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 I have seen AT&T "No Service" roughly 20% of the time at home.  On every smartphone I've ever had, starting with my Treo 180 through my iPhone 6.  I'm just glad I have a 50Mbps Comcast Xfinity internet connection.  Some day I'll be able to use it for Wi-Fi calling, whether or not I'm still on AT&T.
Fascinating seeing the number of newbies attempting to stir the pot. Just doing a quick scan, I'd say the newbie haters outnumber the newbie "real posters" by about 5-to-1.   But hey, web traffic is web traffic.  The more posts, the better for Apple Insider. Keep it up!
 I routinely see AT&T's "No Service" indicator both at work and at home.Don't need the 8.0.1 update for that.
 Show of hands.Who here still thinks Apple needs to sell a "cheap iPhone" for the China market? Yeah.  Didn't think so.
So. Who said "Apple needs a cheap iPhone for China"? Show of hands...
Good problem to have. (What SpamSandwich said.)
Oh well, Samsung. You still have the toaster-fridge business to fall back on.
Oh. Yay.
 Hey Ralph: I have a burning desire for Wi-Fi calling.Maybe that will compensate for AT&T's sh*tty coverage.
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