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So, 128-bit iOS devices next fall? /s
Just had lunch at the Panera Bread in Sunnyvale. Used Apple Pay for the first time, and yes, "It just worked." (That was me with the SF Giants cap and shirt.)   BTW the pasta was way beyond al dente, and drastically over-salted. If I go there again, I'll get some kind of sandwich.
 Don't do it!   Find a Panera Bread and go there instead.  Drive out of state if you have to!
I snapped up a Bose SoundLink III at my local Apple Store last weekend, just in case. I also noticed that all GoPro products are gone from both the online and brick-and-mortar Apple Stores. I thought it might be that Apple wanted to get rid of old stock before the Hero 4 was launched, but nope. No Hero 4's anywhere on the Apple site or in stores.
 Ohhhh the paiiiiiiinnnnn!!!!! These horrible first world problems are almost unbearable!!!!! [Update: and now I can't find my XANAX!!!!!]
My first thought during today's event: "Touch ID on iPad is a marginal feature. More people bring their iPhones with them when they're shopping, so Apple Pay is really an iPhone 6 / 6 Plus thing. Oh well. More iPad users will have better security, which is fine." My second though was "Oh wait. Apple Pay will make online shopping vastly easier and vastly more secure than it ever was. Online shopping via iPad will jump massively after October 20th (as well as from...
A multi-carrier SIM is the first step toward carrier-agnostic devices. I'd gladly pay Apple slightly more than I'm paying AT&T if my iPhone could switch carriers. Wherever I am, I'd like to switch to the carrier with the strongest signal and/or fastest data. Every month I'd pay Apple instead of any one carrier. Carriers would get pro-rated payment. That's worth a little more IMHO. (Yeah. I know, I know. It might never happen.)
 I'd love to see a big-screen Apple branded TV set.  But I doubt we'll see one.  Ever.Would love to, but hey, I'd also love to inherit $100 million. In the meantime, maybe "long time" means "The Mac mini hasn't been updated in a long time."Way overdue for a Mac mini refresh.  Can't wait!/s
 Well, if it's a 50-70 inch screen, it will probably not be an Apple-branded television set.It would probably be a super-giant Apple Cinema Display.  And even that is unlikely IMHO.Very little demand for 50-70 inch computer monitors.And the television space is already a full-speed race-to-the-bottom market.Which is exactly the kind of market Apple avoids completely. If Apple does announce something in the TV space tomorrow, it'll probably be a new Apple TV box.Smaller,...
 The last "real" Macworld was waaaaaaay back in 2009.That was the final Macworld with an Apple booth.
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