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Might be a dumb question but do you have another Mac that's not associated with that Time Machine backup to hook up to the Time Capsule?
You have every right to complain about a product you bought. My surprise is that someone who relies on their computer would install a x.0 upgrade and then complain about it. I was more surprised at installing it on a machine that you need for work within the first week of release more than I was about the complaining about the OS itself.
On a mission-critical computer the smart thing to do is ALWAYS to wait it out. I upgraded my MBP but my tower is still on Leopard. Why? Because I make money with my tower and having the new shiny isn't worth borking my machine. Wait until you're sure everything is figured out before you switch. It baffles me when people complain about things breaking in a x.0 release of an OS that they need for work. Just wait if it's the machine you make your living on.
Whatever it is it's not a creation in Photoshop. The transition from focus to OOF areas is perfectly consistent with its surroundings. Oh, where's the link for where you found them?
At one point in my career I was working with Microsoft a LOT as a client. In fact, my whole job was basically dedicated to MS. The problems they're showing now are problems of corporate culture. Even if they wanted to do what Apple did with OS X I'm not sure it would ever work. There are too many layers of managers and too much politics to do it. OS X and OS X Mobile are unique creations that can really only be done under the tyrannical watch of one person or a very small...
I've used them on a number of different products. The one for the iPhone 3G doesn't work so well for me. The nature of the device makes it very hard for the film to stick to the corners of the iPhone. So they end up popping up and creating little creases. This wouldn't be so bad except they really collect pocket lint and they become pretty ugly. I'm a big fan of them for SOME things like my iPods but for the iPhones they just don't stick on that well. Also, they are a...
Exactly. it's not like Apple keeps a list like Santa Claus of who is or isn't a loyal Apple customer. Hell, I've been buying Apple products pretty regularly since 1993. But when you enter a contract with a wireless carrier and that carrier subsidizes the price of the phone you buy, that's the breaks. I didn't pay $400-$600 for the iPhone 3G upfront and I realize that the reason I was able to buy it for $200 was because of a subsidy. When my Treo 700p was stolen I went to...
What other whole year? My upgrade date is 3 weeks away. I'm not sure I'm even going to upgrade it but I don't think I'm going to suffer greatly if someone else has the iPhone 3Gs 3 weeks before I do. And like I said, I was a line-waiter for the 3G. But at some point it becomes ridiculous to let the timeline of gadget availability genuinely make you angry, especially when you've been happy with the current version.
Jeez. I stood in line for the iPhone 3G as well and I just don't see what people are so angry about. If you had to wait until December like some folks are saying then yeah, that's weird and arbitrary. But three weeks? What is so important about that 3 weeks to actually let it affect your life negatively. If you've liked the 3G for the past year, is it so torturous to use it for 3 more weeks? A whole year?
The obvious disadvantage to a slider phone is that you have to produce and inventory a whole different set of parts for international variants on the phone. The iPhone is very easy to "internationalize" since the keyboard is all software. They simply need different firmwares.
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