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 Even smaller odds, I'd guess. About the same as for the Cleveland Browns to win the Super Bowl in July of next year.
Extry Extry!  Read all about it!   Former Wall Street Journal Reporter Sells Out to Cash In!
 Hmmmm.  Cook said $1 billion in revenue.  Not necessarily all from hardware sales.Various blogs have jumped to the conclusion that $1 billion in revenue / $100-per-Apple-TV-unit = 10 million Apple TV units sold.Maybe someone can post a breakdown. And yes, iTunes total revenue is probably well over $1 billion per year.  Apparently Apple doesn't publish exact iTunes numbers.From last quarter's unofficial earnings report: "iTunes/Software/Services ... $4.397 billion ......
 That $1 billion apparently includes iTunes sales and rentals.  And actually that's the best news of all.Revenue from content distribution is the real goal of Apple TV.  Isn't it?And isn't that Apple's long-term television strategy in a nutshell?
Apple is winning.
 Apple's battle to break into and disrupt the television industry is a long-term war of attrition.There are plenty of deeply entrenched old-school players (cable / satellite / over-the-air networks, etc.)Each and every one of whom will fight tooth-and-nail against internet TV unless they get paid somehow. Example 1: the NBC Olympics app required users to enter their cable or satellite account info before playing video.Example 2: the Xbox One requires a cable connection....
 Rudin has produced many Oscar-winning and Oscar-nominated movies, including "No Country for Old Men," "Captain Phillips," "Inside Llewyn Davis," "Moonrise Kingdom," "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo," and "Moneyball."  One of my fave Fincher flicks is "The Game," 1997.
 Just like CES.  And Macworld. Apple's mindshare is something you simply can't buy and the world knows it.But that won't stop Samsung from trying.
 Bingo.  It looks like a Disney app.  Right now anyway.But it's really a signal that Apple is getting major players to sign on the dotted line.Apple's (eventual) TV strategy is slowly being rolled out.  Inexorably, inevitably, unstoppably.
 There are three quick and easy steps to the app-ification of everything:1. App-ify music (done, obviously: iTunes / Music / Podcasts apps etc.)2. App-ify the web (done, obviously: CNN / NBCOlympics / IMDb / AppleInsider apps etc.)3. App-ify movies & TV (off to a good start: Netflix, iTunes, etc.)
New Posts  All Forums: