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 Me too. I'm a "car guy."  I never buy a (new) car that I don't obsess about, and keep my cars for a long, long time. But think of it this way.  There were thousands if not millions of people who used to love riding horses.  And they'd ride them to work, they'd use them to pull carriages, and almost all of that horse culture is now gone.  And many related jobs are also gone.  Blacksmiths, stagecoach drivers, carriage makers, saddle makers, stable boys, ad nauseam. Things...
 Have heard of ZipCar, but never used them.  Nearly the same as any other rental car agency.They'll be interesting when their cars drive right to where you're standing.With no driver. "The future is already here - it's just not evenly distributed."- William Gibson
 The oil companies, carmakers, and tire companies are all part of a toxic symbiosis.  Almost a multi-industry oligopoly.There used to be a trolley system in the SF Bay area called the Key System that crossed the SF-Oakland Bay Bridge.It was replaced in the late 50's by paved roads and the AC Transit bus system.  There's still a Key Route Blvd. near me.And the transition to buses was funded by ... wait for it ... Standard Oil of California, Philips Petroleum, General...
 Nailed it.  Smaller companies might make higher margins, but sell far fewer cars.  (E.g. Pagani Automobili S.p.A., Caterham Cars, Ruf Automobile GmbH.)  And yes, electrically-driven cars are much simpler than internal combustion cars.  And vastly simpler than any hybrid gas/electric.  That simplicity might eventually bring costs down over time, and maybe keep margins up if selling price can be maintained. But maybe it's also time to examine the entire automobile usage and...
 Looks almost like the people-movers in "The Prisoner" (1967), but no.Those were Mini Mokes.
 I think the original story is about a guy who wants to "reify" the computer voice interface from ST:TOS.As in "Computer - this is a Class A Compulsory Directive.  Calculate to the last digit the value of pi." etc. p.s. "reify" means "to make an abstract concept more concrete or real."
 Cool.  So will this be another re-boot?
 Would be a logical step for Apple.  I haven't used Google search for years, but apparently they put pay-for-placement ads at the top of the first page of hits, they spam you with their own services by jacking up Google sites' "Page ranking," and generally act like the unregulated monopoly search provider that they are.   Oh yeah, and Google also tracks the f__k out of all of their users.  To get higher ad revenue from their real customers: advertisers. I've used...
 Interesting. But I'll probably just continue to use the Remote app on my Watch.
That would be quite interesting.  But does Apple want to compete against other content providers?It might lead to cancelled streaming contracts if, for example, an Apple show crushes a Disney show. (And yeah, anybody but Eisner.  He hated "Lost" because he couldn't control it or something.)
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