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Surprise!!!! /s
 Yet Apple did it in English.  Not Finnish./s
How do you say "Don't put all your eggs in one basket" in Finnish?
 Not only that, but IIRC the token is only good for that one transaction.So even if someone were able to intercept all data sent back and forth during the transaction,including the token, none of it would do them any good.
 I speak of anyone who is forced to use Microsoft software, Windows or otherwise.If you use Microsoft software out of your own free will, then you're getting what you deserve. "Windows 7 is like poison to me, seriously... what's so great about Windows, come on, tell me one thing it does better than Mac OS X."- Joshua Topolsky, 2011 "Life is too short to use anything but a Mac."Windows is just not a human environment."- Roger Ebert, 2001
 My point exactly.  You only use Microsoft software because you're forced to.
 Variables like:1. Will we get any more VC capital after Apple Pay has dominated mobile payments?2. Will anybody bother to sign up with us at all with our tiny marketing budget?3. Oh dear god, I hope nobody hacks us.4. How can we create trust with would-be users as a no-name startup with 1 weird trick?
I've always despised Skype. Everything about it is cheesy, from the terrible sound effects to the perfunctory UI "design." But I use it because I have to for work. Come to think of it, that's Microsoft's key to success. You use their products because you're forced to.
Hey Carl. Blow up your pants.
Solid synthetic sapphire? Or would that be too heavy? /s
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