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 Samsung's reaction:   < ... -= crickets =- ... >
 Two possible solutions: 1. GoPro could add a video-out port to a future model that the Vision quad-copter could use. 2. GoPro could buy DJI.
 Surprise!  (Not.)
 Tizen is the best way for Samsung to take control of their own destiny.  Short-term and long-term.Relying heavily on Google is a sucker move.
 I have noted that free shipping remains unchanged "even as fuel and transportation costs have increased."  Oddly enough, I just started an Amazon Prime trial membership about a week ago.  I'll let it lapse after the trial period is over though.  I just don't order enough stuff to make $99/year worth it.  (And I'm never in that much of a hurry to get things anyway.  I can wait a week for whatever Blu-Ray discs I want.)
 LOL.  Just watched my DVD of "The Bounty" last night.  Topless Tahitian women plus Liam Neeson but no warehouse.
 I guess so.  Will try that.  Would be easier to delete from the Wishlist itself, but that would require adding a button or something.Or click-holding with the remote.  But then the semantics of click-holding would be different: "remove permanently" vs. "not show."It all adds up to more clutter and confusion. Will be interesting to see if Apple can simplify the Apple TV UI even more.  (Hint to Apple UI designers: Siri.)
 Great.  Now how do I remove movies from my Wishlist after I've bought them?Anybody?
 1. Won't be snappy on Android until there is 64-bit hardware and software.  Could take years. 2. Most users wouldn't be able to upgrade to the latest version anyway.  Obsolete hardware and/or carrier blockage.
 The snappiest.Ever.
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