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 And how many of the Golden Ear audiophiles of the world are listening to their reference recordings on iPhones?Or any other highly miniaturized electronics, for that matter?
 Always wondered how Apple could "shrink" the audio jack.  Best way is to remove it entirely. Second biggest things on the edge are the volume buttons.  Easy fix: make the volume buttons narrow "lozenges" like on the iPads.
iPod "pendant" next year?
 Or eBay.
 Me good.  You good to?
Now that Apple and Google are frenemy-ish again, it's time to drop the hammer on Samsung. How do you say "smackdown" in Korean?
By 2016? Funny.  I'm already over it.
Wow. Cool.
 I'm perfectly OK with that.
 Apple's iTunes + App Store + iCloud revenue was $23.5 billion last year, with 34% y/y growth.If that were an independent company, it would be # 130 in the Fortune 500 ranking.All content and services revenue.  No hardware revenue.Just FYI. http://www.asymco.com/2014/02/10/fortune-130/
New Posts  All Forums: