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Oh well, Samsung. You still have the toaster-fridge business to fall back on.
Oh. Yay.
 Hey Ralph: I have a burning desire for Wi-Fi calling.Maybe that will compensate for AT&T's sh*tty coverage.
"Of course, there are thousands of other iPhone 6 case options making their way to market." And we'll be seeing all of them at CES. Half of the floor space at CES is for Apple accessories. Give or take.
I just hope the f_cktards at AT&T get on the VoLTE bandwagon in 2015, as they say. And wi-fi calling would be huge. For me, anyway. Rarely get more than 2 or 3 bars, sometimes "No signal" where I live. (But I have a 50Mbps Comcast Xfininty cable internet pipe and Airport Extreme.)
 "Life is too short to use anything but a Mac; Windows is just not a human environment.” - Roger Ebert
Also, although the data used by apps is backed up, the actual apps themselves aren't backed up. So you'll be downloading each and every app that isn't already included in iOS 8. That's how you can backup your iPhone to a 5GB iCloud account when you have 12GB of apps. Like I do.So don't plan on receiving your pre-ordered iPhone 6 in the morning, quickly moving all your stuff to it, then going to work with your new prize. Unless it's OK to be an hour or two late.
 "Yay!  After 16 days of waiting in this massive line I finally have my iPod nano!"
Ahoy there matey! What's a pirate's favorite letter o' the alphabet? . . . . . . . . . . . Rrrrrrr? . . . . . . . No. . . . . . . . . . . . It's the C!
 But will it blend?http://willitblend.com
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