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 Exactly.  And here are some links for further reading: "Samsung at Two-Year Low Lures Templeton Global Funds"http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-09-23/samsung-at-two-year-low-lures-templeton-global-funds.html"... Samsung has lost 16 percent this year amid competition for mobile phone sales from Apple Inc. and cheaper Chinese and Indian producers.""They’ll have to work through a period where they get less profit out of smartphones at some point over the next three to five...
Here's a plot for you:  "Samsung at Two-Year Low Lures Templeton Global Funds" http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-09-23/samsung-at-two-year-low-lures-templeton-global-funds.html So, yeah, the Edge and the Note 4 really didn't help Samsung's stock much.At all.
 But the circuit boards and connectors inside the phone won't necessarily spring back. Oh, and another good thing about plastic is that it burns really nicely.
 Seems way more like a 'Dumbassgate' kerfuffle to me.
Umm, at low prices?You know, race-to-the-bottom-to-try-beating-Xiaomi-for-volume-prices?
 Welcome to the race to the bottom, Samsung.Not the low-end feature-phone race.  The smartphones-crushed-by-iPhone race.You know, the race with Facebook, HTC, LG, Xiaomi, and all those other iPhone cloners.Good.  Luck.  With.  That. It's clear that Samsung's phone / phablet release schedule has forever been disrupted.  They used to release their phones halfway between iPhone releases, so the most recent iPhone release was 6 months in the past and the next iPhone release...
 Wow.  I had no idea microcells cost so much.  I hear that if you complain long and hard enough, they might give you one for free.
 I have seen AT&T "No Service" roughly 20% of the time at home.  On every smartphone I've ever had, starting with my Treo 180 through my iPhone 6.  I'm just glad I have a 50Mbps Comcast Xfinity internet connection.  Some day I'll be able to use it for Wi-Fi calling, whether or not I'm still on AT&T.
Fascinating seeing the number of newbies attempting to stir the pot. Just doing a quick scan, I'd say the newbie haters outnumber the newbie "real posters" by about 5-to-1.   But hey, web traffic is web traffic.  The more posts, the better for Apple Insider. Keep it up!
 I routinely see AT&T's "No Service" indicator both at work and at home.Don't need the 8.0.1 update for that.
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