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The point is, TV is crap, & increasingly irrelevant crap. Steve Jobs knows this. You have unwittingly pointed out the great divide: content creation vs. content consumption. Apple is about content creation and people communicating with each other. Who wants to watch TV on their computer?
I need feedback, especially from road warriors in Europe, about the best options for an individual user in Europe. Global ISP or Global Internet Roaming Service? How is Earthlink in Europe? Web interface or access from Email program? Best ISP? I am trying to help a friend who travels a lot with a G4 Powerbook but isn't a techie type. What are the latest/best solutions for the usual problem of getting online anywhere anytime?
Obviously, my mention of Xmas was a joke, but I think the guy has a great imagination. There is a big difference between pretty light-up cases & disappearing interfaces.
Great article outlines the possibilities: http://www.apple-x.net/modules.php?o...rder=1&thold=0 Will we see any of this stuff by Xmas?
I disagree. To me, the AIO represents a distinctly different opportunity than both the laptop and the pro performance desktop. Since it doesn't have to be portable, engineering is less critical (and less expensive), because the components aren't packed so tightly. Since it doesn't have to compete with workstations, it can get away with simply adequate performance. And, you can have a bigger screen, as in the 20" iMac. There is a market for a cool little stationary...
Fascinating link, Kickaha!
Check out Apple's QTVR of the new PM & Cinema Display. It appears to show an aluminum keyboard & mouse, although this could be an artifact of the conversion to QTVR: http://www.apple.com/hardware/galler...e2004_480.html
Dude, it's Abu Ghraib, not Al Ghraib.
Yes, as long as it is happening to little brown people somewhere far away, and we are getting rich on it, why bother to think about it?
Dumbass puppet Reagan was just the smiley face fronting for the Republican Right Wing death machine of his time. He directly signed off on the creation, training, funding and supply of latin american right wing death squads responsible for a quarter of a million civilian murders in several latin american countries during his presidency. That makes him a mass murderer, kids. History will not be so kind to the memory of Ronald Reagan, as his crimes against humanity rank...
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