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 I think Gene has 3 serious options at this point: 1. Stop with the Apple television predictions.2. Career change.3. Retirement.
Motorola ad, circa 2010:     Flash Websites? There isn't even a museum for that.
 Agree.  Apple thinks things all the way through.  In user-facing technology as well as development tools and languages.
 I recommend the AdBlock extension for Safari on OS X.Too bad Safari on iOS doesn't work with AdBlock (and extensions in general maybe?)
Remind me again why we should listen to a traitor. Actually, to a traitor's lawyer.   Re: "It remains unclear how successful that program was, and Apple again denied involvement."   I imagine that there are quite a few successful spyware projects out there.  For all smartphone platforms. But I'd hazard a guess that most of them require physical possession of the phone to install the spyware. (You know the drill: meet the mark at a bar, get him/her to sleep with you,...
 Liquid nitrogen to the rescue.
And in other Mac-related-closing news, macpunk.com seems to have bitten the dust. I used their free email service for more than a decade.  Evidently I'll need a new spam catcher.
 I can picture Anand's screening interview:  Interviewer: "So can I see some of your prior work?"Anand: "Oh yes you can!  Slap your eyes on THIS!"
 It's inevitable.  AX performance is nearly good enough for consumer use of OS X right now.All Apple needs to do is add one more CPU to the 3-core A8X.  Or maybe 3 cores is enough already.The A7 crossed the 64-bit barrier way back in 2013 so that's no longer a gating factor. And I think these periodic rumors about AX-powered MacBook Air are being planted by Apple.To help prepare Intel and the rest of the world for Intel-free consumer Macs.
 Where "innovate" means "flog the same old x86 architecture for all it's worth."
New Posts  All Forums: