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 There are two main reasons to keep future product plans secret:1. To prevent the Osborne effect (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Osborne_effect)2. To maximize your lead time over would-be competitors There's always the danger of lost sales if you announce an updated product too early.  You need to balance lost sales of the current model with the need to create buzz about the upcoming model.  I think Apple has mastered that particular balancing act.  And yes, I'm pretty sure...
 "I laid out memory so the bottom 640K was general purpose RAM and the upper 384 I reserved for video and ROM, and things like that. ... It was ten times what we had before. But to my surprise, we ran out of that address base for applications within—oh five or six years people were complaining."- Bill Gates, 1993 Things move a whole lot faster in tech than they did 20+ years ago.Better to release a product that's a quantum leap ahead, then let developers catch up to its...
"... but first, lemme take a #SELFIE" - "#SELFIE," The Chainsmokers   iTunes link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/selfie-single/id834007400   ... that's so ratchet.
The real haunted empire?  It's the New York Times. Good luck adapting your old-school Gray Lady to the 21st century.   Oh, and good luck with your new executive editor. We'll see if he can turn things around for you.
 More like "Tub of Cheese."
 And it's probably a USB 1.0 flash drive.  Far slower data rate than USB 3.0.
 And more secretly.  You know, the doubling down thing.
 It's not how it specs.  It's how it feels in your hand. Oh, and yeah, legacy connectors all eventually die off.  Especially the analog ones.
Heard just a bit of the music while commuting back home last night. So near yet so far.   BTW I went to AltConf just one day.  It was across the street from Moscone West, so I saw plenty of WWDC attendees.  Saw a few '11' jackets, a few '12' jackets, quite a few '14' jackets.  But no '13' jackets.  Superstition maybe?
New Posts  All Forums: