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Also, although the data used by apps is backed up, the actual apps themselves aren't backed up. So you'll be downloading each and every app that isn't already included in iOS 8. That's how you can backup your iPhone to a 5GB iCloud account when you have 12GB of apps. Like I do.So don't plan on receiving your pre-ordered iPhone 6 in the morning, quickly moving all your stuff to it, then going to work with your new prize. Unless it's OK to be an hour or two late.
 "Yay!  After 16 days of waiting in this massive line I finally have my iPod nano!"
Ahoy there matey! What's a pirate's favorite letter o' the alphabet? . . . . . . . . . . . Rrrrrrr? . . . . . . . No. . . . . . . . . . . . It's the C!
 But will it blend?http://willitblend.com
 I'm busy constantly checking the UPS app to track my iPhone 6's progress.
 Wow.  I forgot about the iPad lines and their synthetic sapphire camera lenses and (future) Touch ID sensors.And who knows?  Maybe there will be 4.7" and 5.5" iPod touch models with synthetic sapphire camera lenses and Touch ID sensors too.  Could breathe new life into iPod touch sales.
 There are quite a few millionaires in China.  As in millions of US dollars, and I'm sure they'd rather be seen with Apple products.  And although quite a few of them are fleeing China, I'd bet that enough will remain to keep Apple quite happy and profitable in China.  Then, gradually, as the iPhone 6 and 6+ become 1-year old and 2-year old phones, their price will drop a little and be more accessible to the rapidly growing Chinese middle class. Just search for "chinese...
 In a year, there could be many international banks rolling out support for Apple Pay.  And it will be pretty tough for anybody else to 1. develop a Secure Element competitor, 2. develop (or buy) technology as good as Touch ID, 3. combine all of that software and hardware technology into a mobile device, then 4. convince merchants (brick and mortar and online) and banks to use their frankensteined Apple Pay clone.
 Caption 1: "Oh come on.  Do I LOOK like I have an agenda?  I'm on a stool, dawg." Caption 2: "My First Ladder"
 Samsung's mobile sales (especially phablet sales) will drop suddenly and permanently starting this quarter.Will be fun to look back on what happened.  In about a year or so.We'll see what kind of ads Samsung can afford to run in fall 2015.
New Posts  All Forums: