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Interesting. Anybody know if Apple knocked down the "temporary" building in which they hosted the iPhone 6 / Apple Watch demos? If not, then maybe they'll be putting simulated living rooms in it for the iPad "Air 2" demo (and possible Home Kit demo) this month.
 I'm sure they can find some other smash-hit products to copy badly.But yeah, good riddance.
 Agree that many analysts have an agenda.  Easy to spot them. But who knows?  Maybe Apple's contract with GTAT had a performance clause.As in "No money until you can produce iPhone-sized sapphire screens in production quantity."Remember, there was a rumor that GTAT missed producing sapphire screens in quantity "by a few weeks."
Hey everybody. Let's sue Porsche for having a monopoly on 911 Turbos. And later we can sue them for having a monopoly on Panameras. /s
 And, of course, there will be an earnings call a few days after the "iPad event."There should be minor sell-offs and recoveries just before, during, then after the call.(Possibly because of major shareholders like Deutchebank trying to manipulate the price.)But if the news is good, the stock usually creeps upward gradually after each call.Seems to happen like that every quarter. AAPL investor rule #1: Buy on rumor, sell on news.
Apple: "We are not in the business of collecting your data." (Eddy Cue, 9/9/2014)   Google: [nervous fidgeting, crickets chirping ...]
 You are Google's product, and Google's advertisers are their customers.97% of Google's revenue comes from ads.  Never forget that.  Google certainly doesn't. And now they're rolling out free Wi-Fi in San Francisco, so they can "cross reference" userswho don't even have Google accounts.  Vastly more efficient datamining, while pretendingthat they're "helping" people.  What a bunch of weasels.
 Because Apple can.  That's why. Why would Chinese citizens pay $2500 or more for black market iPhone 6 Plus (in gold) before they officially go on sale? Because they can.  That's why.
Show of hands. Who here still thinks that Apple needs to build a super-cheap-ass phone for China? Yeah. Didn't think so.
18K Rose Gold Mac Pro: WANT!!!
New Posts  All Forums: