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   Lots of numbers.  But the most important number, for Apple and its shareholders, is this one: 87.4% As in:  Apple's iPhone earned 87.4% of global handset profits in December quarter And yes, that figure includes *all* mobile phone handset profits. Including whatever profits there might be in the sub-$200 market. AI story: http://appleinsider.com/articles/14/02/12/apples-iphone-earned-874-of-global-handset-profits-in-december-quarter Original...
 Because:1. You can't trust either Samsung or Google to do the right thing for enterprise, and2. You can't expect Microsoft to whole-heartedly cannibalize their legacy Windows + Office monopoly. Samsung and Google aren't acting like long-term players in the mobile enterprise market.  They're both scrambling in response to Apple's success in enterprise.  And the biggest problem with reacting like that is that you can't plan ahead.  You have no long-term plan.   Which means...
 Here's a complete explanation.  Please do let us know if you have any more questions: http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/162018/apples-iphone-earned-87-4-of-global-handset-profits-in-december-quarter
 That's a long lead time.  If true, it could mean that Apple will use the announcement to "plant the stake," to prove their commitment to the next step in their TV makeover, then attempt to get other content providers to sign contracts over the rest of the year.  The providers who were waiting for someone else to make the first step with Apple.  Interesting. Also, if true, the long lead time means that the next-gen Apple TV will bring something completely new to the table....
 The clear advantage would be eliminating the need for most scratch- and drop-resistant cases.Jony Ive sweats the details in every iPhone design, and seeing it covered up must be depressing for him.The alternative being, of course, not using a case and eroding your iPhone's anodized finish (and scratching the glass.)The aluminum scratching / denting issue could be solved by switching back to stainless steel and laminatingsapphire to not only the touchscreen but the metal...
 What he said: "Keep buying Tim!" What he meant: "Make me even more obscenely wealthy Tim!"
 Yup.  500+ furnaces all melting aluminum oxide powder at 3,762 °F to produce huge rods of synthetic sapphire.That will require a massive amount of electricity. By the way, the world's synthetic sapphire production, way back in 2003, was 250 tons.I wonder how much the Arizona factory will increase that figure.
 Could that have been due to, oh, I dunno, maybe the one-time production delay caused by that fancy new friction-welding process?  You know, the technique Apple first introduced in late 2011 for all iMacs? http://appleinsider.com/articles/12/11/14/rumor-release-of-new-imacs-may-be-delayed-into-2013
 It's like saying "Citing an Apple employee not in the (rumored) iWatch group but who has a friend who works in the (rumored) iWatch group..."
Looking forward to seeing the Apple Wrist-Top. Probably won't buy one though.
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