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Limited edition Pebbles? I'd say all Pebble smart watches are "limited edition" models at this point.
So is this the drone that Al-Qaeda prefers? Because it's important to know things like that. /s
 Nope.  "HP smart phone" didn't ring a bell at all.Oh.  You mean the Compaq phones running WinCE?I remember reading about those.  Or something.
Remember the HP iPod? Yeah. Didn't think so.
 There's no proof that there are no secret government black helicopters either.Maybe they got him.Finally.
Somebody call BlackBerry legal. Maybe they can get in on the Samsung legal-smackdown action.
 I'd say that the TV industry is 99.95% back-end work.  As in negotiating contracts like Apple's multi-terabit Comcast content delivery agreement, streamlining the purchasing and renting experience, building out iCloud data centers in North Carolina and Nevada and Oregon, and all that crucial behind-the scenes heavy lifting.  You know, the kind of stuff Eddy gets done. The Apple TV hardware is comparatively trivial.   Not even the tip of the iceberg.  It's just a few...
"Rogers made his bones in the music industry as a website developer for the Beastie Boys, eventually being hired by Yahoo to lead the portal's music division." See? Web development isn't necessarily a dead-end job after all!
 A rising tide lifts all boats.Except the Google Barge.
Funny. I thought the barges were going to be Google Casinos. Offshore so they wouldn't have to obey local gambling regulations or whatever. Would have been far more interesting for customers and more profitable for Google.
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