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 The thinner the internals, the easier it will be to fit them into an old large Watch case. One word: "spacers."
 Probably so people will have something to do while they're riding in the self-driving Car. Or would that be the Car Pro X?
I'm ready.  For $349 plus tax.
 I'd be extremely surprised if there wasn't an upgrade plan.  I'm hoping you will be able to bring your 2-year-old Watch to an Apple Store so they can replace the old worn-out battery and outdated S1 electronics.   $199 for the base Sport model, $249 for the steel model (because they'll polish the case) and $299 for the Edition (because polishing gold requires more time and because you're rich.) You'd keep the same old band and enclosure, including the screen.Just the...
LOL at all the bearish "analysts" who were trying to keep AAPL down for the shorters. They all ran off and hid after the surprise 7-for-1 stock split.
 We were waiting for you.  Thanks for obliging. Yes, we know.  But no, Google's implementation was neither good nor secure.And wasn't it just a beta anyway?  You know, because it was rushed out prematurely?
 Agree.  The more security for everybody, the better. On the other hand, I'm sure Apple has all manner of patents on TouchID and Secure Element.Those are the two crucial user-facing hardware technologies.
Google-monkey see Apple, Google-monkey copy Apple.
Good points all.  And yes, Apple has paid up front for components before.So maybe the Japan Display deal is only for iMac / MacBook / Thunderbolt Display panels.(And I'd bet a dollar they're not for an Apple-branded TV set. LOL.)
IGZO-based OLED panels maybe? I thought Apple and Sharp developed a new OLED "printing" production process. And yes.  They patented it IIRC.
New Posts  All Forums: