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 The phrase "damning with faint praise" springs to mind here.
 Step 2: kill off Windows Phone.
My only problem: CVS doesn't accept ApplePay. The solution: I shop at Walgreens instead now.
One word: "taptic."
 How about delivering me a Chipotle burrito.  Right to my hand, in 15 minutes.And I'd pay for it with my Watch.
Too many pencils maybe?
 Yup.  Therefore I'll be getting the 42mm Space Gray model with black Sport Band instead of the 42mm Space Black stainless steel model with matching Space Gray Link Band.
 Microsoft's problem: no taste.Google's problem: they don't take anything seriously.  Except ads.
 That's nothing.  Wait until 2020 when Apple releases a self-driving all-electric car.It'll threaten everything from new- and used-car salesmen to meter maids to all of Detroit.Not to mention old-school car manufacturers around the world.
New Posts  All Forums: