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It would be extreme torture to wear shoes that ugly.
Hmmm. At first, I though "This is how the cell carriers will degenerate into dumb pipes. They'll be little more than glorified ISPs. They'll have no value-add." On second thought, wi-fi calling will give them an excuse to drag their feet building out their LTE and next-gen "real 4G" networks*. And they'll be using ISP bandwidth to generate all that subscription revenue. Without giving ISPs a cut. Pretty sleazy. Of course, the consumer benefits, right? * LTE is not...
 Good point.  And I'll add a quick tip for Samsung marketing: You mention Apple, you lose.  Unless you're Apple.
 Hilarious!  Apple has been granted several battery technology patents.  Not for "pixie dust" but for real-world, practical improvements to battery charing, packaging, and yes, battery shape (e.g. the curved battery patent possibly for "iWatch.")  Copycats like Samsung will need to go back to the drawing board instead of the copy machine.   And, as we all know, Apple constantly improves their Ax chip line.  The 64-bit A7 will evolve into a faster and more energy-efficient...
 Nice try.  And welcome to Apple Insider.  We get plenty of newbies here.And plenty of trolls too.  Paid and not paid.  They're easy to spot.
 Oops.  I meant Star Wars "Trade Federation" droids, not the cheap-copy-of-Apple Google droids.
Today: Foxbots. Tomorrow: Droid Army.
 Quite possible.  I wouldn't be surprised if only the current-year models get Touch ID.  That means one or two "6" models in 2014.But I doubt there will be a "6C" this year.  The "C" means "older internals in a new plastic case."  Indicating a "6C" next year.I think Apple just might keep the 5C in the lineup, so we'd have 4.0-inch 5C, 4.7-inch "6", and 5.5-inch "Air."
 Fantastic!  I'm tired of the sharp-edged iPhone glass and the plastic strip around it.  Ive must have been looking for a solution to the sharp edge issue since the iPhone 4. And I'd be quite happy if the chamfering disappears too.  It serves an important function on iPad, but no so much on iPhone.  Try this experiment with any chamfered-edge iPad: 1. Hold your chamfered-edge iPad over something soft, because you're going to drop it.2. Now hold it one-handed, as though you...
 All good points.  Adobe has always had cross-platform development at the core of their software designs.  Shaves a little off the development budget because they can hire fewer people who are experts in one platform.  But yes, it leads to lowest-common denominator UI design that acts as a boat anchor.  And not just a boat anchor for Adobe and its products.  It slowed down OS X adoption among pros over a 10 year period before Adobe ported Photoshop to OS X. I think the...
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