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 Or how about "Pirates of Silicon Valley 2.0"?
 Ah yes.  I remember "sass."  She was popular was about 1 or 2 generations before "snark."She was more creative and had an IQ about 30 points higher than "snark."
 And the Start Button.  "Finally."
 Probably cheaper than building another temporary popup demo space near Flint Center.Then again, I hear that renting in SF is pretty expensive these days.
Or something like "That's odd.  I thought Oldsmobile went out of business already."
 That makes two of us.
Good advice.Never give Google your cell number.
 But I think it's still possible for Apple to release an iPod touch that could do wi-fi calls.It would fit the rumors: 4-inch "iPhone", iOS 9 wi-fi calling feature, release schedule different from iPhone / iPad.Sure, iOS 8 has a wi-fi calling feature, but it isn't enabled for all carriers.  Yet.And it would be trivial to add a speaker/earpiece to an iPod touch.  Or throw in earbuds with a mic. So does an iPod touch that can make wi-fi phone calls actually make any business...
 Oh.  Really?   "Prototype iPhone was left at bar by Apple software engineer"http://appleinsider.com/articles/10/04/19/prototype_iphone_was_left_at_bar_by_apple_software_engineer "Apple engineer frantically searched for lost prototype iPhone"http://appleinsider.com/articles/10/04/21/apple_engineer_frantically_searched_for_lost_prototype_iphone "Steve Jobs talks lost prototype iPhone, Adobe Flash at All Things...
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