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 I used to think that an ARM-based MB Air running OS X was inevitable.  But now I'm thinking that Apple could release an MB Air-like device running iOS instead of OS X.  And that the division between consumer and Pro Macs might eventually be iOS / AX vs. OS X / Intel.  Now that the iPhone 6 is on the horizon, Apple's auto-scaling of iOS apps could easily be applied to a laptop form-factor screen. With either OS, an ARM-based AX SoC MB Air would have a far less-expensive...
 Colors schmolors.The real question is "Will it run OS X or iOS?"Now *that's* an interesting question. OS X -> Intel inside, with its heat generation, power consumption, cooling fans, and big battery requirement.iOS -> A8 or maybe quad-core A9 inside, with lower power usage, smaller battery, and 1+ million apps. I've heard people argue against ARM-based MacBook Airs etc. with the same old tired logic: "Won't run Windows."  But guess what.  Windows RT runs on ARM-based SoCs...
Just FYI: Apple Care purchase price remains the same $99, but replacements due to "incidents of accidental damage coverage" now cost $79 each time (max two times). Not sure if this is the same as last year, but it was only $49 per replacement when I got my iPhone 5 in 2012.
 There are going to be millions of switchers.  They can and will dump their Android handsets if the only reason they got them was for the bigger screens.  And if they're into band-aid-textured faux leather, I'm sure there will be at least one case maker who will ship a band-aid-textured faux leather case for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.  
 Well guess what, Ralph.  I have a burning desire for more god damned signal bars at home, and have for years.Wi-Fi calling will fix that (and make AT&T's cell network redundant at home since I have 50Mb/s Comcast Xfinity internet.) Anybody notice that when you launch "Mark the Spot" to tell AT&T about crappy cell coverage, you suddenly get a few more bars (actually dots now)?  When I have zero dots at home I launch Mark the Spot, and boom: I mysteriously gain 2 dots.
 Oh, sorry.  I meant "name one good innovation."Lulzies.
 Innovations?  Name one.(Oh, and no, a new type of faux leather is not an innovation.)
 "Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it."- Bruce Lee
 Re "expensive": hence my use of the word "recycle" in my first response.  Maybe Apple could offer better incentives to iPhone / iPad etc. owners to bring their old devices back to Apple for recycling.  And I used the term "grind" to lump together CNC machining, polishing, recycling all the shavings and aluminum filings, anodizing, and all those other steps.  The process still requires many more steps (and more time) than Liquidmetal injection-molding.  Apparently. Aha....
 Agree.  If you're leading a race, you only need go as fast as necessary to win.You don't need to go as fast as possible.  Leave that to everyone else trying to catch up. But no, I don't expect Apple to wait 5 or 6 more years to use Liquidmetal.Not if there is time and/or money to be saved by using it in the manufacturing process.Quickly injection-molding Liquidmetal could be much faster than grinding out a solid aluminum billet.And time is money on the assembly...
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