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I use SplashID. It handles my serials and my other personal information. It also has an iPhone version that syncs with the desktop.
Yup. It's pretty easy to do if you just follow the directions. I have my personal site hosted on there and multiple other sites hosted by a separate host. But the mobileme stuff works like a charm for my personal site.
Where are you hosting the domain? On MobileMe or an external server?
Really? I just jailbroke my iPhone and I'm on 10.5.6.
Can you not reinstall the system when you're booting off of the disc?
Who knows? The original iPhone was $500 and it sold out immediately. The original iPod was around $400 I think. I bought a Newton Messagepad back in 1995 for $700. If it's under, say, $800 I'd probably buy one. People who see the need will buy it. What's the potential market? I don't know but I know that Apple right now can get away with charging probably a $150 premium on something like that just because so many new people have entered the fold. Plus apple has the App...
It all depends on the pricepoint. Personally I would LOVE to have a device like this. When I'm not working at my actual workstation (Mac Pro) I'm using my laptop in the living room or out on the deck. When I'm using my laptop 99% of the time I'm simply reading rather than inputting. I suppose if you really needed to type you could have it interact with the bluetooth Apple keyboard. I use my iPhone for a lot of those periods now but the screen is a bit small to be a really...
Indeed. I have known 3 G5 towers that were replaced including my own. My brother's was out of warranty by over 2 years since he didn't buy Applecare and he received a 4-core Harpertown. My friend and I both received 8-core machines even though he had a dual G5 and I had a quad.
Just buy a waffle-weave microfiber towel and you're good to go forever. You might need to get it went and wring it out for more extensive cleaning but most of the time I can clean my iPhone with it dry.
Why don't you just add your Facebook account to Adium. You know it does that now right?
New Posts  All Forums: