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 Because the ingot "growing" process naturally creates a cylindrical silicon crystal.It's kind of like dipping candles.  The cylindrical crystal is then sliced into wafers which are then polished.Here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silicon_wafer
 Maybe they are, but they're just not issuing press releases. Or maybe Musk wants to eventually add Google's self-driving technology to Tesla cars, and Google is using that to keep Tesla away from CarPlay. Or maybe the Musk-Apple meeting was about battery technology and possible investments in the Gigafactory and/or eventual joint battery production deals in the future.  Supposedly the Gigafactory will require $4 - 5 billion, $2 billion of which will come from outside...
 You new to the forum spamming business?Because you sure did the newbie thing there. Oh, never mind.  I see you have 3 posts.  All spam?
 Yes it is.  Imagine fully-interactive TV iAds that a user can explore with no time constraint, that contain discoverable content, and that return those all-important customer-engagement analytics to Apple and to the advertiser.  I'd expect Apple to show "compelling" iAds like that to ad executives and ask them "Name one other company, in the entire world, who can do that for you.  We'll wait." The downside, for us end-user TV viewers, is that iAds won't be skippable....
 It's a crisp, easily-undersood colloquialism.What's silly about that?
 And when you get into "mainstream consumer electronics" you're up against Best Buy and Target and Wal-Mart. Oh, and there are 6 Radio Shacks within 5 miles of my house.  2 are directly across the street from each other.The first thing I saw when I went in to get batteries was a Porsche 918 radio controlled car for $34.95.It looked like an AT&T store but with more toys and tiny little Bluetooth speakers.I used to get 47K Ohm resistors there when I was a kid.
 Chromecast killer.  Not an Apple TV killer.
 Not really a sports car, but more of a grand touring car.  Actually, the Ferrari FF fits neatly into the shooting brake category, which includes 4-seat 2-door cars with hatchbacks.  Kind of like sporty station wagon coupés.  The name shooting brake comes from the earliest days of motoring, from vehicles designed "to take gentlemen on the hunt with their firearms and dogs" (according to the New York Times in 2006.) A Ferrari FF is featured in the movie "The Counsellor," 2013.
 Haven't seen many changes at all in 7.1 beta 5 (or so a little birdie tells me.)At least not on an iPod touch 5th gen.  Apple must be saving all the new stuff for iOS 8.
Apple kicked our asses in mobile, but dangitall, we'll beat them in wrist-tops!
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