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I think Apple has done a great job with the UI over the years, getting more refined with each version. They have struck a pretty good balance between making the controls stand out without being distracting. Aqua was too bright at first. It was good to say goodbye to pinstripes and brushed aluminum. For a graphics oriented user who spends long hours squinting at the screen, and needs to make subtle distinctions of color, my present complaint is there is still too much...
I have a simple question about Leopard. How long will it be before Apple bumps the retail Leopard DVD installer to version 10.5.2? I'd like to buy a 10.5.2 DVD rather than installing 10.5.1 & updating to 10.5.2? Is there any way of finding out the timetable on this?
I have been waiting for 10.5.2 to buy Leopard. I want to buy the retail Leopard DVD after Apple bumps it to 10.5.2. Does anyone know how long this might be, or how to find out?
I am certainly not going to sell my AAPL. My guess is it will be back at $200 by summer or fall.
Where is it written that Leopard will include Resolution-Independence? Apple has not announced this feature. Isn't this still in the category of speculation?
I bought my 17" MacBook Pro 2.33 GHz a couple of weeks before the latest bump to 2.4 GHz. Although I got it at a low price, the 3 GB RAM limitation really bothers me, now that it has been removed. Other than that, the bump is pretty minor. Hopefully, 3 GB RAM will be enough for those times when I push Photoshop hard.
That pretty much sums it up
Interesting that Microsoft is calling this a product release. It sure looks a lot more like a demonstration from the research labs. What is different about this video compared to the Jeff Han videos? My money says Apple is already way ahead in this area. Leopard will bring resolution-independence, a critical component in this kind of interface. Since when does Vista have resolution-independence? This looks like another desperate attempt to keep up with Apple.
If anyone actually bothered to look at Apple's own discussion boards before leaping to the defensive, they would see there has been a raging battle this last year about this exact subject. Apple has 3 different suppliers for the screens, and quality varies. My brand new MBP is getting its screen replaced under warranty, because I took it back in less than 2 weeks and complained about the crap screen. The Genius agreed with me. Just because you got a good one does not...
Well, by the time Leopard arrives, we will probably be able to get an Octo Mac for a better price, so I'll just put up with my poor old G5 Dual 2.7 a little longer. It is no slouch, anyway.
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