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 Oops.  Too bad.And they were doing so well, too.
This would never have happened if Ballmer were still alive. /s
 Monkey see, monkey do.
 I can see it now.  Analysts will be writing these stories just before the bears who pay for their "analysis" short the stock: "Apple's Profit Trajectory Stalls: Only 14% Remains" "The End of an Era: iPhone Profits Stuck Below 90% of Mobile" "Slim Pickings for Apple's Thin iPhone: Only The Crumbs Are Left" "What's Next, Apple?  iPhone Profit Growth is OVER." "Apple Trailing Badly in Mobile Profit Race-To-The-Bottom Indicators"
 Speaking of time, Apple Pay usage should spike after Apple Watch is released.It will enable Apple Pay with iPhone 5, 5C, and 5S.
 So, Mikey, maybe you should invest in a better car mount.That $500 GoPro turns into a street-hockey puck at the end of the driving clip! I'm leaning toward the basic $130 "Hero" model that does 1080p/30.It doesn't do slow-mo, so I'm also considering the $400 "Hero 4 Silver."But then again, my iPhone 6 does excellent slow-mo.And I just don't need 4K yet.
 As in "We just bought Boston Dynamics.  Get lost, Andy."
 What to do, what to do?  Oh, of course! Two words: "Kindle arson."
 A surprising number of people still ride horses.To these folk a ride means galloping through the countryside - lithium-ion batteries and charging stations have no appeal. Add a proportion of speed freaks who are either bored or reject motorcycle feature overreach and you have quite a significant market.To them a classic leather saddle will not be a leap of faith, it will be coming home.
 And the death spiral continues.How much longer can it possibly last?
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