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Exactly.  Why would Apple tell 5,000 WWDC attendees that only 30 or 40 of them will be able to use a new technology?Better to notify the select few privately, get them to sign an extra-special NDA, and not let anyone else know.Something like the way Apple has been working with HBO, Netflix, and others on the existing TV. But, if and when there is a public announcement, it could go something like this: "... and we will be working with a few select partners on SiriKit apps...
 Probably.  But remember: this is the "Hey Siri" event.  The tag line on the invitation reads "Hey Siri, give us a hint." So maybe, just maybe, there's a chance that Apple may announce some kind of Siri API for developers.  Just the few top-tier developers who Apple allows to publish apps on the TV App Store.  I seriously doubt that any and all random developers will be allowed to publish TV apps.  Just the premium content providers and game developers.  I doubt people...
Apple is so doomed.   Oh.  Wait.   No, somebody else is doomed.  Not Apple. Never mind. /s
 Or how about "Pirates of Silicon Valley 2.0"?
 Ah yes.  I remember "sass."  She was popular was about 1 or 2 generations before "snark."She was more creative and had an IQ about 30 points higher than "snark."
 And the Start Button.  "Finally."
 Probably cheaper than building another temporary popup demo space near Flint Center.Then again, I hear that renting in SF is pretty expensive these days.
Or something like "That's odd.  I thought Oldsmobile went out of business already."
 That makes two of us.
Good advice.Never give Google your cell number.
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