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 You're off by a factor of 10, plus or minus.  There *is* a thing called compression these days. Wikipedia says movies take up about 40GB.Go fix the article if you want to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/4K_resolution
Not a whole lotta 4K to stream yet anyway.
 And not a browser in sight.  Browsers are so 1994 desktop.
 Agree.  I like the idea of having a "special" color, and that dark Diamond-Like Coating does make the Space Black special.But no, the manufacturing complexity of producing matching snap-in attachments (and buckle / post) wouldn't be worth it.
 And, if Apple's new internal ad agency wanted to, they could air ads poking fun at Samsung users standing in line for the S6.  That would be so funny. Oh.  Wait.  Yeah, there won't be anybody in line for the S6.Never mind.
 I really wanted the Space Black model with a black Sport Band.But no.  Only comes with the $450 Link Bracelet.So I'll settle for the Sport model in Space Gray with the black Sport Band.(And yes, I'm keeping my Rolexes.)
 I actually did run OS X in the last century.  It was the public beta "Kodiak" back in September 2000.(Because yes, the year 2000 was in the previous century.)
 The phrase "damning with faint praise" springs to mind here.
 Step 2: kill off Windows Phone.
My only problem: CVS doesn't accept ApplePay. The solution: I shop at Walgreens instead now.
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