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And the award for Best Live Blog of the Apple 9/9 Event goes to...   Apple Inc. (http://www.apple.com/live/2014-sept-event/)
"The iPhone 6 Plus will play games in higher resolution than next generation consoles. Think about that for a minute." - Eli Hodapp   Impressive.  
 If true, it sounds like the iPhone SoC tick-tock roadmap and industrial design tick-tock roadmap are staggered (at the moment.)   All-new form factor one year (with more powerful SoC of similar architecture to previous year), major update to the SoC etc. the next year (with minor cosmetic changes to the enclosure.)  For example: all-new form factor for iPhone 5 with A6 SoC, which is a faster version of the iPhone 4S A5 SoC.  Followed by a major update to the A7 SoC for...
Mossberg sighting @ 0:24. He's talking to a tall Jeff Goldblum-looking guy with beard and glasses.
 Liquidmetal FTW.
I'm going with "iPhone Math" myself. The name has a certain cool discipline to it. /s
 You couldn't pay me ...
 Forgot to say: Verizon's phone number data lock-in was long, long before iPhone was released.   But no, you're not forced to use Apple anything.  Are you.
 Agree.  Few if any have ever had to deal with Google Wallet transactions.Except the Walgreen's in Mountain View.  Lots of Google weenies around the HQ campus.
 I'd be amazed if I ever saw anyone even using Google Wallet at all.Have seen the terminals at Starbucks, Peet's, and other stores.Never seen a single person use any of them.
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