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Where are you going to go when the MS 'desktop' decline sets in? "Chrome continues surge as IE drops below 60% market share - 3 May 2010 Remember when Internet Explorer's market share was well over 90 percent? Now it's less than 60 percent. Meanwhile, Chrome saw the*Â… arstechnica.com/microsoft/news/... - Options" Other sites quote IE below 50% With Win-Mob stagnating, it's no surprise that the markets are starting to consider MS as very ordinary. APPLE market cap...
Autodesk are up themselves, it's about time they pulled their head out of their asses and get in touch with the real world. Bunch of morons. Now make sure you RE-WRITE the Autocad interface and get rid of the clunky PC crap that you've got away with for the last decade.
OK, I don't have $10 mil and I'm not sure that with that amount of money in my advertising budget I could justify my iAd just so I could claim 'pole' position. \
1). My 3G does? enter an 'obscure' word a couple of times and it is 'learned', admittedly 'added' would be more correct, however, it's a matter of semantics. 2). aaaarrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhh NO PLEASE NO. I have enough trouble reading the plethora of RSS's and Forums, let's keep it simple
Well said, two very salient points there. Kudos
OMG OMG that's what I think too OMG
gee wiz - I can only think of one thing better than all that.ANNOUNCING The Voogle Pad 2fer1 deal!hehehahahahahahaha. ** cough * cough * sorry laughed up my coffee thru the old nosescuse me
HELLO - I think you dingalings forgot Australia? OR - maybe not when can we buy one, PLEASE?
Wow - all those things?I had no idea that the iPad was so limited, why hasn't anyone pointed this out before?EDIT: - what about those million or so people that have bought an iPad, do they know how 'ham-strung' it is?
, another iPad killer™
New Posts  All Forums: