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 Oh well.  That means iPhone "6" (and iPhone "Air"?) will get more attention before the "iWatch" hogs the spotlight. Oops.  Forgot about the updated iPad Air and iPad mini.  And whatever updates Apple makes to the iPod lineup.Still plenty of announcements to be made this year before "iWatch."
 Will be interesting to see what happens in the next year.  Android phones / tablets might become the "new netbooks."Faddish, but catering to only the low end of the market where there is zero brand loyalty. The rise of the Chinese middle class is increasing the average Chinese citizen's purchasing power.And that Chinese middle class is also extremely status-conscious.They're contributing to the extinction of African elephants.  They just love ivory.And they'd probably...
 Samsung spent billions to kill off all other serious Android competitors. It worked.  They're all gone.  Not even Google's Nexus sells in any quantity.And Amazon's fork of Android serves only one purpose: to ring up sales for Amazon. You could argue that Apple's lawsuit against Samsung didn't just get them $1.05 billion.It also fired a warning shot heard 'round the world by all would-be Android hardware copycats.Apparently Xiaomi is hoping the (corrupt) Chinese government...
BlackBerry, Microsoft (Windows Phone team), Nokia, LG, HTC.Did I leave anybody out of the sad-face-in-mobile party?Pretty sure I did.
 ... while laughing all the way to the bank.  
Exactly.  If Apple does use NFC, it won't be just another garden-variety implementation.  Not secure enough. And yes, if you have the expertise, a day or two of free time, and access to your victim's iPhone 5S, you can build up a 3D model of someone's fingerprint and eventually unlock that 5S.  But it's far easier and faster to point a gun at the victim and say "Unlock your iPhone." ​But, as you say, the real benefit of Touch ID is improving security for the great middle...
 Yes, it's possible that people could use 0000 or other easily-remembered passcodes out of ignorance and/or laziness.But for some reason the iPhone 5S requires you to tap in your passcode on reboots.  Not sure why.You'd think that the hardware could compare your thumbprint hash against that in the Secure Enclave as usual.
 Any touchless payment system could be considered a killer feature if it were only available on iPhone "6" and later.Touch ID was a killer feature for the 5S last year.  Always has been painful tapping in those bizarre passwords I use. And it certainly seems like I need to type them more frequently lately. But Touch ID's real benefit is improved security, even for those who never used a passcode before.Likewise, a touchless mobile payment system in the "6" could be a...
This will be great for shooting surfing videos. And other sports. And not a whole lot more. Because the best cat videos consist of close-ups.
Oops.  Forgot to say "mobile computing" somewhere in there.  (And absolutely, mobile computing will devolve into "disposable electronics".)There will always be a place for big-screen 8K pixel-perfection: the living room.Or maybe by the time 8K TVs become affordable, we'll have room-filling holographic 3D displays.Again, like in the movie "Her."
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