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 Just say "OK Googler.  Search for 'Apple Watch Edition price and availability.'"
 Maybe Google could buy up and re-brand all those Microsoft Stores.Last I heard there were what, 63?
 Here are my choices for pre-holiday 2015 Watch casing materials: 1. Titanium alloy2. Carbon fiber3. Platinum 750 (equivalent to 18k)4. Transparent Aluminum (with Space Black tint) And maybe next year Apple will ship Sport models with new colors, starting with the Product(RED) red.  Then gold, of course.  Then green, blue, whatever.  Should be a simple matter of anodizing and marketing.
 And the MacBook Air is still a smash.  Thanks, in part, to several price drops.  I seem to recall that the original January 2008 MBA went for something like $1499.  It was more of an Executive Laptop than a mainstream consumer model.  Now both the 11" and 13" MBAs start at under $1k, replacing the old white plastic MacBook as the low-end Mac. It will be interesting to see if and when the new MacBook starts to out-sell the 13" MBA and the 13" MBP.  I think two things will...
Space Gray Sport model for me. With black Sport Band please.
 Would a slimmer 2017 Watch obsolete the current one?  It wouldn't.  But it would make the 2015 model look dated.My 1994 Rolex Submariner looks more or less exactly the same as the 2015 Submariner.  Classic yet current. The question none of us knows the answer to, yet, is "Will Apple market Watch as technology or as 'classic' fashion?"If technology, then yes, Apple will rev the design as often as is necessary to stay ahead of other smartwatches.If 'classic' fashion, then...
 It's possible that Apple could make the Watch smaller and smaller every few years as technology advances.But remember: Rolex, Omega, and TAG Heuer, for example, never slim down their flagship watch models.Doing so would obsolete the Rolex you bought in 2012, and that obsolescence would hurt sales.If Apple wants to break into the high-end watch market for the long run, they'll keep the Watch design as-is.  I think it's quite possible that the Watch will remain the same...
Doubtful: Apple iCar.   Tim Cook: "Oh, and there's one more thing.  You're sick and tired of being stuck in traffic on your commute.  Am I right here people?  YEAHHH!!  YOU KNOW IT!!!  Well, we at Apple are sick and tired of the whole automotive experience as we currently know it.  The sleazy dealers, the high depreciation, the high cost of maintenance, the depletion and pollution of our natural resources, and the time wasted on the road.  That's time out of your lives...
LOL @ the Moto 270. Not fully 360 degrees.
 Non-removable battery.No memory card slot.Metal enclosure. As Gruber said: "Welcome to 2007." Oh, and yeah, no more waterproofing.
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