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But Victor Laszlo is so much cooler: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0034583/   Oh, and as for makeup, two words: "cat eyes."
 Wow.  Too bad these things are all so expensive.But really, I need the exercise of actually walking.
 Wow.  Looks like it should be able to go 75 mph.  But nope.  Just 10 mph.
 Agree.  You step on the back of the wheel and your front foot rolls forward up over the wheel, and you probably fall on your a**.  Or you step on the front of the wheel and you heel grinds against it.  Or something. But with a little practice, I'm sure most people could get used to it.  The top speed is only about 10 mph anyway, so you could just jump off and run.  I used to do that a lot on my old primitive hard-wheel wooden skateboard.  The tiniest little rock would...
 Probably way more rolling friction from the big rubber tire too.And waaaaay more expensive.  Still, it's got great "shock" value.(Yeah, sorry for the bad pun.)
Nice, but to *really* get noticed, you need the One Wheel: More info (and videos): http://rideonewheel.com
 I'm liking DirecTV less and less.  The iOS app doesn't even let you play back recordings from your DVR to your iOS devices.  Will drop DirecTV as soon as possible. But whatever. I only watch Jeopardy on ABC.  And the Olympics.Oh wait.  Not the Olympics.
 No prob with the typos.  And yes, the Chinese deal might need to be re-negotiated.  But I'm sure there's a clause in the contract that is triggered if oil prices drop below the deal number. I think low global oil prices (in part due to reduced US demand for foreign oil) may also hurt countries like Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Venezuela, et al.  They're among the top oil-exporting countries, so their economies must depend fairly heavily on their own oil exports.
 Shale oil production: more expensive than traditional drilling. Messing with Putin's economy: priceless. Reducing dependence on Mideast oil: priceless (in lives and money). And I think OPEC is reducing their pricing to compete against US *exports* of shale oil.Not to make their oil cheaper for us to buy in the US.If anything, lower OPEC prices might be hurting Russia far more than the US.
Interesting.  Fracking is driving down the world's oil prices.  Great for the US economy.  Bad for the Russian economy, as Russia is the world's largest energy exporter.  Their economy depends heavily on their natural gas, oil, and coal exports.   So the Russian government lets the ruble slide, the oil companies make windfall profits selling overseas. The Russian consumer pays way more for foreign goods and for gas, but f--k the peasants anyway, right?  Russia is run by...
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