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I think it's a safe bet that Apple has something like this in the works. Once you have used Skype, the idea of paying for phone calls gets a little boring & old-fashioned.
It's a safe bet that Apple will be there first with better equipment. I won't be selling my AAPL any time soon. Lengthy Discussion Here
Depends on what you need in a display. Can Dell afford to match Apple's quality? Apple LCDs are good enough for color-accurate work. I wonder how the Dell stacks up in this regard.
Now, all I need is that 84" screen and a bank job.
Art stuff, for example, working on a 2 by 5 foot image in Photoshop using "Actual Pixels,"with the ability to see the whole thing at once. As for how, I don't know, but I'd love to try.The discussion of a Resolution Independent OS is gaining more relevance quickly now. Let me choose the size of the menu bar, icons, etc, no matter how many pixels are onscreen. What about a pointer that just follows my eye movements for rough placement, but yields final precision to a...
Yeah, I hate people like that.
Who wants to merely "get by" when you can wallow in technology? Someone whose entire concept in life is to "get by" is a bore, especially when they are being rude & insulting.
Who needs a desk when you could get an 82 inch monitor? We need to stop thinking like slaves. While I'm at it, I'll scrap the keyboard as well & use voice interface. It would be like talking to a wall of color that obeys your commands.
Samsung about to unveil 82 incher:Article Here The article also notes that Samsung supplies LCD panels to Apple.
Anyone who thinks a 40" display is too big is obviously not an artist. They are also obviously young. Older eyes can not deal with a lot of tiny detail at close range. You have no idea what this is like until it happens to you. I would buy a 60" display if Apple made one, and love it.
New Posts  All Forums: