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 I'm pretty sure Apple's ad agency (or their new internal marketing group) will be able to come up with something fun and memorable.  Without mentioning any would-be competitors and wannabes. Here are two rules for marketing mobile devices: If you're Apple: mention competitors and you'll be perceived as kicking-puppies-mean.If you're not Apple: mention Apple and you lose.
 Aww, isn't that cute?Doggie doo (Samsung) wagging the tail (Android) wagging the dog (Google). Security and privacy are going to become big selling points.  And not just to enterprise clients.  There are all manner of credit card hacks (Target), privacy breaches (NSA), and spying (Google Glass etc.) in the news these days.  There are two groups of consumers now: scared of privacy and security breaches, and soon-to-be scared of privacy and security breaches. So now we're...
I'm thinking that there may not be a plastic "6C" this year.  The 5C, more or less, is just the 2012 iPhone 5 internals in a plastic case.  And using the previous year's electronics isn't new.  Before last year, Apple sold older model year iPhones at $100 and $200 discounts.  For example, after the iPhone 5 was released in 2012, you could still buy the 2011 4S and 2010 4.   That changed in 2013 with the 5C.  Instead of continuing production of the complex 5, Apple...
 There you go again.  Trying to conflate malware in Google Play apps with phishing.Shame on you.
 Oh, I dunno.  Maybe by actually implementing better security?  Ya think?  Oh.  A little sophistry.  Sure, phishing is phishing.   But what do you call it when malware is available directly from Google Play?Built into otherwise innocent-looking apps?I call it a disaster.  Google hopes people won't notice.And no, it's not just a third-world problem here. ---Report: Malware-infected Android apps spike in the Google Play...
This time next year, we'll all be looking back and saying "Yeah, Pebble was like the VisiCalc of smart watches." Nice first try, helped to validate the market, wiped out by superior competitors overnight.
 Pinchai is either unaware of or ignoring that 99% of all mobile malware targets Android.If he were aware of or if he were not ignoring that particular catastrophe, he'd drop everything to try and fix it.He's obviously not.  Maybe he's striving for 100%. And no, that 99% number isn't just a semantic shade of meaning lost in translation.Here are a few security scare stories (not imaginary) out there to make my point: Kaspersky: 99% of all mobile threats target Android...
 But you're not willing to work too hard on security.  Are you? "... we do not guarantee that Android is designed to be safe; its format was designed to give more freedom."- Sundar Pichai, Google head of Android, Chrome, and Google Apps So, no.  They're not willing to work hard on security.You just can't trust Google.
Microsoft just doesn't get it. And they know it. And they hope consumers don't either.
And you thought Nixon had a patent on dirty tricks.
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