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Tired: USB gloves.   Wired: USB socks.   Retired: Tired-Wired snark.
 Without quoting any specific numbers.  Just FUD-ishly provocative adjectives. Hey Charlie, you'd better crank out a crapton of hysterical hand-wringing iPhone stories.  While you still can.The economy is gradually turning around.  Just imagine iPhones sales when the economy is *hot*.
 Utility yes.  Aesthetics no.  I love the F-mount bayonet system on my Nikon D70 (and N90 and F2S) but boy is it ugly when there's no lens attached.  And, by the way, Nikon first used the system in 1959 and they seem to have been able to prevent other camera manufacturers from copying the system.  Presumably Nikon was granted patents for it.  (Just look at the various bizarre lens-mount systems that Canon has been forced to use over the years.) If I were Jony Ive, I'd do a...
 Ah yes.  The classic "What?  Me worry?" pre-disruption mentality.
 So sue us. Oh wait... they already tried.Never mind. (But no, there's no "seething hatred for anything Korean" in Japan.  Just kimchi.  Think of it this way: there are perhaps 100,000 cultural artifacts in Japan, in museums and private collections, that were taken from Korea when it was a colony of the Japanese Empire.)
 Monkey see, monkey do.  Monkey see, monkey do. But really, Samsung *has* to at least go through the motions of counter-suing Apple and all that.Because if they didn't try to counter-attack, even feebly, they'd be admitting guilt.Saving face is big in Asia.
Re: manhole covers imported from India   I actually should have rhetorically asked "When's the last time you saw any technology product with a Made in India label on it?"  I'm pretty sure that most nations in the world can produce world-class manhole covers.  But I'm equally sure that not every nation in the world can produce world-class miniaturized electronics.   And my original comment was in response to the original post's mention of "moving assembly from China."...
 Not to get too deep into cultural stereotypes here, but when's the last time you ever saw a "Made in India" label?I wonder if India is even capable of producing high-quality electronics components or tech products.  A U.S. battery factory is almost an imperative for Tesla.  I believe the majority of their sales are in the U.S.  And trans-Pacific shipping costs must be huge for heavy items like car batteries. Apple may or may not benefit as much from a U.S. battery...
Twitter had #music? #fail
 I think the intention is to allow Samsung to control its own destiny (in mobile).First step is Gear 2, which runs Tizen.  Next step: Tizen-based Galaxy S6?. (I've played with a Tizen smartphone and the UI is terribly ugly and clunky.  Long way to go.)
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