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If I had to bet, my money would be on this explanation.
They could also have spelled Availability right.
I'll take the Rev B XStation in September...
You must be under 50.
Depends on what you use the computer for. I use it to make art. I feel like a slave tied to a keyboard & a chair, a short distance from a small screen. I'd rather roam about the room talking to a magic wall of light that does my bidding. Imagination is important to some, & unimportant to others.
This will be solved by the advent of the resolution-independent GUI.
I'll second that one. And I want a voice interface. Talk to the wall & it does what you want.
Ha! That's basically it. I want to buy one!
That is what I meant. An Apple VOIP world phone. The world in your pocket. And it just works.
Not at all. I have suspected for some months now that Apple will be the first to deliver this service. It will be amazingly cool, and might even be coming soon. (I know nothing but what I read on the internet)
New Posts  All Forums: