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Even if they could make a screen that large and that dense, it would likely cost multiple $100,000.
I agree that the DEMO was interesting but the problem I always had with it was that the interface of the device seemed to be built to make a good demo. The gestures they were showing were rather arbitrary and it seemed like the device sort of "knew" what the gesture was supposed to mean just magically. The reason why it took Apple five years to develop the iPhone is that it's presumably very difficult to create an actual practical interface for a touch device. It's all...
Perhaps that the case but CS3 apps were quite crashy for me and my legitimate license even after multiple re-installs. Illustrator in CS3 and CS4 continues to just kill itself for no reason every so often.
Why do you miss VisualHub? It still works. I still use it as my main media conversion software. VideoMonkey is the open-source version picking up where VisualHub left off and it seems to work pretty well too.
Well said. When I saw the Courier video my first thought was "Hey, that's pretty neat." But as I continued to watch it I got the sense that they went about it backwards. There seemed to be a lot of ambiguous gestures that magically did exactly what they were supposed to in that video. It felt like they mapped out what they wanted it to do and then figured out what the gestures would be for each action later. It really didn't feel like they would have enough simple gestures...
Neither of the programs I use can store any sort of files other than their own database. You could use something like AirSharing for actual files but I had no idea how secure it really is.
I have both 1Password and Splash ID. For the kind of info you're talking about I use Splash ID. It syncs over bluetooth and it seems secure enough to me, although admittedly I'm not sure what exact that entails. It doesn't allow different "files" as it's only a database of text. I'm not sure what kind of files you're talking about.
I haven't had that particular error but Photoshop CS4 was having some issues with the save/open dialog box in general for me. It wasn't consistent but it would sometimes hang when you tried to open a doc, which can be just as lousy since I rarely save before I open a different file.
Why not? You can certainly create precise paths in PS and AI with a trackball. I use a trackball primarily and I work in both of those programs daily. For painting I use a tablet, but I can easily handle bezier tools with a trackball.
Are you suggesting that advertising professionals are recording 30-second samples of songs from iTunes and using them in commercials? That's ridiculous. If you knew anything about the process of buying the rights for music to put into commercials you'd laugh at the suggestion.
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