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 Just get a waterproof case for it.  Maybe.
 Ouch.  But hey, if she's a hot enough date, she's worth the extra effort.This kind of accessory just screams "Bachelor Pad."Especially with those ga-roovy Austin-Powers-ish Philips mood lamps.
Cool.  It's like an X10 system for the 21st century. 
 Except that you can still buy the 5S and 5C from Apple and AT&T and Verizon et al.
Agree.  But Apple already has two 4" iPhones: 5S and 5C.Why add a new one to the pile?
 You'd think the TV manufacturers would be pushing "4D" TV now.It's been years since 3D TV died out, and it's only one extra dimension.And it would be so cool to have a 4x4 TV: 4K and 4D./s
 Saw the 12 noon Xmas day showing at a local art house.Exercised my right to spend disposable income on decadent bourgeois entertainment.
 Not exactly straight-to-online.  I saw it at a local art house at 12 noon on Xmas day.But I blew it by not getting there earlier to snag a poster.  Only about 12 people got them.
 "Konnichiwa!" Just saw "The Interview" in a theater, and it was vastly better than I had expected.  Glad I went.To paraphrase a line from the movie, most of the comedy was "lowbrow with a capital 'low'" but that I *did* expect.My only regret was not snagging a poster while they lasted.  I saw about 12 people who got them.
 To make a statement.  And I can wait to rate the movie until after its release. And hey, I have a huge crush on Lizzy Caplan, so I might have gone to see it even without all the publicity.
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