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 Agree.  I wonder if Gene "Apple Television Set Any Minute Now" Munster has learned his lesson.
 Wow.  I need to watch more TV or something!
"Your wife will love the dual-core Tegra chipset."- actor in a Verizon ad for a long-defunct Android tablet (June 2011)
 Yup.  Either India or Modesto.
 Especially in India.
Just FYI: If I were an evil robot, I'd seriously consider changing my name to Kantar.
The fact remains: few if any cyclists think they need to stop, or even slow down, at stop signs. I, as a pedestrian, walk by the rules.  The pedestrian is inevitably on the receiving end and so, yes, the pervasive use of cameras will change cyclists' behavior, if not attitudes, toward traffic rules.
 Oh, "paying off"?  Really?You mean by recording incriminating evidence of all those cyclists running stop signs? Good luck getting a shot of the SUV that backs over you.This particular clip-cam takes only 1 photo per minute.  
 Maybe that's a good idea.If you're a complete and total idiot.
Because f*ck ads anyway.
New Posts  All Forums: