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I'm going with "iPhone Math" myself. The name has a certain cool discipline to it. /s
 You couldn't pay me ...
 Forgot to say: Verizon's phone number data lock-in was long, long before iPhone was released.   But no, you're not forced to use Apple anything.  Are you.
 Agree.  Few if any have ever had to deal with Google Wallet transactions.Except the Walgreen's in Mountain View.  Lots of Google weenies around the HQ campus.
 I'd be amazed if I ever saw anyone even using Google Wallet at all.Have seen the terminals at Starbucks, Peet's, and other stores.Never seen a single person use any of them.
 Caption 1: Oy!  Stow.  The bloody.  Camera.  Don't make me come over there! Caption 2: Marc, this clothing design thing has got me knackered.  I mean, look at me! Caption 3: Sorry, mate.  No corner office.  The building is round.
Agree.  And always cover up your fingers when you tap out your PIN.It's always possible that someone has set up a camera to view your PIN keystrokes and a skimmer to read your card number.Sure, I know it's paranoid, but if you search for "ATM skimming" you'll get a lot of hits.  The FBI site is a good one.(And I've played enough poker that I know to cover my cards when I squeeze them, so it's fairly natural.) Just wait for the "Thank you" banner to appear on the ATM's...
 There's no lock-in.  Verizon locked users in by storing their contacts on their server instead of on their handsets.  That's lock-in because if you want to switch to AT&T and you have hundreds of contacts, you either lose them or you need to figure out some arcane way of extracting them from the server and getting them onto your AT&T handset. Apple pulls users in with quality and value.  That's Apple's business strategy 101.They can't force anybody to do anything.You buy...
 Lock in?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  One person's "lock in" is another person's godsend.Either way, there will be huge benefits for iPhone ecosystem users: convenience and security.Sign me up. Oh, and in case anybody has forgotten, Apple has worked long and hard on adding value to their hardware.iTunes, iWork, iCloud, and umpteen other ecosystem features all add enormous value.An "iWallet" strategy would add significant value to that already massive ecosystem.
 I think the trend is toward ever-larger and more blingy watches.  Or maybe that was back in 2011.I'm not enough of a fashion victim to know that.
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