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 How about delivering me a Chipotle burrito.  Right to my hand, in 15 minutes.And I'd pay for it with my Watch.
Too many pencils maybe?
 Yup.  Therefore I'll be getting the 42mm Space Gray model with black Sport Band instead of the 42mm Space Black stainless steel model with matching Space Gray Link Band.
 Microsoft's problem: no taste.Google's problem: they don't take anything seriously.  Except ads.
 That's nothing.  Wait until 2020 when Apple releases a self-driving all-electric car.It'll threaten everything from new- and used-car salesmen to meter maids to all of Detroit.Not to mention old-school car manufacturers around the world.
 "Suddenly, new online companies launched to serve that growing segment of the population who no longer want to possess a car." Thanks for the link to the "sharing economy" story.  Fascinating and yes, inevitable.We're right on the verge of a massive sea-change in many industries.Looking forward to it all.
 Yeah, it might take decades to move past the current car-ownership model.  But think of it this way: nearly everything about owning and operating a car is a pain: buying, storing, maintaining, insuring, parking, registering, getting a drivers' license, worrying about your teenage kids, paying speeding tickets, avoiding enraged / inattentive / distracted drivers on the road, etc.  And pretty much everything about public transportation is a pain: driving or walking to the...
 Pre-release misdirection is important, yes.  But the real misdirection causes the would-be competition to make huge strategic mistakes after an Apple device is announced.  Not with "iPod," because the name is too generic.  And not so much with "iPad" either. But the name "iPhone," all by itself, likely caused incumbent and future competitors all manner of damage.  Because the name implies that it's a phone with extra features like internet connectivity.  So the knee-jerk...
 I had a brief panic attack when I saw the name "Multipla" in that sentence.To my great relief, the old one is far more attractive (less hideous) than the new one.  50s-60s Fiat Multipla 600:    '98-'03 new-generation Fiat Multipla:   '04-'10 new-generation Fiat Multipla (Second series):  Yes, the new version won Top Gear's "Car of the Year" award in 1999.And yes, it was displayed in New York's Museum of Modern Art in 1999.But no, it didn't sell well outside Italy....
New Posts  All Forums: