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You can have different iCloud accounts and still use the same iTunes Store account. I know because that's how we have it set up with my wife and my iPhone/iPad combos. Although I do believe they default to the same iCloud address so we did get some overlapped Calendar information. In any case, they can be separate so that you can share the iTunes account/music/apps and have separate personal info (contacts/cal/mail). You just have to enter the addresses separately in...
That's silly. Phone manufacturers are literally upgrading their phones as fast as physically possible and nobody begrudges them for it. There would be some people who would be mad about it (Apple already has their money and they really have nothing to be mad about), but there would be many more people who would go right out and buy the upgraded iPad. I'd jump on an iPad3 with upgraded display. I have an iPad now and can't justify the upgrade to the 2.
Personally, I would wait. The Sandybridge processors are significantly faster than their predecessor. Just as an example, I just got a new MacBook Pro and I have a 8-core Xeon MacPro from 2008. On the geekbench benchmark the MacBook Pro is only about 10% slower than the Mac Pro. The Mac Pro has 16GB of RAM and the MBP 8GB. To have a laptop that's nearly as powerful as my tower is pretty amazing. To me it suggests that the new MacPros will be that much faster.
It happens. I freelance for a mid-sized agency in San Francisco a lot and they skipped CS4 altogether. So for the period where I was on CS4 and they were still on CS3 I had to back-save my files into INX format. There's nothing particularly difficult about working with those files. The only oddity is that when the file is opened in CS3 is is converted, so it doesn't have a natural "save path." If you click save, it won't, of course, save over the INX file rather it will...
Yes. The Snow Leopard disc does not require an extant system on the hard drive.
Ambient Light Sensor. My current iPad case has a hole there for that exact reason.
Don't you have a button on the GPS app to stop the current route? Most of them do including the Navigon app I use.
Could very likely have been a FaceTime commercial.
Can't speak to the other options but I have iTeleport for the iPhone and I like it a lot. It's a great VNC client.
Yeah. I may have exaggerated but I was actually responding to the part about having a flat screen tv at that resolution. My flat screen is 42" and I consider it on the small side. A 50"+ TV at that resolution would be pretty amazing except you could never find anything to watch that would take advantage of the resolution.
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