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"Rogers made his bones in the music industry as a website developer for the Beastie Boys, eventually being hired by Yahoo to lead the portal's music division." See? Web development isn't necessarily a dead-end job after all!
 A rising tide lifts all boats.Except the Google Barge.
Funny. I thought the barges were going to be Google Casinos. Offshore so they wouldn't have to obey local gambling regulations or whatever. Would have been far more interesting for customers and more profitable for Google.
 All MacBooks are aluminum, so using rubbing alcohol or other solvents to remove sticker adhesive won't do any damage to the surface.  Just in case you want to sell your MacBook without stickers.  So the next owner can plaster it over with their own stickers. Rubbing alcohol or other solvents might damage plastic, especially if it's painted.  Not good for those plasticky Dells.(Not that Dell laptops have any resale value anyway.)
I wonder what it would take to quadruple "Intel Inside" sticker sales. Or "Windows Vista: Putting the Wow Back in Computing" sticker sales. Or any Linux sticker, really.
Hmmm, is 'reactions-to-reactions' the same as 'chimp-screaming upon chimp-screaming'? Or is "chimp screaming" only something that happens in forums?
Let me guess. Comcast will be the first cable company to feature the next-gen Apple TV. Others begin to follow 1 year later as they start to lose subscribers to Comcast + Apple. Ya think?
 I don't care whether I pay for 200 extra crappy channels or whether those 200 extra crappy channels are free. I would prefer that they all just go away, one way or another.  Just to eliminate clutter. Oh, and I said that I'd gladly pay *more* for just the specific shows I want.  Not less.  But only if the experience of searching for, paying for, and watching those shows were vastly better than what we have now.  That's how Apple gets away with charging more than your...
 Think back to the iPhone release.  iPhone was first released on just one carrier: AT&T.  It had a novel Visual Voice Mail system that no other device had, which required AT&T to do some work on their end.  AT&T gained subscribers, mindshare, and prestige by selling iPhone.  Other cell carriers, even one or two who originally rejected Apple's deal (Verizon) signed up later. Apple could follow the same approach with cable / satellite providers.  Just work with one of them...
 All things in time.  I could wait an extra month or two for the "6"-es.You in a big hurry or something?
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