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He's not Apple savvy - more to the point, I can't even imagine that this guy has met Jobs. If he has? Well, he didn't absorb much at the meeting. Jobs still hasn't managed to settle down, still ranting and raving, throwing stuff around - well, it's what I imagine he's doin'! I'm positive this guy knows nothing of the hundreds of forums waiting for THE 'announcement' - from Steve. This is the type of CEO who wouldn't know a HDD from a SSD - idiot.
I hope. I 'love' my 2000 Message Pad and, to a lesser degree, my 'Accompli' (phone that is)
Like you, I too come here to read and be informed. For almost a year I've been interested in the news from AI and the comments it generates, however, I'm unable to let your comment 'get by the keeper' (a colloquialism used in my part of the world) 1). 'I don't put labels on people' Your willing to apologise, up-front, with the oft used 'no offence' and then continue on to do exactly that. 2). I noted you 'edited' your post Was that to make you 'SOUND a lot more...
New Posts  All Forums: