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1) Why would Applecare cover you damaging your own iPhone and 2) your post reads almost exactly like an ad. Try to at least hide it a bit better.
Yeah. Although, to be fair, my Mom's computer can get pretty far behind on updates if she doesn't come into town often. Maybe his daughter lives far away and doesn't manage her own computer very well. Let me tell you, Screen Sharing over iChat is probably the greatest thing ever for people with tech-unsavvy relatives.
I think he was more making a joke that the article you linked to is 10 months old. Did you just install a ten-month old update?
Haha. No I didn't do the new one. I did the original one that was shaped like a movie ticket. Cyrus redid it when he wanted to release it for Android because I guess they don't allow words on their icons for easy internationalization. How did you know that was me?It was pretty funny. When he first changed it away from the ticket icon with words to the ticket icon with the film reel he started getting a lot of e-mail about how much people didn't like the new icon. He said...
I'm not sure how Target Disk Mode works on Macs without Firewire. I think it works through the ethernet port now. In any case, might as well copy it over an external drive since it'll give you an extra form of backup for the transition. You just lose some time but you gain a lot of safety.
Thieves have been dumb enough to use stolen phones and laptops completely unchanged. There are plenty of stories about it. One person recovered their SideKick because the thief started taking pictures of herself with it. SideKicks send their info up to the "cloud" so that it's all available from a web browser. Someone else got tracked by using the built-in iSight of a laptop. Besides, the thief wold have to turn it off immediately upon stealing it. Even if they just ran...
That's really the best way if you want it cleaned out and streamlined. Just move your essential personal files like email histories, photos, music and address books and the install the apps over anew.Although I'm pretty sure an Archive and Install will do most of what you're asking on the system side. It's a new OS install that preserves your personal info. The Libraries and such might still be cluttered up though.
If you have another Mac around the first thing I would is to boot your Dad's computer in Target Disk Mode and copy the photos. Data recovery first, then fix the computer.
While you may be right that it would be logistically very difficult for them to do service at those locations, people would expect it. They would almost be forced to do it because the idea of walking into a Microsoft store and not being able to get any advice or service on your computer is completely ridiculous. Whether or not they want to deal with servicing computers there, people will bring their computers into those stores.
Um, the US is 26x the land area of Japan. Not exactly a fair comparison.
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