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I usually keep updated on all my software but I really think I'm going to wait this version out. Just doesn't look that compelling to me and the non-parity if will have with the Windows version bugs me to a degree. I'll probably wait until CS5 if it's interesting. Plus honestly their upgrade pricing is too expensive. CS3 isn't that old that I should have to pay $700 for an upgrade. And yes, I do use it to make money, but my clients deal almost exclusively with PDFs from...
I haven't used Time Machine do it but you might want to keep the G5 around for a little while just to see if you can use Migration Assistant on it. I've used MA between PPC and Intel machines and it works fine.
The previous version would treat the visual effects of calls differently based on the photo assigned to the contact calling you. If you only have a small picture of them synced from your computer then it will show the small picture as you described. If you had a larger image assigned on your phone it would use that photo. Are you sure it's not that?
I'm not sure it's accurate to say that MS has made money on the Xbox. They might have finally gotten their gaming division to operate in the black, but that doesn't necessarily mean their profits have offset their previous huge losses in the field. To "make money" I'd assume you'd have to have made more money from a venture than you've spent over its lifetime.
Yes, sometimes you'll see the adhesive squeeze out at corners. It looks like a tiny little booger. I usually use a bit of rubbing alcohol or just keep rubbing at it with my fingers until it's gone.
Looks nice so far. Forums are the hardest thing to read on the iPhone and unfortunately a read a lot of fora.
Sync problems are fixed. It will backup the first time you sync after the update. The updates after that for me have only synced data in about 15 seconds rather than requiring a backup on every sync before.
There also the example of the user Catfish on Ars who created the Coverflow application to control iTunes using cover art. He was giving it away for free as it was just a mental exercise for him. Apple contacted him and negotiated a deal to buy the concept from him. Now, who knows if they disclosed how pervasive Coverflow view would be in Mac OS X and OS X iPhone? But Catfish later reported that while he hadn't been made into a millionaire he felt he was treated and...
1. Not to speak of. There are exploits available out there but there haven't been any serious threats on the Mac platform in a long time and none to speak of for Mac OS X. Not to say that there won't be in the future, but right now it's pretty clean. 2. The finder can hang up sometimes but it's pretty rare. Before the most recent updates it used to have pretty long periods of temporary lock-up when you'd disconnect from a server. Recently I haven't had a finder lock-up...
I suppose it's possible but there are already other Poker games on the platform. Although Apple's is by far the most popular one. I'd think they would want to compete on merit rather than monopoly.
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