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 There are three quick and easy steps to the app-ification of everything:1. App-ify music (done, obviously: iTunes / Music / Podcasts apps etc.)2. App-ify the web (done, obviously: CNN / NBCOlympics / IMDb / AppleInsider apps etc.)3. App-ify movies & TV (off to a good start: Netflix, iTunes, etc.)
 OK.  Disney buys Apple?
Apple buys Disney?
 Agree.  Time Capsule and Airport Extreme handle 802.11ac already.  So do all the latest Macs and MacBooks (except the mini).  iPhone / iPad should get 802.11ac next.  And maybe iPod touch and Airport Express as well.
Wow. Many apologies, but that really looks creepy. Reminds me of a scene from "The Thing," 1982.
 And it looks like an entire year (and counting) will pass before Samsung / Google even attempt 64-bit computing.I wonder how Samsung's ad agency will spin that unfortunate little fact.
 Evidently.  It seems like nearly every big-budget Hollywood (and foreign) movie has Apple gear in it.Might be because Apple simply has the best-looking hardware and Os-es.Or it might be because Apple simply out-bids competitors for product placement. (Slightly off-topic: Jimmy Fallon's MacBook Pro has its Apple logo covered up now that he's hosting the Tonight Show.  Interesting.  But you can still see that it's obviously a MacBook Pro.)
"Content is king. Distribution is King Kong." - old Hollywood saying
Samsung failed to reach an agreement with Apple in an attempt to look legit. Apple failed to reach an agreement with Samsung because they don't have to.
 Just be glad if the Windows Tax (tm) is slashed.Is that the one you're interested in?
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