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I hope North Korea in't included in his itinerary.   It better not be!   Living in Oz, they are considered a northern neighbor -  and they're insane!    PS: I know this Kim Jong is dead, however, I didn't know he was il.    
Thanks mate, You're an OLD? man after my own heart.
  Hey Sol, I agree, however, it WAS a spelling mistake and I thought WFT  -  I really DON'T care.   My experiences, as (once again) you pointed out correctly, ARE subjective.... to wit, I'm simply OLD and admittedly jaded in my philosophical view of technology, in particular, smasung (see what I did there?), a 'manufacturing' company totally bereft of ANY innovation.   My recent experience was Christmas dinner for 17 guests, friends and family. All had 'smart-phones', 14...
Look smasung (did I spell that correctly?)   I'm sure you're excited about this...... ummm ......      t e l e v i s i o n  ...  (it is a TV, right?)   But, too be truthful, I don't give a rat's arse.    
Could not understand why the 'Duplicate' list menu choice disappeared ??   They forgot to include it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Yep, as clear as mud.   hehe
  Well .......   Considering it carefully, the absurdity (ridiculousness, ludicrousness, incongruity, inappropriateness, risibility, idiocy, stupidity, foolishness, folly, silliness, inanity, insanity; unreasonableness, irrationality, illogicality,pointlessness, senselessness; informal craziness [pick one only]) of buying a surface, is the only way to go  ;-)
Yeah   OK   Thank you   President Reagan   Your comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the 'Apple Business Model' is outstanding!
OK   thanks for your input Microsoft,   We have examined your application to waiver our Terms & Conditions.   Our decision as outlined below.....     GTFO
New Posts  All Forums: