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 Depends on whether it includes iOS 7 or iOS 8.  And whether or not the thumbprint data hash code is part of iOS source or part of the Touch ID firmware.  (Especially the algorithm that identifies a Secure Enclave's ID as belonging to its specific matching iPhone hardware ID.)
 Europeans: totally paranoid of any and all government and corporate spying. Americans: outraged by government spying, somewhat annoyed by Google and other corporate spying. Chinese: completely accustomed to constant government spying and corporate spying. So what does that tell you about Chinese phones and Chinese Android hacks?
Interesting. Rolled out in English-speaking countries with fairly small populations. New Zealand: 4.5 million Singapore: 5.4 million South Africa: 52.4 million (with 29 million cell phone users of which only a small fraction are smartphone users) http://techtalkafrica.com/smartphone-usage-in-south-africa-infographic.html Maybe they're trying to replicate the WhatsApp phenomenon. Good luck with that.
 So, then, what good are "these market assessments"?Just because Brand X Sapphire Inc. isn't shipping iPhone front panels doesn't mean Apple won't be using sapphire.Because Apple has their own supplier. And, frankly, I don't care what the iPhone "6" front panels are made of, as long as they're Gorilla Glass or better.Never had any scratching problem.
 Yup.  And Google doesn't really care.  To Google, Android is just a mobile ad platform.97% of Google's revenue comes from ads.  Everything they do reflects that one fact. But anyway, let's shoot down a few boilerplate Android Apologist excuses: 1. "You don't know what Android really is." Yes we do.  It's Google's mobile ad platform.  Oh, and Amazon has forked it into a mobile cash register.  Maybe some day Samsung will also fork Android, just so they can control their own...
 I think Tim Cook knows that he will never be able to force all component suppliers to stop all leaks.  Factory workers are not highly paid, and I'm sure the leakers get cash for the components and/or photos.  So sneaking a circuit board or backshell out of the factory for a photo session could be a way to boost income.  (And if the part is brought back before anyone notices it's missing, then nobody gets in trouble.  Maybe.) But how does this affect Apple?  Well, the...
 Oh well.  That means iPhone "6" (and iPhone "Air"?) will get more attention before the "iWatch" hogs the spotlight. Oops.  Forgot about the updated iPad Air and iPad mini.  And whatever updates Apple makes to the iPod lineup.Still plenty of announcements to be made this year before "iWatch."
 Will be interesting to see what happens in the next year.  Android phones / tablets might become the "new netbooks."Faddish, but catering to only the low end of the market where there is zero brand loyalty. The rise of the Chinese middle class is increasing the average Chinese citizen's purchasing power.And that Chinese middle class is also extremely status-conscious.They're contributing to the extinction of African elephants.  They just love ivory.And they'd probably...
 Samsung spent billions to kill off all other serious Android competitors. It worked.  They're all gone.  Not even Google's Nexus sells in any quantity.And Amazon's fork of Android serves only one purpose: to ring up sales for Amazon. You could argue that Apple's lawsuit against Samsung didn't just get them $1.05 billion.It also fired a warning shot heard 'round the world by all would-be Android hardware copycats.Apparently Xiaomi is hoping the (corrupt) Chinese government...
BlackBerry, Microsoft (Windows Phone team), Nokia, LG, HTC.Did I leave anybody out of the sad-face-in-mobile party?Pretty sure I did.
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