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 Agree.  During the 2012 Oracle Java trial, Larry Page said "I believe Android was very important for Google.  I wouldn't say it was critical."  He was referring to Google in 2010, of course, but things really haven't changed.  He was answering a question about Android as a delivery mechanism for Google technology, which means advertising technology, which means revenue from advertisers.  End-user be damned. "Larry Page: Android isn't critical, it's a delivery vehicle for...
 "Yay open!  Oh.  Wait.  Ummmm..."
 I think Android will limp along for the foreseeable future, in one form or another.  There will always be lowball hardware makers who want a free OS.  Looking to shave a few pennies off the cost of each unit as they all try to push each other off the low-margin cliff.  Welcome to that unpleasant little mosh pit, Samsung. And the Chinese government would love to keep spying on their citizens through whatever backdoors they've forced hardware makers to install in Android....
 Nailed it.  Google doesn't care who makes Android devices or how much those manufacturers earn/lose.All they care about is ads.  97% of Google's revenue comes from advertisers.
Boom. At least Samsung has refrigerators to fall back on. Or are they "innovating" by shipping toaster-fridges these days?
 The strengthening US Dollar vs. other currencies may have had quite an effect on Apple's profits in 2014.Same price in, say, Euros, but fewer US Dollars because of overseas exchange rates.And something like 65% of Apple's revenue comes from overseas.
 It really feels like the "pros" are trying to manipulate consumers into either buying or selling.Whichever benefits the "pros" the most, depending on their positions (long/short etc.) Just watch "The Wolf of Wall Street" and think about the Gene Munsters of the world duringthe DiCaprio / McConaughey liquid lunch scene.
 I think Gene has 3 serious options at this point: 1. Stop with the Apple television predictions.2. Career change.3. Retirement.
Motorola ad, circa 2010:     Flash Websites? There isn't even a museum for that.
 Agree.  Apple thinks things all the way through.  In user-facing technology as well as development tools and languages.
New Posts  All Forums: