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Never had any problem with Bluetooth on any Yosemite release, going back to beta 1. (Late-2013 iMac & late-2013 rMBP.) On the other hand, I have never been able to get Continuity / Handoff to work. Not even once. (iOS 8.1 on iPhone 6 & iPad mini 1.) Tried all the how-to's. No joy.
 Have driven many iDrive-equipped BMWs and have been a passenger in even more.But I have no idea if it is even possible to replace the iDrive system.Come to think of it, maybe it isn't. Oh well.  The BMW nav system works fine as it is now.  iPhone call / iMessage / music integration works fine now.I suppose I could deal with the current level of integration.
 Didn't purchase an item in the store, because they didn't have the color I wanted yet. But I did order it for pickup with the Apple Store App.Added the item to the Apple Store app's cart, tapped the "Purchase with Apple Pay" button, and that was it.I got an iMessage from Apple confirming the purchase, with the availability date. Oh well.  Next time I'll buy something that they have in stock with Apple Pay.I imagine you'd just tap the Easy Pay button in the upper right...
Hey, BMW, you reading AppleInsider? Either way, please get your scheiße together and integrate CarPlay into your 2016 models. I'd hate to have to buy an aftermarket system for my next car.
 Although technically not a "launch partner," the physical Apple Stores should be mentioned somewhere.
 Absolutely.  Medium-priced tickets like ball game tickets won't be the main usage case.It'll be mass transit tickets (looking at you, BART) and movie tickets etc. I think NFC was in use much earlier than the mid '00s.  I remember hearing that peoplebought things and gained access to secure areas using NFC-equipped cardsin Japan back in the early '90s.  But yeah, keitai denwa came later.(Remember when miniaturization was "big"?)
Perfect. I'll be going to more SF Giants games next season. Only went to two this year. Now, if only we could get into AT&T Park using Apple Pay instead of bringing up Passbook for the employees to scan...
So, 128-bit iOS devices next fall? /s
Just had lunch at the Panera Bread in Sunnyvale. Used Apple Pay for the first time, and yes, "It just worked." (That was me with the SF Giants cap and shirt.)   BTW the pasta was way beyond al dente, and drastically over-salted. If I go there again, I'll get some kind of sandwich.
 Don't do it!   Find a Panera Bread and go there instead.  Drive out of state if you have to!
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