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*sigh* you can't expect everyone to have an artist's eye or knowledge of light & shadow.
Very sharp observation! You nailed it. It's definitely a fake. I sure hope the new displays look better than this, anyway.
That's me - a negative, crabby old fart. The rating system made me laugh!
Why make it even easier for everyone to fill up the internet with useless, sophomoric drivel?
So, um, how large? 42 inches? Resolution? GUI scales to resolution so controls don't keep getting tinier? A revolution in resolution? A true canvas for the digital artist? Huge roll-up displays that compete with costly digital projectors? How about 60 inches?
In this thread, http://forums.appleinsider.com/showt...threadid=37599, the poster predicts huge new displays, but says nothing about timeframe other than sometime this year. For me, that is the single most interesting Apple rumor. I make art with my Mac, and have always dreamed of having a really huge work area, with everything I am using all spread out. So - what is 'Huge" by this year's standards? 30"? 42"?
Visit any large consumer electronics dealer now, Fry's for example, and you can see that large LCD displays are this year's new thing. Even CompUSA now reflects this "Media PC/Digital Hub/Home Entertainment Center Computer trend. My guess is this means new Apple Displays are right around the corner. A moment of silence in honor of the fact that Apple was there first, again, when Steve discontinued CRT displays. I would also think that this year will see prices dropping...
I just swapped out my OEM ATI Rage 128 video card for an ATI Radeon 7000 Mac Edition. This is a Blue & White system that is now running a Powerlogix G4 550 ZIF upclocked to 600 MHz, and Panther 10.3.2. I keep OS 9.2.2 on its own partition to use for Classic, as well as the occasional OS 9 boot. After the video card upgrade, all attempts to boot from OS 9, whether from my partition, or OS 9.1 install CD, result in a gray screen. Never see the Happy Mac! I swapped the...
I think Apple is pedaling as fast as they can. How could they move faster than the state of the art allows? Quad processor machines?
I hope they don't. I would rather add a top-quality speaker system and preserve individual component integrity. Apple is pro equipment. A display should just be a display, and not try to be a sound system as well. Otherwise, you are heading in the direction of the Media Center PC-a heap of mediocre junk that can't decide what it is for.
New Posts  All Forums: