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 Because there's a blue iPhone 5C.  For some reason, certain people think that there will therefore be an iPhone 6C this year, also with a plastic enclosure.  And once you've built up all those layers in Photoshop, it's probably pretty easy to change colors and textures to end up with faux blue plastic. But really, we all know that the "C" variant is just a plastic case around the previous year's electronics.  So therefore we won't see a "6C" until 2015.
How about calling it "Apple ID"? Or "Apple Touch"? Do California apple farmers already own those trademarks?
 Those two sentences sum up Xiaomi's strength and weakness in a nutshell.  It's one thing to beat Samsung on their home turf.  It's another thing entirely to gain mindshare around the world.  That takes time and/or money.  Many years and probably also many billions of US dollars.  Good luck with that.
 Well, actually, I don't think it's all that hard to make your app friendly to blind users.  You need to make sure that your UI has text titles on all buttons.  Then you make sure all text in your UI can be scaled up to larger sizes without getting garbled.  Then you need to make sure your app works with VoiceOver.  All of that shouldn't take one developer more than a few hours, depending on how many scenes the app has and how complex the UI is.  And that work should make...
 "Provocative" is the name of the game in online news reporting.  It's all about the clicks.Web traffic is everything.  And a provocative title is just about the best way to get web traffic.And you're going to need to do some A/B testing to find the best possible wording.But we all knew that already.  Right? "Poorly reported articles" are just a byproduct of the overriding need to generate web traffic.Because you need to follow up on that provocative title with something,...
 I'm sure it's illegal to own stolen components.  But unless they have been delivered to Apple, they belong to either the component manufacturer or the assembly factory.  Not sure how that all works, but as long as the loss isn't above a threshold value, the component manufacturer or assembly factory have little reason to go after the thieves.  (Unless, of course, there are secrecy clauses in their contracts with Apple.)   And who knows?  Maybe the components were going to...
"It is unclear exactly what Beats hopes to gain from the suit ..." Good luck. "Intellectual" and "property" are two words that the Chinese government doesn't like much.
 Agree with you and Andysol.  Yes, more cores can deliver nearly-linear performance gains (e.g. 12-core Mac Pro).  This is mostly because of Apple's work on Grand Central Dispatch in both OS X (since 10.6) and iOS (since 4.0).  GCD makes it vastly easier for developers to exploit multiprocessing, and optimizes it for them.  Then there's OpenCL, which can use the massively parallel computing power of the GPU to perform general purpose computations if and when the GPU has...
November!?!? Does this mean Apple is doomed? All over again?
And yes. It's hella snappy.
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