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That would be quite interesting.  But does Apple want to compete against other content providers?It might lead to cancelled streaming contracts if, for example, an Apple show crushes a Disney show. (And yeah, anybody but Eisner.  He hated "Lost" because he couldn't control it or something.)
 “We’re not in the business of collecting your data.”- Eddie Cue, 9/9/2014 (iPhone 6 / Watch /  Pay event) Lookin' at YOU, Google.;-)
 The Apple-is-doomed crowd is running out of spin.Making up supply chain and margin numbers is just about their last resort.
 Interesting.  Apple has already created original content in the form of iTunes Festival.Live event streaming around the world, plus a library of prior iTunes Festival performances. But yeah, it's hard to predict what the next hit will be.  Better to provide the infrastructure.Better to be a Levi Strauss than some unknown miner randomly digging for the mother lode.Many streets in SF are named after businessmen who provided goods and services during the gold rush.Few if any...
 Guy 1: "Spec monkey."Guy 2: "Am not."Guy 1: "Are too."Guy 2: "Am not."Guy 1: smashes beer bottle, assumes Wing Chun stance.Guy 2: smashes beer bottle, assumes Preying Mantis stance.Fight!
 But will it be skeuomorphic?Or just flat?
 Depends on what Apple / HBO / the media / commenters mean by "no" and "porn."
Highly illogical.
Space Gray 42mm Sport with black Sport Band, 4/24-5/8 delivery. Ordered on my iPhone through the App Store app in about 10 seconds with Apple Pay. Favoriting that model a few weeks ago really sped up the order process.
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