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 That would be a dangerous precedent. They want to hurt the OWNERS, not the workers -- if there are any workers, that is. You don't buy the company until the last minute, after it has tried to compete with the behemoth for a few years. That's the way Microsoft used to steal IP. After the stock would inevitably tank to junk, THEN they'd buy it and fire everyone.
It's clear for anyone since 2004 that Apple would want to put "i" in front of a device. iWatch and iTablet were foreseeable -- and likely we have an iPad because someone jumped on Tablet. What does it cost a squatter company to invest $700 into a laundry list of "i" and wait to rake in millions?   The current strategy seems to me, to see if they can get an angel investor that might actually want to market a product under the iWatch moniker -- which is the only way this...
Why does Apple have to replace the name iPhoto? It seems like a new branding scheme -- but, why?   They could have a brand new app and just convert the databases if it's incompatible -- seems like a lot less confusion.    I could only imagine some legal/licensing issue that would cause this kind of lame change of names for no reason.
Couldn't you just track the phone if you know they are ISIS agents? The spy agencies already know how to identify a phone and access some of the underlying protocols. This is useful for an application to discover location data -- so it might presumably be able to get at least the home zip code of the user, and extrapolate destinations from that. I suppose this is just a research project for "possible spying" by software companies. But it doesn't sound useful to any 3...
Thanks for the perspective. I'm guessing these are super high pressure kilns. People learn that we have a "sapphire screen" and don't seem to remember that only about ten years ago an these artificial gems being massed produced seemed like a pipe dream. I figure however, that there is going to one day be a laser/gas (with interferometry) process that allows creation of a high pressure crystal on a surface, one molecular layer at a time.
 If you have a CEO trash talking -- you give him all the rope you can feed him.
 10 Million iPhone 6 and 6+ sold already. Likely other iPhone 5s will be supported. Assume $100 average purchase per month with 50% conversion at 2% transaction fee and we get $10 million per month in revenue. $120 Million per year. Sure, it will take a year for anything significant to happen. Year after that, maybe $100 million revenue per month -- then people start to notice. By year 3, Microsoft will tout the "Windows RE3 Pro Sales Bank Exchange Pro" OS with "Purchase...
 I agree with your points.I'd like to add; a recent study showed that TOR users are the BIGGEST CUSTOMERS of purchasing movies and music -- and that's probably skewed because there are likely a lot of TOR users who just don't have money. They wouldn't buy ANYTHING. So they've got big purchasers that are potential targets of their harassment. The people not stealing are much less likely to buy -- so it means their entire business model and view of the world is bankrupt.
 The hard-sell here is that Labels figure they get those 25 million via one group or another. So slacker if not Apple. But that's not how it works. There are a lot of people who would stream but do not due to not feeling like $8 a month is a value. -- at least according to Apple. My wife streams music with a service, but I find it hard to justify paying the same amount as we would for Netflix.
  I'm expecting to see in about 6 months a lot of revenue from Apple's Pay system. I don't think the analysts quite appreciate how this is going to change the game. My mother stuffs her ID and credit cards into the case with her phone. The smart phone is an integral part of a person's day. Couple payments with more use of QC scanning and you could see a dramatic shift in how purchases are made. For more than 30 years I figured we'd have some wearable device that is part of...
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