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"This is the Post-PC world." I know a guy who went to CES. He calls all those cheap connected watches and other gadgets "disposable electronics." Perfect description.
 I think the real issue is that Phil Schiller said that the Mac Pro would ship in 2013 when he introduced it during the WWDC keynote.   Then at the "iPad Air event" in October, he promised that it would be available for purchase by the end of December.  So Apple was forced to build just a few pre-production models for sale to customers (in addition to media review units) long before production is ramped up enough for volume sales. It's just tough timing.  If the new Mac...
 Boom.  NFC is officially dead.
 About a week ago. It was easier to use a Carbon Copy Cloner backup drive to move data from a friend's (extremely old "sunflower") iMac to new iMac than to use the archaic "FireWire Target Disk Mode" or Ethernet cable.  Especially since the new iMac has no FireWire ports.  And because I didn't feel like buying the $29 FireWire -> Thunderbolt adapter from Apple. But yeah, it's good practice to go through at least one "dress rehearsal" restore-from-backup.  And you should...
Wow.  And I thought a head crash was the worst thing that a disk drive could do to its data.   My personal backup system: - Time Capsule for hourly incremental backups via Time Machine (multiple Macs) - External drive for bootable backups of the entire iMac disk (using Carbon Copy Cloner) - USB 2.0 "thumb drive" for backing up specific folders as needed (e.g. current Xcode project) - Github for backing up Xcode projects offsite - iCloud backups of iPhone / iPad,...
 Really?  Then let's do a little reading between the lines, shall we?  
 "To be fair..."?  Oh please.Do you think stealing software and media is fair, in any way, to the developers and artists who create it? Because that's what piracy is.  It's stealing.  It's not "fair."Sorry.  Your argument is pure sophistry.  There is no way to defend piracy / stealing.
 Are you a fan of piracy? Let's hear you defend piracy.  Go ahead.  We'll all wait.
Just a matter of time before Apple kills of jailbreaking once and for all. Looking forward to it.
"Yay! My Lucky Bag contains 30 Thunderbolt cables!"
New Posts  All Forums: