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 Forgot to say: the dwindling (but still profitable) "Pro" market could in theory keep running their legacy Intel apps on "Pro" Macs running OS X.  (Until, as you say, Apple decides to replace Intel's crusty old x86 with something better.  Whether or not it's ARM-based.)
 Time to cancel my PayPal accounts.  Not that I have anything in them anyway.I'll close them because, you know, security.
 Hey PayPal.  Got mobile device presence?No? Oh well, nice knowing you.  Good luck surviving through 2016.
 The A7 cost Apple $17 back in 2013 when the iPhone 5S was released.  Must be even cheaper now.http://www.informationweek.com/mobile/mobile-devices/$649-iphone-5s-costs-apple-$199/d/d-id/1111661 Presumably a MacBook Air-class AX chip would cost more.  (Or maybe Apple could just use two A7s: $34.)Let me know when Intel can match that price.  I'll wait, er, no.  I won't wait.
 Oops.  I forgot to mention: ARM-based AX processors don't force Apple to pay The Intel Tax (tm).Imagine if Apple didn't need to pay $50 or $100 more for boutique-quantity x86 chip purchases.(Last I heard, the AX chips cost Apple barely more than $15 each.)Lower MacBook Air prices, or higher margins, or both.  It would put even more hurt on the "Ultrabook" crowd.And your average consumer doesn't give a crap about legacy Intel chips anyway. 
 Actually, it's a rehash of the Dell Streak 5.Samsung (and others) copied the Dell Streak's 5's 5-inch screen.It took Apple to actually get it right. Speaking of Dell, maybe it's time for a "Where Are They Now?" about them.And next quarter, looks like there could be a "Where Are They Now?" about Samsung.Lulzies.
 Apple: "We are not in the business of collecting your data." (Eddie Cue, 9/9/2014) Google: [awkward fidgeting, crickets ...]
 I used to think that an ARM-based MB Air running OS X was inevitable.  But now I'm thinking that Apple could release an MB Air-like device running iOS instead of OS X.  And that the division between consumer and Pro Macs might eventually be iOS / AX vs. OS X / Intel.  Now that the iPhone 6 is on the horizon, Apple's auto-scaling of iOS apps could easily be applied to a laptop form-factor screen. With either OS, an ARM-based AX SoC MB Air would have a far less-expensive...
 Colors schmolors.The real question is "Will it run OS X or iOS?"Now *that's* an interesting question. OS X -> Intel inside, with its heat generation, power consumption, cooling fans, and big battery requirement.iOS -> A8 or maybe quad-core A9 inside, with lower power usage, smaller battery, and 1+ million apps. I've heard people argue against ARM-based MacBook Airs etc. with the same old tired logic: "Won't run Windows."  But guess what.  Windows RT runs on ARM-based SoCs...
Just FYI: Apple Care purchase price remains the same $99, but replacements due to "incidents of accidental damage coverage" now cost $79 each time (max two times). Not sure if this is the same as last year, but it was only $49 per replacement when I got my iPhone 5 in 2012.
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