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IBM has just announced the970 MP in Japan. How soon before we see a dual dual core Power Mac 2.5?
I personally don't give a sh*t about a phone that stores music. Just another trinket. I want a VOIP world phone that "just works." If Apple could pull this off, they could rule the world.
If I had to bet, my money would be on this explanation.
They could also have spelled Availability right.
I'll take the Rev B XStation in September...
You must be under 50.
Depends on what you use the computer for. I use it to make art. I feel like a slave tied to a keyboard & a chair, a short distance from a small screen. I'd rather roam about the room talking to a magic wall of light that does my bidding. Imagination is important to some, & unimportant to others.
This will be solved by the advent of the resolution-independent GUI.
I'll second that one. And I want a voice interface. Talk to the wall & it does what you want.
Ha! That's basically it. I want to buy one!
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