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There might not be call-recording applications due to the legal implications. It's not legal in most states to record a call without the consent of both parties. Probably just a hassle to even deal with it.
It's happened to me twice but the phone eventually got through that and to the normal home screen.
The Invisible Shield is a full-body cover. It has protection on the screen and the whole backside and most of the sides including the corners. It doesn't offer any impact protection though obviously because it's so thin. If you want something to protect it from drops you'd need a normal slip case or a hard case. The Invisible Shield is mainly to prevent scratches to the backside. The glass is pretty scratch-resistant but I actually ended up liking the feel of using the...
No problem. I know it's a weird and specific post to make, but I figured enough people put those skins on and have that problem that maybe it'll help.
I put an Invisible Shield or BestSkinEver on most of my devices to keep them from getting scratched. One of the things that always bothered me about them is that around some corners they can get little points where the material doesn't stick down and it creates a very small sharp little fold. On my 3G iPhone it was driving me nuts after only a couple days because it's right where you end up touching it constantly. You can keep trying to press those corners down but...
did you erase them on a synced device or possibly move them to an "on my mac" folder in the mail client of another computer?
Not really a fair comment and your previous posts were quite rude. If the OP is coming from the PC side then perhaps he's used to his computer manufacturers being more transparent with their model roadmaps. While I agree that it's good business sense for Apple to keep their secrets secret, it's not that way for all companies and it shouldn't be assumed that the OP would have previous knowledge about Apple's obsession with secrecy with regards to future products.
As I was standing in line in the Manhattan Beach store I overhead a woman talking about her computer. I thought the wording of her discussion was interesting. She said "We don't even have a Mac, we just have a regular Dell." It might not seem like much but it was a good indication to me that Apple's image is in good shape and that it's becoming more of an aspirational brand. Obviously, this woman was standing in line to get an iPhone, so she wasn't just somebody off the...
It doesn't really matter which way you do it. In iTunes, go to File>Transfer Purchases from "iPhone" and it'll take care of that problem.
It's up again for me and populated with my information. Mail is still not available, so that sucks for webmail users. It's pretty nice so far.
New Posts  All Forums: