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 Oh, but this isn't about me, is it? Apple can and will gradually shut Google out of the iOS advertising space.Ad blocking extensions on Mobile Safari in iOS 9 are just the start.Google can kiss 75% of their mobile device ad revenue goodbye when Apple shuts the door. And no, Tim Cook isn't being a hypocrite.  He's just exposing Google / Facebook / Yahoo.They're advertising companies.  They'll pry into every aspect of your life to make more money.It's not the ads that worry...
Good for LG.  Now, when will iPhone and iPad get OLED screens? Could help with better battery life and/or thinness + lightness.
 ... users will completely miss out on iOS 9's cursor-control keyboard gestures.I've tried the cursor-control keyboard gestures on an iPad and they're exactly what I wanted.No more "magnifying glass," precise control, no finger blocking the text field. Come to think of it, maybe the new MacBook's ultra-low keycaps are paving the way for cursor-control keyboard gestures on physical keyboards on all Macs.  We'll see.  Eventually.
 I think the real benefit won't be seen until Apple rolls out their "real" television solution.  With multiple apps for streaming different channels, or whatever they are planning for the future of the TV industry.  Especially the picture-in-picture mode.
LOL.  True that. Google needs iOS more than they need Android.
 Who cares? The real question is: how much of your personal data is Google forking over to third parties?And how is Google data-mining your every move, 24/7?And how much money are they getting when they sell that data to advertisers? Who knows?  The one thing we all know is that 97% of Google's revenue comes from advertising.
 Just FYI that's "size classes."Now the whole concept of size classes makes a whole lot more sense.Didn't seem all that useful to me with autolayout already in place.But split-screen and picture-in-picture really need it.
 Makes me think of "I'm not a doctor, but I play one on TV" in commercials.I guess nobody does that any more.
 BASIC has a "Let" statement IIRC.
 Especially the Apple content streaming business.But why would a Sony exec pre-announce Apple Music?  Well let's look at it this way: What does Sony gain by pre-announcing Apple Music?  - A half-day of Apple rumor site publicity.  And a bit of industry insider cred. What does sony lose by pre-announcing Apple Music?  - Nothing.  Apple won't retaliate by giving their iPhone camera business to another supplier. So there's a tiny net-postive for Sony.  Good luck in the 21st...
New Posts  All Forums: