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 We'll (probably) know on Monday whether there will be an TV App Store or not.If iOS 9 has some kind of public TVKit API, then the sooner Apple releases it, the better. On the other hand, Apple might just keep TV "apps" the way they are right now.Not typical iOS apps at all.  Bundled into the TV app (which itself runs as an app on iOS.)I'd prefer that Apple only allow a few premiere networks / studios / game developers on TV.No Flappy Bird.  Please.
Eddy Cue: "We're not in the business of collecting your data." (9/9/2014)   Google: ... ...
Tim Cook: "We believe that people have a fundamental right to privacy. The American people demands it, the constitution demands it, morality demands it."   Google: ... ...
 Hey Ralph.  Since you're busy shaping the future, why don't you get rid of data caps too?I'm grandfathered in to unlimited data.  But lots of users aren't.  Which sucks for them.
Cherchez la Samsung.
 Unclear?  How about simply upgrading the existing silent alert vibrator?(You know, the one in all iOS devices except Apple TV.)Surely the "Taptic Engine" in the watch can be scaled up for bigger devices.
Maybe the iPhone 7 will get an OLED-based display next year. I'd be very surprised if this year's iPhone (6S?) has it.   Then again, the 5S got TouchID hardware in an odd "speed bump" year. The extra space freed up by an OLED panel could be used for, yes, you guessed it. A bigger battery.  Not sure the enclosure needs to get much thinner than the 6 already is.
 Looked for "Europe" on Maps.  It showed me Schudutz, Austria.  Seriously.BTW I live in California and the map was initially centered on my office. (Oh, and the nearest "940 Madison Avenue" to my current location is in Redwood City, CA, USA.)
Reminds me of a quote.  Let me think... Oh yeah, here it is:  That was Tim Cook replying to a NCPRR representative at a shareholders' meeting.(The NCPRR climate-change-denying douchebag complained about Apple spending money on accessibility for blind users.)
 Hey, Gene, maybe it's time to become the poster boy for ongoing Car rumors.Because it's important to have hobbies.
New Posts  All Forums: