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Sleep? Reading all these rumors about an "iWatch" is more sleep-inducing that counting sheep. I'll pay attention after Apple issues invitations to an "iWatch event."
 Wow.  Just listen to this guy.
Hey Adobe.  Your last-century antique software sucks.
Steve (Ballmer) would never have approved of this if he were still alive!
This week: "Apple sued by University of Wisconsin over A7 chip at heart of iPhone, iPad..."   Next week: "Apple purchases University of Wisconsin, returns land to the cows..."
Google wants to spy on you in your own home. "Google Learning ThermoGlass." With always-on video cameras. Coming soon.
 Fine.  But what Microsoft really needs is a CEO that "learns more and more over time about people and the world."
"This is the Post-PC world." I know a guy who went to CES. He calls all those cheap connected watches and other gadgets "disposable electronics." Perfect description.
 I think the real issue is that Phil Schiller said that the Mac Pro would ship in 2013 when he introduced it during the WWDC keynote.   Then at the "iPad Air event" in October, he promised that it would be available for purchase by the end of December.  So Apple was forced to build just a few pre-production models for sale to customers (in addition to media review units) long before production is ramped up enough for volume sales. It's just tough timing.  If the new Mac...
 Boom.  NFC is officially dead.
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