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Sorry - made a boboo
OK Dick Who are you really?
Yeah I know it's 3 days, but I can't sleep (drinking and eating, OK), what am I supposed to do for 36 hours. Think I'll crash my bike (into tree or cliff), break a leg and beg the nurses for enough morphine to knock me out for the three days And when I wake up ........... 'it' will be here. OMG I'm drooling. ,...... I think I'm becomming delirious
arrrggghhhhg - I must have one, so that I ........ I MUST HAVE ONE! But we're Bowerbirds, we love bright & shinny.Bowerbird: The most notable characteristic of bowerbirds is their extraordinarily complex courtship and mating behaviour, where males build a bower to attract mates This, is why we're BowerbirdsThe other major bowerbuilding clade builds an avenue type bower made of two walls of vertically placed sticks. In and around the bower the male...
Hey Man, I aint hatin' However, it appears I'll have to divest myself of all vestiges of satyrical humor My sincere and deepest apologies for bein' a stoopid 'down-under' grunt! BTW: I've been having a personal love affair with all things of The U S of A since my first visit in 1969, at the age of 16, no less Nine months later I fell pregnant and gave birth to my first car a shiny used 1965 Chevy Impala Pillerless Hardtop Auto White...
NO But you did. I WAS referrin to Canaydia
BULLLL- SHHIITTE!! Australia could eat you guys for a quick Halloween Breakfast, or what ever the Yanks do on 'that' day?or is it Thanksgivingdaybreakfast - beats me?
Holy Cow Dick (if I may be so presumptuous?)You're as old as me man!Holy SHITE!
hahahahahahahahahahahaCan we move Lake louise to Hawaii - you think? it's a waste - ALL THE WAY UP THERE
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