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 I went to the Tesla showroom on Santana Row last Friday.  Zero sales pressure, helpful people.(And no, I'm not in the market for a Tesla anyway.  It was just near the restaurant I went to.) As I said before, Apple spends a lot of time and energy and money and blood and sweat and tears on delivering a good experience to their customers.  Maybe the "average Joe" would appreciate a refuge from the usual, terrible, Best Buy / Wal-Mart experience.  I certainly would.
 I've never noticed any throttling, but I certainly do notice 1-bar 4G data rates.And once in a while I see the dreaded "E".Apparently I live in a Verizon town. Now that iPhones have multi-band cell hardware, wouldn't it be possible for the phone to use the strongest carrier in its current vicinity?  I'd gladly pay Apple 10% more than I'm paying AT&T if my iPhone were able to switch to the strongest carrier wherever I am.  Or even use multiple carriers simultaneously for...
 A big part of Apple's appeal is the "experience."  Apple retail stores don't deliver the same quality experience that Apple products do.  Noisy, crowded, with hard edges, hard floor, and few places to sit.  The kids' area does have those cool spherical Baleri Italia ottomans, but kids apparently pee on them occasionally.  (Search for the techcrunch story on kids peeing on Apple Store seats.) Apple sells tons of gear at their brick-and-mortar stores, but they probably sell...
 AFAICR Browett only had time to cut labor costs (read: "fire people and work the survivors like rented mules.")  He never got around to installing pegboard displays and $3 shovelware bins.
 I can see it now, at WWDC 2016:"Our data-mining algorithms preserve your privacy, unlike those other companies that live or die by ad revenue..."LOL. (???)
  That's what Apple tells advertisers, anyway.  Are you falling for it too?Sounds like it. But here's the definition of data mining from the horse's mouth: "At Google, much of our work on our primary products like search, social, and ads relies on large-scale data mining." Full Google data mining page: http://research.google.com/pubs/DataMining.html Read it and learn.
 Oh, but this isn't about me, is it? Apple can and will gradually shut Google out of the iOS advertising space.Ad blocking extensions on Mobile Safari in iOS 9 are just the start.Google can kiss 75% of their mobile device ad revenue goodbye when Apple shuts the door. And no, Tim Cook isn't being a hypocrite.  He's just exposing Google / Facebook / Yahoo.They're advertising companies.  They'll pry into every aspect of your life to make more money.It's not the ads that worry...
Good for LG.  Now, when will iPhone and iPad get OLED screens? Could help with better battery life and/or thinness + lightness.
 ... users will completely miss out on iOS 9's cursor-control keyboard gestures.I've tried the cursor-control keyboard gestures on an iPad and they're exactly what I wanted.No more "magnifying glass," precise control, no finger blocking the text field. Come to think of it, maybe the new MacBook's ultra-low keycaps are paving the way for cursor-control keyboard gestures on physical keyboards on all Macs.  We'll see.  Eventually.
 I think the real benefit won't be seen until Apple rolls out their "real" television solution.  With multiple apps for streaming different channels, or whatever they are planning for the future of the TV industry.  Especially the picture-in-picture mode.
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