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 Yup.  And if iTunes Extras were HD I would have completely stopped buying DVD and Blu-Ray.  What I've done is buy discs when I wanted to see featurettes, hear director commentary, and get all the typical extra features.   And I'd buy on iTunes when I didn't care about all that, or if the director doesn't do commentaries, or if the movie is old enough that the extras are just interviews and newsreel footage (e.g. 'Vertigo.')  I think I have only about a dozen Blu-Ray...
 LOL.  I seem to recall that the predecessor to Windows 7 was called "Windows Vista."  Not Windows 6.So that even / odd theory is too new for any "IT department, advisor, consultant, or in-house semi-geek" to trust yet. Oh, sure, the internal designation for Windows Vista was Windows 6.0.  Yeah, knew that.  Even number.But the internal designation for Windows 7 was "Windows 6.1."  Kinda like a bug-fix release would be designated.Here it is from the horse's...
 Still, Apple makes 35% to 45% of all profits in the PC industry, depending on who you read.Not bad for a single company with only 5 PC lines.(Mac mini, iMac, Mac Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, in case anyone needed a refresher.) Sources:http://www.pcworld.com/article/192273/article.htmlhttp://fortune.com/2013/04/16/pie-chart-of-the-day-apples-oversize-share-of-pc-profits/http://www.infoworld.com/t/macbooks/pcs-decline-its-apple-thats-making-real-money-pcs-216573
"...a sizable number of PCs are still running Windows XP and the impetus to upgrade them continued to boost shipments..." And Windows 8 will be "good enough" for businesses for then next 14 or 15 years. Despite Microsoft releasing Windows 9, Windows 10, ad nauseam.
 Actually it's called "ClickToFlash".  But yeah, it's an absolutely essential plug-in for Safari.
 Yup.  To me, the S5 felt like a cheap way to freshen up the Galaxy S line.  And apparently consumers felt that way too. But Samsung may still eventually switch to Tizen.  Yes, it's absolutely terrible.  I've played with one or two Tizen test devices,and they were godawful.  But Tizen runs Android apps, and Samsung has their own bizarre UI layer that covers up bare Android.End users might never know the difference, except that their purchases happen on Samsung Hub instead...
 And in other South Korean news: "Gangnam Style," the worldwide viral super-hit by K-Pop star PSY has drastically declined in popularity year-over-year since its peak in 2012. But really, Samsung's smartphone sales decline and "Gangnam Style"'s decline were both inevitable.Weren't they.
 And after that, Apple might be able to bring manufacturing back to the US.Then take that off the grid too.(But sorry, no new jobs.  All robots from now on.)
It would be extreme torture to wear shoes that ugly.
Hmmm. At first, I though "This is how the cell carriers will degenerate into dumb pipes. They'll be little more than glorified ISPs. They'll have no value-add." On second thought, wi-fi calling will give them an excuse to drag their feet building out their LTE and next-gen "real 4G" networks*. And they'll be using ISP bandwidth to generate all that subscription revenue. Without giving ISPs a cut. Pretty sleazy. Of course, the consumer benefits, right? * LTE is not...
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