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Maybe Detroit can be re-purposed by 2020. Maybe not.
 Google: "Dang.  Can we buy Superfish?  We need to inject ads wherever we can."
 Doesn't need to.  Let ArsTechnica sweat the details.
Akerson: We take steel, raw steel, and turn it into car.   Apple: We take ideas, raw ideas, and turn them into money.
 “We’re not in the business of collecting your data.”- Eddie Cue, 9/9/2014 (iPhone 6 / Watch /  Pay event) [Nervous fidgeting, crickets chirping]- Google, Facebook, Yahoo (who were all no-shows at the cybersecurity summit)
  In the short term, I think WatchKit is another way for Apple to add value to iPhone.  The number crunching and internet connectivity are handled by the iPhone.  The Watch acts as a remote display, remote controller, and perhaps most importantly a remote Siri mic.  It's a natural fit, and it makes using your iPhone even easier.  No need to drag it out of your pocket for many simple tasks, phone calls, etc. In the longer term, I think Apple is probably going to use the...
 Hey Gene, keep making random guesses and eventually you'll get one right.Maybe.
10% + 4.9% = 14.9% if Apple bought Intel's shares. Would 14.9% make Apple the largest shareholder?
 Great!  Now Apple can run a solar powered electric Grand Prix at Laguna Seca.I can't wait!
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