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And also: 6. Surface.  Because Office!!!
Maybe J.J. can reboot Lost In Space again. That '98 attempt was pretty awful.   Oh, and also Thunderbirds.
 I'm...  Your .... Father !  !  !(Read the same way Shatner said "I'm Captain Kirk ! ! !" )
Bring back Shatner!
 Yay open! Oh.  Wait.
 Whoa buddy.  Maybe it's time to switch to decaf. If you recall, Google's motto is "Don't be evil."And no, you don't need to kill puppies to be evil. In fact, there appears to be a fairly lively debate on what "evil" is: "The philosophical question of whether morality is absolute, relative, or illusory leads to questions about the nature of evil, with views falling into one of four opposed camps: moral absolutism, amoralism, moral relativism, and moral universalism." Make...
 97% of Google's revenue comes from ads.Therefore their advertisers are their customers, not you.Therefore they seek the highest possible ad revenue.Therefore they target their ads are precisely as possible.Therefore they require as much personal data on you as they can scrounge.Therefore they track you and spy on you as hard as they think they can get away with. Oh, and Google also dumps free software onto the market, which undercuts other smaller more vulnerable software...
 I chose DuckDuckGo.  Years ago.  Supposedly they don't track you, and there are far fewer pay-to-spam search results than Google.  
 Good.Because decent hardware > obscene market budget.
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