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 I recommend the AdBlock extension for Safari on OS X.Too bad Safari on iOS doesn't work with AdBlock (and extensions in general maybe?)
Remind me again why we should listen to a traitor. Actually, to a traitor's lawyer.   Re: "It remains unclear how successful that program was, and Apple again denied involvement."   I imagine that there are quite a few successful spyware projects out there.  For all smartphone platforms. But I'd hazard a guess that most of them require physical possession of the phone to install the spyware. (You know the drill: meet the mark at a bar, get him/her to sleep with you,...
 Liquid nitrogen to the rescue.
And in other Mac-related-closing news, macpunk.com seems to have bitten the dust. I used their free email service for more than a decade.  Evidently I'll need a new spam catcher.
 I can picture Anand's screening interview:  Interviewer: "So can I see some of your prior work?"Anand: "Oh yes you can!  Slap your eyes on THIS!"
 It's inevitable.  AX performance is nearly good enough for consumer use of OS X right now.All Apple needs to do is add one more CPU to the 3-core A8X.  Or maybe 3 cores is enough already.The A7 crossed the 64-bit barrier way back in 2013 so that's no longer a gating factor. And I think these periodic rumors about AX-powered MacBook Air are being planted by Apple.To help prepare Intel and the rest of the world for Intel-free consumer Macs.
 Where "innovate" means "flog the same old x86 architecture for all it's worth."
 And it's about god damned time.  The last major technical barrier was removed when the AX chip got its 64-bit instruction set and data path.  Now it's just a matter of multi-core performance.  Cross-compiling may or may not be much of an issue since the code base originally ran on RISC (PowerPC) anyway. What's that?  You say OS X won't be ported to AX because of all those "pro" apps that are Intel-only?Well how many MacBook Air users are going to be using non-Apple "pro"...
 Apple is the 800 pound gorilla outside the room. The first time Apple completely dominated CES without even being there was back in 2007.Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone just after CES had started, and the tech world focused on Cupertino. Next time was in January 2010, when the iPad announcement was scheduled just a few days after CES.Would-be competitors heard that Apple would release a $1000 "iSlate" in 2010, so they tried to pre-empt it. There was a flood of...
Because 3D TVs are so 2011.
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