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 It's like saying "Citing an Apple employee not in the (rumored) iWatch group but who has a friend who works in the (rumored) iWatch group..."
Looking forward to seeing the Apple Wrist-Top. Probably won't buy one though.
 Hellloooo eBay!
And all this during a continuing world-wide recession. Just imagine what Apple will do if/when the economy really heats up again.
 The average American worker's lifestyle is bourgeois-cushy compared to the average Japanese salaryman's lifestyle.Ever hear the term "karoshi"?  It's Japanese for "death from overwork".I've worked in Japan, and yes, it's a real thing there.
Sleep? Reading all these rumors about an "iWatch" is more sleep-inducing that counting sheep. I'll pay attention after Apple issues invitations to an "iWatch event."
 Wow.  Just listen to this guy.
Hey Adobe.  Your last-century antique software sucks.
Steve (Ballmer) would never have approved of this if he were still alive!
This week: "Apple sued by University of Wisconsin over A7 chip at heart of iPhone, iPad..."   Next week: "Apple purchases University of Wisconsin, returns land to the cows..."
New Posts  All Forums: