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 Neither.  I think the side sleep-button would avoid the inadvertent in-pocket power-up.  Too many hyphens, I know.  And the pocket fit issue only happens with my Levi's 501s.  Not with slacks, Nike warmups, or other pants. Back in the day, I used to jam both my HP200LX and Motorola Micro-TAC into the same pocket.  Along with my wallet IIRC.  But not when sitting down.  The in-pocket power-up happens only when I sit down.  And no, it's really not a major issue actually.
 And it might help reduce inadvertent power button-pushing when the iPhone is in your front jeans pocket.  I have a leather slip-case for my old 5, so the power button is exposed.  Many times when I've taken it out of my pocket, the screen was on.  Not because of notifications. Off-topic but I'm hoping that the edges of the back of the metal enclosure really will be rounded.  That might help reduce chipping and abrasion of the anodized aluminum color layer....
 WWDC14 starts on June 2nd, so Apple will do the usual thing.  They'll announce iOS 8 and its new features, they'll allow developers to download iOS 8 beta, and everybody will have about 3 months to add iOS 8 features and design directives to their apps. Or maybe not.  A little birdie tells me that Apple has been hyping Autolayout in iOS apps ever since iOS 6.0 way back in 2012.  It's possible that Apple could announce the heavily-rumored iPhone 6 at WWDC and say "All...
"Fixes an issue that would reposition the Interface Builder canvas unexpectedly." Yay!
I think Apple should make just one MacBook Air: a 12.4" model to replace both 11.6" and 13.3" models. That's all I have for today.  I'm all tired and stuff.
I wonder if Renesas SP Drivers is working on OLED display controller chips. If they are, the purchase would be a whole lot more interesting. Hmmm. Oh, and Apple has done bigger deals. The GT Advanced sapphire deal is for $578 million. But that isn't an acquisition. And another random thought: who says the Renesas SP Drivers technology is for mobile devices? Maybe Apple could continue using LCD panels on iMacs, Thunderbolt Displays, and possibly an Apple-branded 4K...
Tired: USB gloves.   Wired: USB socks.   Retired: Tired-Wired snark.
 Without quoting any specific numbers.  Just FUD-ishly provocative adjectives. Hey Charlie, you'd better crank out a crapton of hysterical hand-wringing iPhone stories.  While you still can.The economy is gradually turning around.  Just imagine iPhones sales when the economy is *hot*.
 Utility yes.  Aesthetics no.  I love the F-mount bayonet system on my Nikon D70 (and N90 and F2S) but boy is it ugly when there's no lens attached.  And, by the way, Nikon first used the system in 1959 and they seem to have been able to prevent other camera manufacturers from copying the system.  Presumably Nikon was granted patents for it.  (Just look at the various bizarre lens-mount systems that Canon has been forced to use over the years.) If I were Jony Ive, I'd do a...
 Ah yes.  The classic "What?  Me worry?" pre-disruption mentality.
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