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Interesting.  Fracking is driving down the world's oil prices.  Great for the US economy.  Bad for the Russian economy, as Russia is the world's largest energy exporter.  Their economy depends heavily on their natural gas, oil, and coal exports.   So the Russian government lets the ruble slide, the oil companies make windfall profits selling overseas. The Russian consumer pays way more for foreign goods and for gas, but f--k the peasants anyway, right?  Russia is run by...
 Have walked past it many times.  And I thought "WTF is that?" every time.
 Better idea: go after Honda for having a Civic monopoly.Guaranteed to win that case./s
 And it won't be the last beta.  When my iMac restarted it went straight to the Desktop.  The completion progress dialog was still there and it said "5 minutes remaining."  It didn't ask me for my password until the progress indicator finished, at which point it presented the login / password view as expected. Other than that it seems fine.
 Well that excludes North Korea.  Where hackers hold "Will Hack For Rice" signs in the streets.
"Ok, but first: lemme take a #Selfie ... (click) ... And buh-bye ma'am, buh-bye sir ..."
 And Japanese consumers love Apple products. iPhone has something like 48% of the Japanese smartphone market.The first full quarter of iPhone 6/6+ sales should bump that even higher. Source: http://appleinsider.com/articles/14/12/03/huge-iphone-6-sales-drive-ios-to-40-smartphone-market-share-in-australia-us-uk-japan So what might the new R&D facility be for?  Well, I seem to recall that Apple had worked with Sharp on advanced OLED display technology.  And supposedly the...
 So is it now a class inaction suit?/s
They're dying wrong.
 How's this for being out of alignment with your customers?  Facebooks' and Google's business is based on suckering people into handing over their personal data.  By giving away free services as bait.  Dumb f***s indeed. Source: http://www.tomsguide.com/us/Facebook-Mark-Zuckerberg-Social-Networking-privacy-security,news-6794.html
New Posts  All Forums: