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 Yup.  But the original post used the phrase "iOS hacker," so I quoted put the word "hackers" in quotes.And you were doing so well.  Here's just a tiny bit of the overwhelming data that indicates global warming: Arctic Temperatures Highest in 44,000 Years (Discovery)http://news.discovery.com/earth/global-warming/arctic-temperatures-highest-in-44000-years-131025.htm Global Analysis - June 2014 (record high June global average temperature)...
It's not the government you need to watch out for.It's the jailbreaker "hackers" and their unapproved apps.
 Awkward for me to pull my iPhone 5 out of my Levi's 501 left front pocket when I'm sitting down.Nearly impossible to get it back into the front pocket when I'm sitting down. Sure, walking around, sitting, etc. may be OK with, say, a 4.7" iPhone "6."  But it might be really tough to get it in and out of my pocket when seated.  Unless, of course, it has that rounded-edge backshell.  That should reduce friction, and I would also be able to avoid buying a case.  I only need a...
 Or "Hey, I'm not going to buy a new iPhone until I can try fitting both sizes in my pocket, and then make a decision." ​The pocket size issue will be a deal-breaker for many.I'm going to pre-order the 4.7" iPhone "6" for exactly that reason.(If the rumors of a 4.7" screen are true.)
 Yup.  Got a problem with that?
And yes, the iTunes icon is red. Welcome change from all that blue in the Dock.
Yet more reasons to never jailbreak. You never know what jailbreak apps really do.
The old (possibly fake) part looked like it was machined from a billet of aluminum, just like the 5/5S.The newer (also possibly fake) part looks like it was either stamped out of a sheet or extruded into a  mold.Which could indicate that it is made from Liquidmetal (if it's real). Yes, Liquidmetal is more expensive than aluminum (at least the platinum alloy Liquidmetal.)But hey, I'd gladly pay a little more for a nearly scratch-proof shell.  No need for a case ever...
 Have briefly played with a Tizen-based Samsung phone prototype.  And it was absolutely terrible.But lots of 1.0 releases are terrible.  And Tizen is a way for Samsung to take control of its own destiny. Because who knows what the f-ck Google will try to do to Samsung by clamping down on skins and mods?Tizen is a last resort if and when Google really does screw Samsung badly.  (Badly again, judging by Samsung Gear.)Time to make some popcorn! 
Yay open! Oh. Wait. Never mind.
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