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 But you're not willing to work too hard on security.  Are you? "... we do not guarantee that Android is designed to be safe; its format was designed to give more freedom."- Sundar Pichai, Google head of Android, Chrome, and Google Apps So, no.  They're not willing to work hard on security.You just can't trust Google.
Microsoft just doesn't get it. And they know it. And they hope consumers don't either.
And you thought Nixon had a patent on dirty tricks.
 Agree that Apple should apply that water-shedding nano-coating to their mobile electronics.  But I'm not so sure that Apple would tell anyone about it.  Improved waterproofness is a great feature, but advertising it would guarantee that a certain percentage of iPhone "6" buyers would dunk it in the kitchen sink at their first opportunity.  Then there would be the "last longer" Samsung vs. Apple tests so tech bloggers could generate more page hits with sensational...
 You nailed it.  Apple has followed the perfect strategy.  Build out an ecosystem over a decade or so, gradually, invisibly, while the entire world focuses on your cool devices (e.g. iPod in the '00s, iPhone + iPad in the '10s etc.)  Because hardware is the easiest thing for the media to photo-blog about and for "analysts" to count and extrapolate for next quarter.  (And, as seen in the photo above, hardware the easiest thing for wannabes to copy.) Of course, hardware is...
 L for "Lollipop." Because it's for suckers maybe?
 Apple is so doomed./s But seriously folks, Gurman at 9 to 5 actually thinks that one of his leaks caused Apple to scrap a leaked "Healthbook" UI:  Oh.  Right.  Apple threw out a ton of UI work "due to the leak."And yeah.  I'm the King of Sweden.
 I wonder how long it will take Samsung to copy that.What's "Mayday" in Korean?  Anybody?
"That's so ratchet." - #SELFIE, The Chainsmokers
 Tired: Don't be evil. Wired: Don't be Google.
New Posts  All Forums: