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 Makes it easier to track down prototypes left in bars.
 Prostitution?  I want my iPhones to all be free.  I know they won't be free.At least they will be hitting me with fewer ads.
 It's in there somewhere.You just have to search really, really hard.
 I think it's a *result* of the American way.  Competition leads to differentiation leads to incompatibility and boom: the result is an oligopoly of cell carriers with competing and incompatible cell network technologies.   And the reason why there is spotty coverage in some suburban areas is because of NIMBY.  Nobody wants a cell tower in their backyard.  There is a group of paranoids near where I live who are dead-set against AT&T installing another cell tower in my...
 Today: "Wi-Fi Assist."Future: "Cellular Network Assist." I'd gladly pay Apple a (small) monthly premium for an auto-network-switching feature.Where I live, AT&T data connectivity is notoriously weak.  Verizon seems fine.If only my 2016 iPhone 7 could switch to whichever network has the best voice / data wherever I am...
My points exactly.
 Oh. Yeah.  Should have said "market share is meaningless unless you profit from it."M'kay?
 And anyway, market share is meaningless.Profitability is the most important metric.
 I'd say that it's more of a cross between "utter wasteland" and "dumpster fire."
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