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You have to feel sorry for the (now) poor investors... don't you? $69.86 February 15th 2011 \\/ \\/ \\/ \\/ \\/ \\/ \\/ \\/ \\/ \\/ $13.44 December 15th 2011
Thank you for your considerable insight,I'm sure we are all more enlightened as a result.
"RIM suffers another BlackBerry outage" O MFG The poor Bastards
Whoopeeeee Now all I have to do is 'find' enough money to replace my iMac, MBP, MBA, iPhone(s), MTV, etc etc.... \
hehe, Heck, I wish our company could afford to buy our way into 'technology'. Beats the crap out of working our butts off 11 hours a day :-[
F cannon !
oo oooYeah RED, REDThey're the ones 'we' want
GEEEZZUZZZ - canon (Note: small 'c') The same canon that sent more than 50 small businesses broke (Oz slang when they sold them some of the first color copiers available - told them they'd make a 'large' (Note: not SMALL) fortune (BTW: - I have 'Lists' AND when the POS copiers failed (ALL OF THEM - ALL THE CANON COPIERS!) Canon was nowwhere to be seen. 50 Australian businesses went broke within 18 months - I have a lonnnnnggggggggggggggggggggg M E M O R Y (I think BTW -...
Well yes, maybe, however, you haven't made a 'point' worth proving.
I don't have an iPad I purchased the first Atari 2600 in Sydney circa 1975 I purchased my Apple ll in 1979 I purchased my first Mac in 1984 I purchased my 2nd MBP yesterday (17" 2.2G with SSD) I will be purchasing my first iPad next week You, sir, have no idea, of what you speak.You drop-kick.
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