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 I chose DuckDuckGo.  Years ago.  Supposedly they don't track you, and there are far fewer pay-to-spam search results than Google.  
 Good.Because decent hardware > obscene market budget.
 I'm sure Samsung could make OK money in mobile if they stay #2 in the high end of the market.But being the second-cheapest at the low end is certain doom.Xiaomi is already waiting at the bottom of the race-to-the-bottom cliff.
Not too much 4K content yet. No hurry to push out a 4K-capable Apple TV. On the other hand, the top of the line GoPro captures 4K video right now. So 4K does exist. And I think the cable / satellite companies might become bandwidth-constrained as they try to roll out 4K content. The time is (almost) right to disrupt them.
 I should have defined "non-skippable."  You'd always see the iAd, your content would stop, and that guarantees 100% "ad impressions."  But you could just click to cancel it and continue watching your show.  Or you could drill down into it and get lost in the wonder of whatever the product is.   (And maybe you could instantly buy it with Apple Pay.) But yeah, it would be nice to see cool ads as opposed crappy ads.  Maybe we could rate them + or -, and only the most popular...
 Maybe not until Apple rolls out their "real" TV solution.When I saw that first Nissan Leaf iAd, I instantly thought "Wow.  That would be perfect for TV."And I still think iAd was designed for TV from day 1. I'm pretty sure that video-based iAds can be configured to be non-skippable, and if it isn't already non-skippable it should be just a SMOP (small matter of programming).  This guarantees that 100% of, say, Apple TV viewers watching "free TV" content will receive an ad...
 Amateurs. The world is full of amateurs. [Update: Well, OK, to be fair, from the outside it looks like GT Advanced acted like a startup that tried to scale up to a full-blown multi-billion dollar company without progressing through the normal growing-up phases.  Sometimes the brilliant founder is the totally wrong person to run a big company with day-to-day logistics and production issues.]
Where "oppressive and burdensome" demands means "high quality sapphire and lots of it." Oh, and also "on time."
 The preliminary WatchKit documentation indicates that more features will be available "later next year."So maybe iOS 9 will have deeper Apple Watch -> iPhone integration.Or maybe Apple Watch will be able to do more without iPhone.  We'll see.
Boom. Downloading now.
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