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Q: What's Apple's "next big thing"? A: China.
 Apple uses their SproutCore Javascript framework in lots of things, mobile and otherwise.Here's an AI post from 2009 about Javascript in iTunes LP and iTunes Extras: http://appleinsider.com/articles/09/09/14/apples_tunekit_itunes_lp_format_appears_aimed_at_apple_tv Not sure, but I don't think iTunes Extras runs on Apple TV yet, but it's HDTV-ready.Anyway, the end result is similar to DVD / BD "special features" content but it's easier to create that content.Seems like a...
 I'm convinced that iAd was designed for TV from day 1.That would explain lots of iAd's history, right up to today.We won't see what iAd can really do until Apple rolls out its long-term TV strategy.
Easily explained. Ive is clearly hinting at a new ultra-minimal design paradigm for iOS 8. So simple, so intuitive that you don't even see it. Nearly invisible, in fact. Of course, you tell a web designer to do that to your executive profile and they'll just comment things out.
"Must replace upon breakage." Same as anything else. Right?
If Steve Ballmer were still alive, he'd be screaming, sweating, and throwing chairs. Microsoft is so much less fun without him.
 Maybe the back is plastic. (Just kidding.  Sorry.) I'm wondering if it's possible to formulate Liquidmetal in a way that:1. makes it easily recyclable and / or relatively inexpensive,2. makes it RF-transparent, and3. allows it to be colored (gray, silver, gold etc.) If so, Apple could kill off most of the and lightweight scratch-proof 3rd party iPhone cases out there.I'd love to see that.  Liquidmetal can apparently be extremely durable and scratch-resistant.Combine that...
   Lots of numbers.  But the most important number, for Apple and its shareholders, is this one: 87.4% As in:  Apple's iPhone earned 87.4% of global handset profits in December quarter And yes, that figure includes *all* mobile phone handset profits. Including whatever profits there might be in the sub-$200 market. AI story: http://appleinsider.com/articles/14/02/12/apples-iphone-earned-874-of-global-handset-profits-in-december-quarter Original...
 Because:1. You can't trust either Samsung or Google to do the right thing for enterprise, and2. You can't expect Microsoft to whole-heartedly cannibalize their legacy Windows + Office monopoly. Samsung and Google aren't acting like long-term players in the mobile enterprise market.  They're both scrambling in response to Apple's success in enterprise.  And the biggest problem with reacting like that is that you can't plan ahead.  You have no long-term plan.   Which means...
 Here's a complete explanation.  Please do let us know if you have any more questions: http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/162018/apples-iphone-earned-87-4-of-global-handset-profits-in-december-quarter
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