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"Never leave home without it."
 And I think the "iHome" rollout (if that's what Apple will be showing in the "white cube" at Flint Center) will be yet again a different scenario.  The actual smart home hardware will eventually be a mix of Apple and third-party components all interacting through a common protocol.  The components might be switched outlets and "smart LED bulbs" that aren't all that visually interesting.  And the HomeKit API in iOS 8 could easily be demo-ed on stage anyway. I think the the...
 The leaks come from component suppliers and final assembly factories.So, to avoid leaks before your announcement, you announce before any manufacturing has begun.E.g. iPhone 2G, cylindrical Mac Pro, etc.That way the secret new product is only known to people whose salaries Apple directly controls.
"iWatch"? Meh. "iHome"? WOW.
My official guess: it's a mock-up of a house for a full-scale HomeKit demo. Maybe even with a next-gen Apple TV set-top box as the hub.
It certainly looks like Apple will unveil whatever the White Cube contains on the 9th. Unlike those Google barges.  Whatever they were before they were scrapped. LOL.
Must be the Tesseract (aka Cosmic Cube) containment building. Infinite power forever.
Can't wait to see Samsung try to copy the glass-cube-store concept.
NFC is way over at the "Tired" end of the "Tired / Wired" spectrum. And less-secure implementations can be hacked from a distance. Maybe Apple has somehow linked Touch ID authentication with NFC.
 We'll only know for certain when one of these two things happens: 1. Apple actually announces "iWatch" at some as-yet-unannounced near-future event, or2. Jim Dalrymple says either "Yup." or "Nope." to the "sooner than expected" rumor. Whichever happens first.
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