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 You get to drive around all day.See the country!
 Agree.  But Apple has never (really) done a wearable, and they've never done a consumer product as expensive as the Apple Watch Edition. Just a random guess, but I'd say it might run $2K or higher.  Depending on whether the band has a matching gold clasp.  So Apple might want to build the buzz for a few extra weeks before the Apple Watch release. Then again, an all-new MacBook Air should get more than 2nd billing.  Especially if it's shockingly thin, Retina etc.
 Exactly.  High-level Flyover, with plenty of context, when you want it.Low-level door-by-door view when you're nearing your destination.With smooth transition between them, through Siri commands or automatically as you progress.
 And Apple could incorporate a smooth transition from Flyover to street-level.  2-d overview of the whole route, Flyover showing context, street-level so you know what your destination should look like. Google's street level maps are terrible.  You don't see enough of the environment around your route.And things look totally different at night.
Transparent titanium FTW.
 What.  A.  Night.  Mare.
 Hackers: start your ENGINES!
 Uber's long-term aspirations:1. Re-invent the taxi industry2. Make a dent in the express delivery industry (but only before quadcopters take over) Google's long-term aspirations:1. Make $$$ billions from advertising2. Use those advertising $$$ billions to make enemies in as many industries as possible
 Yup.  I still have my first-gen iPad mini from Nov. 2012.Runs great, still gets long battery life.
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