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If anyone actually bothered to look at Apple's own discussion boards before leaping to the defensive, they would see there has been a raging battle this last year about this exact subject. Apple has 3 different suppliers for the screens, and quality varies. My brand new MBP is getting its screen replaced under warranty, because I took it back in less than 2 weeks and complained about the crap screen. The Genius agreed with me. Just because you got a good one does not...
Well, by the time Leopard arrives, we will probably be able to get an Octo Mac for a better price, so I'll just put up with my poor old G5 Dual 2.7 a little longer. It is no slouch, anyway.
I hope you are right. I have been holding off on buying a cell phone because I hate the American model of being tied to a carrier & a plan. Also, you are right in suggesting that the same foot-dragging & resistance to VOIP which makes it hard to break into also creates an opportunity for Apple to introduce a killer solution that bypasses those dinosaurs entirely and grabs all the attention, like the iPod did. For a couple of years now, I have been hoping that Apple will...
What problems? I haven't heard about any problems with the 30" display.
I think so too.
Apple? Doomed? Again? My guess is that Apple creates where the industry is headed. Whether this last-gasp offering from IBM has anything to do with that is another question.
I have been hoping that Apple would do just this. Actually, not just hoping. I have been sure in my gut that Apple will do this I have been holding off buying a cell phone to see what Apple will offer. Problem is, I don't care about an iTunes phone. I already have an iPod, and a music phone seems like nothing but a trinket to me. I want real innovation. I want a VOIP World Phone that "just works." As I said in another post, If Apple could pull this off, they...
IBM has just announced the970 MP in Japan. How soon before we see a dual dual core Power Mac 2.5?
I personally don't give a sh*t about a phone that stores music. Just another trinket. I want a VOIP world phone that "just works." If Apple could pull this off, they could rule the world.
If I had to bet, my money would be on this explanation.
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