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 Show of hands.Who here still thinks Apple needs to sell a "cheap iPhone" for the China market? Yeah.  Didn't think so.
So. Who said "Apple needs a cheap iPhone for China"? Show of hands...
Good problem to have. (What SpamSandwich said.)
Oh well, Samsung. You still have the toaster-fridge business to fall back on.
Oh. Yay.
 Hey Ralph: I have a burning desire for Wi-Fi calling.Maybe that will compensate for AT&T's sh*tty coverage.
"Of course, there are thousands of other iPhone 6 case options making their way to market." And we'll be seeing all of them at CES. Half of the floor space at CES is for Apple accessories. Give or take.
I just hope the f_cktards at AT&T get on the VoLTE bandwagon in 2015, as they say. And wi-fi calling would be huge. For me, anyway. Rarely get more than 2 or 3 bars, sometimes "No signal" where I live. (But I have a 50Mbps Comcast Xfininty cable internet pipe and Airport Extreme.)
 "Life is too short to use anything but a Mac; Windows is just not a human environment.” - Roger Ebert
New Posts  All Forums: