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 Wow.   Hey Rogifan, you're right about that astroturfing.
Not sure if it is related to iOS 9.1, but AT&T Wi-Fi calling now works for me. Just FYI.
"... leading Japanese firms have already standardized on iOS in deploying thousands of iPads." Shoulda waited for the iPad Pro!
 Those are all advantages in still photography too.  Major, insurmountable advantages.That's why pros (and quite a few prosumers) still use larger-format cameras instead of iPhones etc. But another massive DSLR advantage for pros (and serious amateurs) is the responsiveness of a DSLR.Instant shutter response.  You can capture a precise moment.  Nearly impossible on iPhone.I'm talking about still photos here, of course.
 And precious little experience in any consumer hardware for that matter.Real consumers.  Not alpha-geek wannabes.
No more Scroogled?
 Thanks.  I forgot to include the AI article. In the Watch, the back cover is just a transparent window to allow for pulse sensing etc.But I wonder if Apple really will make an entire iPhone enclosure of the material.
 On August 7, 2006, Apple filed for a patent on zirconium dioxide enclosures for consumer electronics devices.  It's radio-transparent, and it's apparently extremely durable. Older reposts of the Wikipedia article on zirconium dioxide included a paragraph about the Apple patent.  The current version of the article doesn't. http://www.chemeurope.com/en/encyclopedia/Zirconium_dioxide.html But how much would the material cost?  Is it recyclable?  How damage-resistant is it?...
 S'okay Aaron.  Drama is your business.  We understand.
 This is what Tim Cook should say in response: "Well, in that case, we'll give the movie away for free to all Apple device owners.Just to make sure we're not being opportunistic about that."
New Posts  All Forums: