after Apple bumps it to 10.5.2. Does anyone know how long this might be, or how to find out?
I am certainly not going to sell my AAPL. My guess is it will be back at $200 by summer or fall.
Where is it written that Leopard will include Resolution-Independence? Apple has not announced this feature. Isn't this still in the category of speculation?
I bought my 17" MacBook Pro 2.33 GHz a couple of weeks before the latest bump to 2.4 GHz. Although I got it at a low price, the 3 GB RAM limitation really bothers me, now that it has been removed. Other than that, the bump is pretty minor. Hopefully, 3 GB RAM will be enough for those times when I push Photoshop hard.
That pretty much sums it up
New Posts  All Forums: