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Doubtful: Apple iCar.   Tim Cook: "Oh, and there's one more thing.  You're sick and tired of being stuck in traffic on your commute.  Am I right here people?  YEAHHH!!  YOU KNOW IT!!!  Well, we at Apple are sick and tired of the whole automotive experience as we currently know it.  The sleazy dealers, the high depreciation, the high cost of maintenance, the depletion and pollution of our natural resources, and the time wasted on the road.  That's time out of your lives...
LOL @ the Moto 270. Not fully 360 degrees.
 Non-removable battery.No memory card slot.Metal enclosure. As Gruber said: "Welcome to 2007." Oh, and yeah, no more waterproofing.
"Welcome to 2007." - John Gruber, daringfireball.net, 3/1/2015
Better a nasty gal than a skanky ho, I always say.
 Maybe they should change their acronym to IDK.  For "I Don't Know."
Steve Ballmer would never have allowed this to happen if he were still alive.
 My point exactly.  Gen 1 Watch case stays the same forever, electronics are upgraded over time for a fee.Apple might release new models alongside the first one over time.  E.g. MacBook Pro, MacBook Air. It could be something like this: upgrade the battery for $99, upgrade battery + electronics for $199 (or more).On the other hand, maybe Apple will require upgrading the electronics along with the battery.No decision for techno-moron end-users to make, and it would keep...
 Rolex hasn't changed the thickness of their Submariner or Oyster Datejust or Day-Date.  Ever.They don't feel the need to compete against, say, Patek Philippe in "thin." So why should Apple make their first Watch series thinner over time?Better to release all-new thin models later in addition to the thick ones.Think Watch Air.
 The thinner the internals, the easier it will be to fit them into an old large Watch case. One word: "spacers."
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