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 But will it be skeuomorphic?Or just flat?
 Depends on what Apple / HBO / the media / commenters mean by "no" and "porn."
Highly illogical.
Space Gray 42mm Sport with black Sport Band, 4/24-5/8 delivery. Ordered on my iPhone through the App Store app in about 10 seconds with Apple Pay. Favoriting that model a few weeks ago really sped up the order process.
A little bird told me that the "big" 42mm Watch actually feels kind of small. And that the easiest way to put on the Watch with Sport Band is: 1. Snap the band onto the post first  2. Then thread the end of the band into the slot. Don't try to thread the band in first, then snap. Too much friction.
The cheap gray one FTW! (sorry for the dupe)
The cheap black one FTW!
 You're off by a factor of 10, plus or minus.  There *is* a thing called compression these days. Wikipedia says movies take up about 40GB.Go fix the article if you want to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/4K_resolution
Not a whole lotta 4K to stream yet anyway.
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