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Have one on order. Won't ship until the very end of November IIRC. (I wonder if it will charge an iPhone "6" fully...)
 Get used to it.  Apple is pretty good at bollocking "the industry."
 Or the backside inlays could be textured / colored glass.  As is the Magic Trackpad and as are all MacBook Pro trackpads.  I don't care either way.  No, the lens ring isn't pretty.  But no, it just isn't that important.And anybody who makes a big deal out of it just might be trolling.  Just maybe.
"The Biggest Little Data Center In The World." (tm)
 Oh well.  Something to look forward to in next year's iPhone 6S maybe.
 But what does "the source" say about a circular Mac mini with solid sapphire enclosure?It would add stratospheric cachet to the currently glamour-challenged Mac mini.And it would reflect the brand new Apple headquarters building's avant-garde circular style.You heard it here first./s (???)
 Agree almost completely.  Just a minor comment about this sentence: "Too much money has been contractually tied down between the content providers and the pay TV carriers for Apple or anybody else to just swoop in and redistribute a full slate of programming for free or for a low cost." I'd be happy to pay a little more (but too much more) than I'm currently paying f-ing DirecTV if I could have a vastly better front-end to all of that content.  It's torture typing...
 Instead of banging their heads against the wall-of-Television-as-we-know-it, Apple is gradually building a better wall.  More and more icons appear in the Apple TV home screen, each one representing a brick moving from the old-TV wall to the Apple TV wall.
 Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.- Napoleon Bonaparte I imagine that Apple has absolutely no problem with Samsung's horrendously bad annual Note announcement schedule.  It's like scheduling the first episode of a new TV show season to start about 10 minutes before the Superbowl.
 Awesome rumor.Hey, let's get dimsum for lunch.  Anybody?
New Posts  All Forums: