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 Google: "Dang.  Can we buy Superfish?  We need to inject ads wherever we can."
 Doesn't need to.  Let ArsTechnica sweat the details.
Akerson: We take steel, raw steel, and turn it into car.   Apple: We take ideas, raw ideas, and turn them into money.
 “We’re not in the business of collecting your data.”- Eddie Cue, 9/9/2014 (iPhone 6 / Watch /  Pay event) [Nervous fidgeting, crickets chirping]- Google, Facebook, Yahoo (who were all no-shows at the cybersecurity summit)
  In the short term, I think WatchKit is another way for Apple to add value to iPhone.  The number crunching and internet connectivity are handled by the iPhone.  The Watch acts as a remote display, remote controller, and perhaps most importantly a remote Siri mic.  It's a natural fit, and it makes using your iPhone even easier.  No need to drag it out of your pocket for many simple tasks, phone calls, etc. In the longer term, I think Apple is probably going to use the...
 Hey Gene, keep making random guesses and eventually you'll get one right.Maybe.
10% + 4.9% = 14.9% if Apple bought Intel's shares. Would 14.9% make Apple the largest shareholder?
 Great!  Now Apple can run a solar powered electric Grand Prix at Laguna Seca.I can't wait!
 The technology is there.  But there are many reasons why there are still pilots in aircraft.  Legal issues mostly, I'd assume.And also because passengers would freak out en masse if, say, United Airlines decided to fly fully autonomous planes.
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