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 Well somebody had to cancel it.  If Google hadn't demanded it, ASUS's management would have demanded it.But only after months of poor sales and dozens of tepid reviews and all that wasted carbon footprint.
 Good points.  There must be a Numbers spreadsheet on a MacBook somewhere in Cupertino that shows the value, to advertisers, of the "free with iAds and analytics" vs. the "pay to eliminate iAds" customers.  Maybe Apple will send some "pay to eliminate iAds" customer demographics to the advertisers in addition to the cash.   But no, you should never underestimate the value of analytics (time spent looking at each iAd, how far the user drills down in the content, what type...
 Samsung paid you 10 cents to post that?Longtime troll / spammer hunter here, but Samsung should get their 10 cents back.
 I'd be extremely surprised if Apple ever fully opens up the Siri API to all developers.  And even if that does happen, I'm sure Apple will cherry-pick the best few apps and direct Siri requests to just those anointed apps.  Because end users won't distinguish between iOS and its apps in a full Siri interface.  They'll just see it as "how my iPhone works."  And Apple does need to carefully control that user experience. Think "Her."  There is no distinction between the OS...
 Because the ingot "growing" process naturally creates a cylindrical silicon crystal.It's kind of like dipping candles.  The cylindrical crystal is then sliced into wafers which are then polished.Here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silicon_wafer
 Maybe they are, but they're just not issuing press releases. Or maybe Musk wants to eventually add Google's self-driving technology to Tesla cars, and Google is using that to keep Tesla away from CarPlay. Or maybe the Musk-Apple meeting was about battery technology and possible investments in the Gigafactory and/or eventual joint battery production deals in the future.  Supposedly the Gigafactory will require $4 - 5 billion, $2 billion of which will come from outside...
 You new to the forum spamming business?Because you sure did the newbie thing there. Oh, never mind.  I see you have 3 posts.  All spam?
 Yes it is.  Imagine fully-interactive TV iAds that a user can explore with no time constraint, that contain discoverable content, and that return those all-important customer-engagement analytics to Apple and to the advertiser.  I'd expect Apple to show "compelling" iAds like that to ad executives and ask them "Name one other company, in the entire world, who can do that for you.  We'll wait." The downside, for us end-user TV viewers, is that iAds won't be skippable....
 It's a crisp, easily-undersood colloquialism.What's silly about that?
 And when you get into "mainstream consumer electronics" you're up against Best Buy and Target and Wal-Mart. Oh, and there are 6 Radio Shacks within 5 miles of my house.  2 are directly across the street from each other.The first thing I saw when I went in to get batteries was a Porsche 918 radio controlled car for $34.95.It looked like an AT&T store but with more toys and tiny little Bluetooth speakers.I used to get 47K Ohm resistors there when I was a kid.
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