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 You're obviously extremely knowledgable in the field. But I don't think I'd ever believe that I could completely charge my phone by leaving it out in the sun, but any additional runtime gained by having PV cells on there might be useful. At what size does a PV panel become "significant" in the device's runtime? If I get 13.5 hours instead of 12 hours, then that's at least useful, but maybe not useful enough to offset the cost and complexity of including the system in the...
When I think of your example I think that a large television installed in the OR is a better solution so that everyone in the room can see the same thing. It also doesn't distractingly live in the corner of the visual field of the person who's wielding extremely sharp objects inside the body of another person.
Well, I've never had any complaint about the battery life of my Gen3 iPad. Sure 20 hours would be "better" on paper but if the battery life of the current iPad is sufficient for 99% of the people who use it, then why increase the weight? Is it really all that inconvenient to plug in an iPad to charge overnight if you're using it the whole day? If you only use it for a few hours a day then it could probably last you a 4-5 days before needing to be charged (similar to my...
It's actually very easy an intuitive. It's not as intuitive as writing on a piece of paper but you'd be surprised at how quickly you adapt.
Yes. Definitely fakes. It throws the veracity of the whole video into question. Not particularly well done either.
I would think there are multiple benefits to it. First, it would definitely make it more rigid, which is important for a large flat piece of metal which is likely quite thin. Second, it probably cuts down on the amount of time needed to mill each case considerably. Downsides would be slightly more weight and I would also think that components wouldn't be packaged as efficiently as possible with those grooves in there.
There was one model year of iMac where the fan ran constantly due to some weird design issue. It was ridiculous. My voice teacher had one and the thing was constantly whirring away even when just sitting there basically idle. It was really loud and irritating.
Well, he's actually right. You only need to have that much of your thumb or the heel of you palm on the device because you need the leverage to keep it facing you. If the device were 1/4 the weight it currently is you could hold it easily with just the edge of your thumb and you fingers sprawled on the back. The bezel has to be larger because we need more leverage to grip the device harder because of its weight.
Why not just read the Whitepaper. It's only 7 pages of content and 1 page of endnotes.
Wow! Yazzy! I always wondered what they were saying after the first line.
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