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 That means that Tom Dickson* is more reliable than Sonny Dickson.Because iPhones always blend.http://www.willitblend.com *He is the founder of Blendtec, makers of enormously powerful blenders (1560 to 2400 watts.) P.S.  One kilowatt is equivalent to 1.34 horsepower.  Do the math.
But will it blend? (Hint: it always blends.) http://willitblend.com/videos/iphone-5s
Wow. That's exciting! /s
Apple is soooooo doooooomed! Oh. Wait. /s
 This all reminds me of Fritz Lang's landmark film "Metropolis" (1927).Oh, and yes, there's a female "fox" bot in the movie.  Here she is: 
Of course, we're not seeing the "real" campus.  3 miles northeast and 1 mile underground, with a high-speed elevator / rail system between that and the decoy "spaceship" campus in Cupertino.  You heard it here first.   /s
 Obviously "lost market share in mobile" means "market share lost by not selling Office for iPad."Corporate IT didn't jump through the buy-Surface-to-get-mobile-Office hoop.Now Office for iPad is a smash hit.  And I think it would have been a smash hit years ago as well. But "reinvigorate sales growth in PCs"?  Good luck with that.The PC market is mostly commoditized.  Generic.  And it's hard to get the market excited about generic products.PC sales will rise and fall with...
Multiple suppliers are always better than a single (point of failure) supplier.  This is yet another benefit of using an ARM architecture as the basis for the AX chip line.  A benefit that Apple doesn't enjoy in the Mac line.  Not yet anyway.
Can't wait. I'm hoping it will fix up some iCloud document sync issues. (And no, I'm not running iOS 8 beta on my personal iPhone. Bad idea.)
Kinda lost interest when I read "A $199.99 subscription will grant access via Sunday Ticket ..."
New Posts  All Forums: